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Ride Forth

By dashinvaine
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A gallant knight, riding forth to slay dragons, rescue damsels in distress, right wrongs, protect the innocent, fight the Good Fight and quest for the Grail (time allowing).

Oil on board, 100x 68cm (39x27 inches). Quite a biggie, by my standards, and my first bit of traditional painting in what seems quite a while. This was a private commission, which I took on despite being busy with other jobs, because it's in line with the direction I want to take my personal work. (Prints to follow shortly, after the client receives the original piece. Hopefully he won't mind that I couldn't wait to post this...)
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Aug 8, 2012, 10:54:55 AM
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15th century armoring?  To consider timeline, are fixed matters romanticized peculiar?
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Fabulous work! The armor is incredible, it shines to the point of glowing. Reminds me of the armor in the movie Excalibur. Stunning!
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Incredible! The armour is beautiful.
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Truly beautiful. I ended up staring at the metal for several minutes because of all the reflections. He is a knight in shining armour, no doubt about that.
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A Stunning Masterpiece!!!! WOW!!!
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I must say, when I first saw this on my watch list I was quite speechless with delight. Gothic armor, Dashinvaine paintings and a massive oil picture! What could get better. ;-) As others have said, I love the pristine, pure, unsullied quality to his armor. The background really reminds me of some kind of Scottish highland castle (not that I've been to Scotland of course, but one does have one's own romantic notions about these things. ;-)) One thing I must gush about (if briefly, simply so that I do not go on waxing poetic about everything in this piece...) is the lovely lighting reflected in the armor, especially in the horse's crinet. It's like looking at a whole new landscape painting in there! One thing that particularly struck me was the helmet: is there a reason you decided to couple that closed-helm type with the gothic armor? I would think a German sallet or something would fit with the armor better. But that's a curiosity thing, not a criticism, since the helmet is rendered here beautifully, regardless. :D
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The chap who commissioned it (who is also the model) didn't want his neck and chin obscured by a bevor, which is usually a feature of gothic armour, so I had to modify the helmet type to be one that would enclose the whole head. Plus I don't really like the sallet helmet type- reminds me too much of Robocop.
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Ah, makes sense. :nod: I applaud your choice then.

I've actually never seen Robocop (though I know what you're referring to) :giggle: Hahah, but still, I must say I have a weakness for gothic sallets. :D
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This is so awesome!!
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Dragon: why are we always the bad guys?!
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The untried faith and righteous innocence of this guy are palpable, and seem to be embodied completely in the brilliant, unmarred polish of that armor. Give this guy a few dents, scars, and scratches, a few trials of his faith, a sordid temptation or two, some armor patches blackened by dragonfire, and the look on his face will probably change, but it will-... hey, you know, that might make an interesting follow-up piece to this. Paint the same guy a few years down the road. Anyway, I love this one. :thumbsup:
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Interesting idea, thanks for the comment. I've been wanting to do some more idealistic stuff, there's enough in the real world to take the shine off.
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really great work. I always give up trying to paint metal. well done :)
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Nice!! That knight has a busy schedule- I hope he finds time for everything on his list. Of course, some activities (like visiting the Castle Perilous) may prove to be much to perilous... :D
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very nice !!
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Stunning detail and great work with the armor especially!
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Nice work... instantly made me think of Lancelot in the film Excallibur
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The days of old when knights were bold! I was crazy about knights and armour when I was young.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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