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Egyptian characters

The completed Ancient Egypt page done for a facebook game, by the Lutopia Game Company. Facebook: [link]
DA: [link]

The game involves different cultures from antiquity and the scene required characters (and buildings) to be equivalent to the pieces of a chess set: castles, knights, bishops a king and a queen. The bishop and knight characters were to be a male and female on each side.

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: ©LUTOPiA game company 2010
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davidducker's avatar
so evocative! thanks for sharing!
Quander's avatar
Wonderful!...but I'd make the queen's complexion much darker.
prince-benjy's avatar
not if she's a consort or Cleopatra 
Quander's avatar
The characters look like they are Pre-Ptolemaic Dynasty; conversely Cleopatra VII married her two younger brothers (both died before their adolescence) before she married Marc Antony, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that isn't supposed to be him either. 
prince-benjy's avatar
I would surmise that she looks palestenian or a persian princess exchanged as part of a piece treaty, a lot of the queens of Egypt were consorts from neighbouring kingdoms
Quander's avatar
Yes, but none of them held the position of queen consort/chief head wife, that was held for the wife who was either the pharaoh's half-sister or an Egyptian born woman of his choice. The foreign wives did hold a special place in the royal court and harem.

Menhet, Menwi and Merti were three minor foreign-born, West Asian Semetic wives of Pharaoh Thutmose III. Even though they were lesser wives the women were buried in a lavishly furnished rock-cut tomb in Wady Gabbanat el-Qurud.
prince-benjy's avatar
true but I think you are over thinking the piece and this person's choice to show a fairer queen, at the end of the day its their choice to show a more semetic queen as opposed to a lovely north african queen of terracotta tone.
Quander's avatar
I was just stating my opinion as a historian and Egyptologist. It was never a dig at the artist's skills. I have not heard any complaints from the artist, so I'm guessing my critique (which was asked for) is not a big deal.
prince-benjy's avatar
I never thought it was a big deal but message boards tend to get out of hand over any and every little thing these days. That is all I meant.
Fari-Studios's avatar
I love this!  And it fits my novel pretty well, actually.  Would you be willing to do a piece with my characters?
FLRichardson33's avatar
Like McDonald's I'm lovin it.
Freddy1016's avatar
oh my god, this is just so breathtaking!
DiamondWalker's avatar
I like the collective work that is all combined into one
Artemis015's avatar
I love mythology and such! This picture ROCKS!!!
BlueJay6369's avatar
absulutly amazing beyond belief :iconinuclapplz:
thequeenofegypt's avatar
thank you I love this pic
Bayley-Shutter-Bug's avatar
omg the pale chick... every detail... the pose, the tones, the lines... perfect!
EryxUK's avatar
Wonderful artwork. Fantastic.
srt2024's avatar
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Awesome,love the concept. :)
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