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Vector #434 - Sunburst

Here's my 1st Sunburst vector I made and is also the 434th vector I made, so far. :) (Smile)

So I'll be using the screencaps I took to make Vectors. So if a part of a Character is not in the screencap I use, then don't worry I will try my best to vector that part of the Character. Unless I can't do it. Then I'm sorry.

:iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2:

*MLP:FIM - S06E02 - The Crystalling Pt. 2*
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Switiching Brooches

Used & Credited =)

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You can't stop Sunburst from being adorable.
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Used and credited.

My social media banner by Prince-Paladin
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Used and credited:
Stranger by Feuerwelle
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Used in my stamp!~
MLP SunArmor Ship Stamp by WolfCrestSox5X
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can i make this a base, i will credit you.
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Какую программу вы используете? Может быть, я не смотрел, и Вы писали об этом где-нибудь?:happybounce: 
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You'll find this :iconponyscape1plz::iconponyscape2plz: in the description of my vectors
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I imagined that he's voiced by Keith Wickham in UK. ;) (Wink) 
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Hello! I used your vector as an anatomy reference for this ^^

If you need me to I'll add your name to the description, but I linked back here already :)
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this is so adorable!! ayy cutee!!
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Oh wow! Ive missed out on quite a few MLP episodes recently but Oh my god that character design is Stunning!!!! <3 Even though I know nothing of him, I can say without a doubt that this is easily one of my favourite character designs to come from the show. 
Great vector by the way! 
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Sunburst looks my look like he's old, but he's still young and more skilled with Magic! Awesome Job, DashieSparkle! :) :D
Funny thing is, he's actually bad at magic itself. He knows everything about it though.
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You are quite welcome! ^^
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