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By dashinvaine
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Roman themed album cover produced for Wildfire Games, to accompany the music to the game 0 AD. (Zero AD) which is in production.

If you woke up with a head full of Roman stuff, this would be exactly the sort of thing you would have in your head.
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excellent, wonderful chromatic impasto
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Fantastic painting. A lot of Roman culture is covered in it. :)
jelk1's avatar
Excellent stuff. This arrangement is similar to what I'm aiming for in much of my work. This is great to look at!
Ludo38's avatar
Are you still working on the game ? I've just discovered it tonight and I am so glad I finally find such a beautiful and detailled strategy OPEN SOURCE game ! This is such an honor for Linux users like me to see such work of art coming to use in that glory. It's really incredible all the art that has been put into 0AD...
You really made a good work on this picture. ;)
dashinvaine's avatar
I'd like to be but I'm too busy to take on non-paying projects at present.
TjockSteffe's avatar
Nice job, but the mask looks more like a greek mask tom me.
Claveworks's avatar
Excellent work!
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Excellent choices of subject and depictions thereof.
Ferrabra's avatar
Beautiful antique flash!
medievallass's avatar
Lovely work I love the centurion's helmet and how you set it on the shield.

Hayley :floating:
lesserknowncallsign's avatar
I like the Centurion helmet. Those guys don't get enough credit.
Aodhagain's avatar
This is cool. :XD: I love the atmosphere of this and the color and lighting. ;)
Flower-Sis's avatar
I just wish I could wake up with this in my bed ^o^ I love Rome ~

Great work ^w^
Serenity279's avatar
centurion helmet? :D I love Rome, and your rendering is excellent
faile35's avatar
Very enjoyable work here, and it doesn't even contain a single beautiful woman! =) Actually, this shows off your skills nicely. The composition in particular impresses me--it's a very symmetric, centered, standard triangle, but there is so much movement in it that it feels more like a chaotic battle scene. :thumbsup: Furthermore, I'm generally a sucker for these video-game music CDs (the Rome: Total War music is one of my favorites). Have you heard any of the music for it? Hopefully you get a free copy as part of your payment.
crayonmaniac's avatar
waw I love this, i love all things roman, bravo
LilaTelrunya's avatar
I love the helmet and the temple in the BG. =) Good job with the details!
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