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Sailing Ships

By dashinvaine
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Some sailing ship illustrations done a while ago for the facebook game 'True Pirate', from Disruptor Beam LLC. I also did the crew and shop icons, the maps and the hideaway illustration on that game.

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Need to add the 'cutter' to this lineup. And the mast of the sloop should be racked a little more astern.
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Cool art an history combine nice 
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I have been trying to draw some thing that happened in my Pathfinder campaign where my party attacked a dock full of enemy ships. at one point we were on a Brigantine shooting at a docked man of war. I had cast Flaming sphere on the top deck and was catching it on fire when we were able to punch a hole in the side of the wan of war. I was then able to crawl the sphere into the hole. 
After some time with the sphere in the ship, my party launched another shot into the ship allowing my flaming sphere accuse to stuff that blew up the man of war. 

So what i am trying to draw it the man of war blowing up from just behind the party. i am at my wits end with what i see in my head not coming out 
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Excellent reference guide as well! :)
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Nice illustration, especially giving examples of the different class of ship, a local company called Staffords shipping still had a few Brigantines sailing up till 1920, they were equipped with medium engines called donkey engines so they could run without sail.  They used to do the Baltic Run picking up cargos of Swedish pine and Polish coal.
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Saldion maybe this can help :)
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These are beautiful.  excellent work!  There is a facebook pirate game?
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There was, it has been discontinued, unfortunately. The same people made the Game of Thrones: Ascent  Facebook game, which includes some of my work, and which is still going strong. 
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Wow, I wish they still had that pirate game.  I don't know much about Game of Thrones; but I'll go check out your artwork.  I bet there's some beautiful stuff.
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Ah the days of the wooden ships powered only by the wind and waves :) gloryuse times! And hear we sit today with our slip space capable vessels taking it for garnet. 
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Ooh very nice ships.
I'm no expert but the Sloop there probably falls in Cutter classification territory.
Also the third sail on the Caravel imho looks strange but otherwise they look beautiful.
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This is great for reference should one need to write a high seas pirate story. Thanks for the picture.
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Just what I've been looking for , many thanks. Great job !
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Really great work, very much admired.
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The ketch is technically called a Gaff-Rigged-Tops'l-Ketch.
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is the frigate based off the hms indefagetable?
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very nice and its a great reference for age of sail literature. My only suggestion is a scale chart, the 1st rate ship of the line is shown about 1.5x the size of queen anne's revenge for example, where it should be about 4-10x as big.
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Yes, they are not to scale. They weren't done originally to be seen together.
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nice but what about a schooner
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