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Alchemy woodcut Abraxas

Ink drawing in the style of an old woodcut. Antique paper texture added digitally.
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I saw your picture on a website about Abrasax a few years ago when I read some of the Gnostic gospels to find out who he was. I got into magic last year which lead me to the Greek Magical Papyri. I decided to buy a copy right before the coronavirus hit my state and read it since I have some downtime. Before I read it this was one of the weirdest pictures I had ever seen since I didn't know the context. Now I know where it is from the spell to bind a lover (PGM IV 296-466). I have just read the Eighth Book of Moses and noticed that Abrasax is one of the names of the Supreme God. This here is the origin of Pistis Sophia.

I am a Christian and I know that the church later made him a demon but I like how his name is an acronym for ab, ben, rouach, hakadōs; sōtēria apo xylou (“Father, Son, Spirit, holy; salvation from the cross”).

Your incorporation of so, so, SO many symbolic elements into one coherent image is very impressive. 

To say nothing of the aesthetic quality of the image itself!

Really well done dashinvaine.  This is, IMO, on par with best of the ancient alchemical or esoteric images.  I am just blown away.  

Seriously folks, there is A LOT to dig out of this image, symbolically.  "Pseudo-profundity" he says . . . *lol* 
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Thanks very much!
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That's beautiful, it really is. The main reason I like Abraxas is probably his chaotic appearance
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Nice work.

I'm working on a similar woodcut style picture. What kind of pens would you recommend?
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Fine-liners of various sizes, thicker ones for the outlines, finer ones for the hatching.
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Did you use any threshold filters or blurs to smoothen the outlines?
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I can't remember now. Sometimes I use 'despeckle' and I use 'median' over a scanned pencil drawing, to take away the grainy look that you sometimes get when the scanner reflects the graphite. 
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This is very cool. Great work. :)
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This is absolutely amazing ... I ran across it online and had to find its source ... brilliant ... this is brilliant.
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any original model or references for these images? thanks, fantastic work
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The Abraxas figure in this form appears on carved seals associated with the Gnostics.
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This is so wonderful...
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how did you draw these???

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haha no I mean... did you imagine them? How did you draw them so accurately???
I always want to draw that kind of stuff but my image of it is never complete.... not to mention.... i keep having to corrrect the anatomy :s
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What is it's meaning?
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Nothing, it's a pseudo-profundity. 
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Great! Abraxas is such a fascinating god/concept. Really well done!
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