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Dta entry Omggg
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Published: March 31, 2015
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Ah omg this took so long and its a school night!
It's already 5:40 AM and i should've been in bed by 11 PM!
But, it was worth it <3
He's only running ^^" I thought it would be cool to have him in the position.

Info for him!
Name: Emeka
Gender: Male
Species: Zebra-Pegasi Hybrid
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Zecora
Personality: Calm and Collective, if teased, can (try to) brash and also easily embarrassed by tripping over his words.
Back Story: When Emeka was still a young foal he wanted to fly with his mother Rainbow Dash, but when he rode on her back, the speed that she went at soon made him afraid of flying and heights. When he was a bit older he decided to study Zebra culture, his sister Naia and his mother RD soon followed after him with the study. He loves to help his other mother, Zecora, out with potions by going out with Rainbow to search for the ingredients needed. Since he couldn’t fly he found a countermeasure for that problem to keep up on par with Rainbow by running. When he was of 15 years of age he then gained his cutiemark and his sister started to envy him for how he got it.
Cutiemark and what it means:  Emeka’s Cutiemark is a rainbow colored version of Zecora’s cutiemark and a (Cyan, for relating to speed) Zebra print in the background.

Optional Tidbits:
Likes: Running around with Rainbow Dash,  
Dislikes: Hates heights along with flying.
Sibling(s):  Emeka has a younger sister name Naia, she’s an Earth pony and loves to work with her mother Zecora with potions and other forms of brewery. Quarreling with her is often but he describes her as a nice little sister.
Dialogue: “Hey there, how’s your day been going for yah?”
Voice Actor: Matthew Géczy (Voice actor of Odd Della Robbia from the Code Lyoko Series.)
Theme Song:  Virtual Riot - Sugar Rush (Centron Remix)…)
Relationships:  He is very close to Fluttershy, but the other 4 element bearers are loved by him as if they were his aunts.  He stays with his mother Zecora most of the time, visits Kloudia every few days to lessen his fear of heights (Which never works) and stay at Dash’s house.
Ailments and Mental Notes:  Emeka has OCD, since Zecora tends to be organized and Rainbow Dash is far from it, he gained OCD since he wants everything to be perfectly organized.

Anyways this is a DTA entry for :iconpawscratch:'s DTA contest she is doing here!…

Art by: me 
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Entry received, thanks for entering!
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about to update the entry!
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This look really awesome. :)
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