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Hobble Dress WIP 01

By Dasha-L
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Are you planning on making a matching Armbinder/elbowbinder? Black with the red trim.

I hope so, that set would be gorgeous.

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how magnificent a design to wonderfully enclose this beauty
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please tell me she has those ballet boots or heels on under this! unnghh, wow.
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D: no way!! is this going to be in Skyrim?! D:
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D: no way!!! if you get it to work than my god you are the best!! :P
most important question right now is of course when will it be done? xD
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It will be done, when it's done =P (Razz) I work hard to bring new items to Skyrim as soon as possible. Cause  I want to try them in game too Love 
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aaaah! that is mean!! xD but take your time... it is hard to make mods let along the mods you make :P also I'm very thankfull that you share them :P
When the mods should be released :D
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no idea.... Dasha hasn't been online for a long time sooo no idea if it still is in WIP
Ok i see, thanks for the information!
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Thank you! It's not so cool as your photos… but It was made with love and diligenceWink/Razz 
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I think it's pretty cool!  And I'm terrible at 3D modeling so it's always cool to see others do it.  The seams and grommets look great!

I might have to dig up my copy of Skyrim, I had no idea people were modding kinky stuff for it. :)  (Not that I should be surprised.)
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Aha, so this is where you were hiding on DA. I have to say the skirt is looking amazing, just as all of your modeling work does. I am quite thankful for your continued efforts to add to the things available in the Skyrim mod community on LL. It's a lot of time and effort to do things like this, so I want you to know that some of us are *very* appreciative of anything you submit.
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Oh, thank you for your kind words :happybounce: i'll try not to disappoint you and LL communityLove 
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