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Medieval border with heraldry

Illuminated manuscript style surround, incorporating European national heraldry.
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Un-sure if you're still active, I found your work on another site had originally downloaded it from there, and found yours on here looking for more. Activated this relic of an account again and had an awesome laugh!

Here is the direct to your work on their site. (in essence it could be one of those random library pulling type sites that there isn't a lot one can do about, but all the same.)

Would like to use your work to fit a webcam border on a non profit twitch from time to time for a medieval game. It will undoubtedly remain that way, however if it doesn't, would like to have a way of purchasing to use it indefinitely? Grew to appreciate the work of others.

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Thanks for the note. I hadn't meant that image to be clipart and they obviously just grabbed it, but indeed there isn't often a lot one can do... You can use it for a non-profit purpose.

How can I purchase it?
We are reading a book about raising boys to be knights and want to use this in our home with the knights code of Honor written in it.
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I suppose that's fine. 
How can we purchase this?
Can I use this with attribution and if so how? its for some school kids thanks
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I suppose, if it's not for profit.
Fantastic mate, congrats!!!!!
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Very neat! I love the details.
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Very elegantly stylized.
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 I think I know the others: England's St. George's cross on the top, the Holy Roman Empire (German) eagle, Scotland, England, France, and the last is Spain. I'm afraid I don't recognize the gold/blue checkered shield though. Which country does that belong to?
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I can't remember precisely what the blue and gold one was, although it features in the arms of the house of Savoy.
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County of Geneva.
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Digital gold X) Good job!
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