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Medieval Invite Illumination

Design for the illuminated capital and marginalia of a medieval-manuscript style wedding invitation. Commissioned piece. The client was supplied with the design on a clear background which they will print on parchment-paper having added the text (not as seen here)
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Will you allow me to use this illumination on the cover of a book of poems? Independent edition.
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Send me a note, or email with more info about your intended use. 
I sent the message by email, as you asked.
Ok, so I"ll do
Would love to have something similar for our Fall medieval party. With minor modifications, what would the cost be.
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Perhaps you could email and we can discuss your requirements. 
I love the concept; would like to remove people and somehow work in the "Richard the Lionhearted" lion into it somewhere. Is that doable while keeping the "D"?
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Probably best to discuss the matter in emails.
Delighted to.
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This is literally one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the Internet. My inner history nerd is having a fangirl moment.
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Wow! It looks very good!
I would like to commission something similar. Format would be 11X17 landscapeThe Large Initial Letter to be the Letter E with knights in the center (I can email you a picture). I will also email coats of arms for the piece. Would also like something similar with the Initial Letter being A again I can email coats of arms for inclusion. You can email me directly at herikwhite at to discuss details and pricing and timelines.
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Looks like taken from Mackelsfield pasuter with it's funny grotesques. Anyways's a marvelous piece of which beauty we, unfortunately, can't see to the fullest. That would take an web pluguin for images to simulate gold shining.
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I have always wanted to create something like this...wonderful job!!
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I love all the faces and animals throughout the piece. This is really stunning!
Very beautiful work. What time period and culture is this work derived from or inspired by?
Very nice. What time period and culture is this derived from?
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Beautiful work . . . .
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Hi I run a medieval wedding blog, and I wonder of you would allow me to show your piece with a reference to you of course as an example of an invitation?
Just send me a message if you are interessted :)
really nice!

Any chance of a tutorial and maybe some links to related tutorials?
This is absolutally fantastic.
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so cute and gorgeous!!!
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That's freakn' amazing *-*
How much have you "asked" for this comission? '-'
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