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Eve and the Serpent

By dashinvaine
Coloured version of an older drawing, showing a Biblical rib-woman in conversation with a talking snake.

 Serpentis sapientia decepti sumus, Dei stultitia liberamur
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© 2014 - 2021 dashinvaine
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Absolutely lovely, well done.

Not picking nits, but I'm curious why you gave her a navel?
dashinvaine's avatar
I don't see why she shouldn't have a navel, as well as everything else. A more pertinent question is why Adam had nipples.
Never thought of the nipples thing... but a navel is a scar of sorts resulting from the umbilical cord. Biblical Eve wasn't born so... no navel for her or Adam... or Lilith for that matter. 
1900FCB's avatar
She is gorgeous! Amazing work! :) (Smile) 
   This is definitely my favorite from your gallery. She is an extreamly beautiful woman! I really like how wavy her hair is and how realistic she looks. She is a gorgeous woman who also looks very innocent. You did a great job and are very talented!
I Love this Art!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!
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Amazing art work, good work.
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I love it, although its kinda inaccurate to place dinosaurs in the biblical scene, since they were extinct about 65 million years ago.
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Awesome concept. 
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I absolutely love the dinosaurs in this pic!  How very controversial of you! Lol! Awesome job with this!
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That is a stunning Eve!
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Astonishing art.
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Love the styracosaurus and the pteranodon in the background, although that's not what originally drew my eye in this one. She's beautifully rendered, and that snake has a characteristic evil plotting smile in place. :plotting: Her hands are expressive, too, particularly the pinkies. Very nice work! =)
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Of course she'd have a sexy bush. Nice having a dinosaur in the background.
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excellent eve.. i can see why adam gave her the benefit of the "why not"...the dinosaur in the background is a fine sense of the absurd... for such a serious moment... well done
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I love this, her right hand in particular, I think of hands as the most challenging thing to draw or render in any medium
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Also another note "rib" was originally a Jewish pun for women and perhaps maybe within original context or earlier versions, Eve did not come from Adam's rib.
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The Dinosaur in the background is Genesis according to Creationists while they didn't exist originally as they're both separate things.
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This is stunning! The anatomy is incredible and the composition is fantastic. Her face is lovely and I love the decision to keep most of the warm tones in the foreground. It adds a lot of depth to the piece. It really is remarkable:heart:
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Beautiful, and nice evolution from your first sketch
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