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October 16, 2012
Dragon Lamp, Nemesis Now by ~dashinvaineis a Beautiful dragon lamp with perfect patterns in design. Lovely integration of the architecture into wings.
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Dragon Lamp, Nemesis Now

The good people at Nemesis Now sent me some photos of the dragon lamp they have made from my design, which I think is impressive. They have done a great job turning it into a 3d object, and none of the details in the original design have been lost.

The product number is:


Available from:…

And on Amazon:…

I don't know who the sculptor is, otherwise I would give credit. These are the photos that were sent for my approval, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's available as a product to the general market.

Thanks for all comments and favs, and thanks to those who proposed and approved it as a DD.
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Kahdrim's avatar
Truly stunning
MASTERSOT's avatar
really very nice, I would make a shed like this
Aglaira's avatar
Wow :wow: in shock!:D Aweeeeesome!:D I would like to have something like this some day!
caerigna's avatar
very nice, def worth the time and effort
Anyplace that sells this to those in the USA?  Amazon does not and the other link (…) is not working.
CarbonData's avatar
That is amazing, I can't believe how good that looks.xx
CatrionaTheRogue's avatar
I love this. Will it be available in the US ever?
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AmazingStar! :star: revamp Star! :star: revamp Star! :star: revamp Star! 

Cool Luffy - Love Vegeta Star's commission I lose the lick kitty one SRRY!  

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How would one go about purchasing one of these magnificent lamps?
dashinvaine's avatar
I emailed the company and they said they if you can give them your location they can try to find a local retailer. (If you wish to email me on I will pass it on. Alternatively I could have a go at procuring one on your behalf and sending it on if there are still difficulties.
dashinvaine's avatar
I'll get back to you on that...
Aonon's avatar
sweet holy undead Jesus, that is amazing.
Takihisa's avatar
Hi everyone

Just to let you know we are picking up stock of this wonderful lamp from Nemesis Now on Wednesday 6 March and all orders will be sent out this week.
dashinvaine's avatar
Thanks for the message
Kate-Kotya's avatar
Fantastic work!

Just to let you know that we now have this fantastic Lamp available to pre-order at
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Well, isn't that the coolest thing?! Talk about "mixed media"! Did they give you a free lamp in exchange for the design. I'm curious to know if it's at all top-heavy, or if they sufficiently weighted down the bottom to keep it tending to stand upright. Oh, and look at that, you got a Daily Deviation for it, too. I should definitely go through my Devwatch more often. Congratulations and very impressive work. :nod:
This is absolutely amazing. As a 3D artist/designer myself, I can imagine how thrilled you were by your working coming to life. I hope that I am able experience it myself someday.
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I would really love to cast this in iron, just saying.
<3. Lost your comment on my comment, or else i would have commented on that one. Confused? So am I.
Draconniss's avatar
Wow O.o nice work. i want it at my table O.o
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