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πŸ’ͺ😎✌️ Powerful hellos to everyone! I'm @DasGnomo and I'm the Design & Interfaces Community Volunteer at @communityrelations, I'm in charge to bring to your awesome attention amazing DeviantART works via: features, articles and Daily Deviations!

I'm a humble illustrator and graphic designer from Chile living in the US. I've been working on these areas for 13 years now, I'm happy and honored to have these new responsibilities (thanks to @ekud @Moonbeam13 and @JenFruzz for trusting in me for this). I'll work hard to do my best for the community!

I'm extremely grateful in advance for all the DD suggestions you'll be sending me from this day on πŸ™ however there are certain objective parameters that I'll take into account at the moment of featuring a Daily Deviation.

  1. I can only take suggestions from the Designs & Interfaces gallery and all associated sub-galleries/categories.

  2. Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months.Β FAQ #313:How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

  3. Please send me ONE note per suggestion/artist/deviation

  4. The artist/designer is still active on DeviantART (must be active for more than 30 days)

  5. The piece you are suggesting is not part of an ongoing contest (in such case, you should wait for the contest to end, in order to suggest it)

  6. The piece you are suggesting is not infringing DeviantART Copyright Policies

  7. Please, let me know if you want to remain anonymous as a suggester; if you don't specify I will assume that you want your name listed on the DD feature.

  8. Please only send your suggestion to ONE community volunteer. Here is the list of all the CV's and the galleries they are in charge to feature.

  9. You can self suggest (explaining why you deserve to be featured in your note. Also, avoid the spam) and try to give preference to other artists as well.


I'll list here some objective characteristics of a DD worthy Design & Interfaces deviation:

  1. High Quality

  2. Originality/Uniqueness

  3. Functionality/Problem Solving

  4. Excellent use of the basic elements of Design and Interfaces

How To
  1. Send me a note with the Title: "DD SUGGESTION" with ONE suggestion only. Don't suggest by comments.

  2. Include the deviation's :Thumbcode: in the note

  3. Click SEND. And that's it! πŸ‘

  • I won't necessarily answer to all the DD suggestion notes since sometimes they are too many to keep count, so featuring your suggested DD will remain as a surprise.

  • Any suggested deviation can also be feature in futured journals, being a DD or not. So keep suggesting deviations, please.

  • Remember to check today's Daily Deviations!

  • Fav, comment and share this journal with your friends! 😘

Send Me A Note

Β© 2019 - 2021 DasGnomo
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yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
With regard to Designs and Interfaces - Perhaps you could give the Eclipse team a hand with that as their current offering falls very short of a decent design and interface and we are about to receive it whether we like it or not.

See my journal here expressing my fears of Eclipse and its fairly obvious shortcomings.…
DasGnomo's avatar
Hello there!

I'm just a CV that became one less than a month ago, I can give my design suggestions like everybody else but I honestly can't promise anything. As CVs, we are not being paid and not actually working inside of the company building so we don't have access to a lot of private information (or offices or live development), therefore we don't have the power to just go and do/request massive changes as each and one of us like. And I, alone, don't have the power to just go in there and demand stuff.

What I know is that putting the new web up is a mammoth task and everyone on the DeviantArt team is doing their best.

We are all listening/reading EVERYTHING (really, not kidding here, good, bad and ugly), but quality can't be rushed, is not like we click a button and magically everything is applied to be website in a second. I'm aware that Eclipse is not finished yet so this is a good moment to give feedback and for that, we are always grateful.

But I'll check your journal and compile some concerns design-related. I personally/professionally agree with some of them.

Thank you for your concerns and for the time you took to write all of this and for bringing it to my attention, as the new Design and Interfaces CV I'll do everything I can to help with this.

Have the most amazing of days and please don't hesitate to get back to me for anything else.

yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Thanks for the response, you gave me more in that short missive than I have ever received from DA itself. Really appreciated. I wish the DA web-devs and designers could be as forthcoming and approachable.

I do understand the technical issues being a web-dev, coder and graphics designer myself. I appreciate the technical issues that are driving them and the sheer amount of work it takes to code an new application such as Deviantart. However, I take umbrage at the approach.

I think that community and usability should be the two watchwords. The community is the backbone of DA and enforcing an alien interface on an artist is akin to forcing a painter to use a biro for his/her art. Customisation might be the key to resolving the fears regarding the site's new colours (or lack of them). This might go some way to resolving user's fears regarding usability if the new site could be made to imitate the old via some configuration.

The worst issue and I don't think it can be resolved is that a responsive website is always a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none and so the desktop users will be alienated by a set of retrograde changes to the desktop functionality. This is almost inevitable as the images on my journal demonstrate. The old site is just so much better on a desktop.

If the DA devs focussed on the community building, the gallery and the desktop experience I would applaud their changes but I fear that we will ultimately receive a mobile app with a few tweaks as a sop to the desktop community.

They need to ask themselves a question: Do people create their art mostly on tablets and phones or is the real community, ie. the artists themselves, creating art on desktop type devices? I am unsure they have taken this question into account when careering down the responsive site route that results in a 'mobile' site.

My mind is largely made up, I 'know' what they will do (imposition of change being a normal DA approach, the result being a responsive site that is unsuited for desktop users) and so I can feel my time here is ending. Sad but true - and it isn't just me.
DasGnomo's avatar
It's okay, I'm here to try to help as much as I possibly can.

The important thing here is to be respectful because all of us do what we can. What I don't think is going to happen is that DeviantArt will change the entire design all over again (is like trying to ask the companies and branding to redo entirely their new logos just because we don't like them, that's unrealistic), but what we can do and can actually be of help is to send this feedback through the official form, letting the team know what could improve in an objective manner (not letting emotions to get over us, because sometimes outbursts achieve exactly the opposite), not being too extensive but getting straight to the point (sometimes short paragraphs go further than pages of text) and give honest suggestions.

So if your intention is to truly help to improve and make DeviantArt Eclipse better and give a voice to the people than don't have one, I would recommend to keep insisting with this form: I'll do the same, and maybe people that thinks the same as you could do it too, invite them to leave a feedback there because that way it gets saved into the official system somehow and not just flying all over (like inside random groups). Imagine this, is like actually going to vote for the president that you like instead of sitting on the couch complaining to the TV without going to vote at all. It can really make a difference to take the official ways and invite people to do the same.

Also, thank you for summarizing some of the points here, it'll be immensely useful when sending feedback myself and I'll let know the other CVs when I do it so they take a look and compare to the other suggestions made by other users.

And remember, we are reading everything, always. And it seems that we don't but we always are, and the DeviantArt team is working hard to improve everything suggested by users as much as they can, step by step.

Have a nice day.


PS: Just to clarify a little thing, I'm not involved with the DeviantArt design team whatsoever, I'm just the CV on an area that coincidentally has the same name that an apartment inside the company, but I'm not working there.
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Understood. Feedback already given via the official channel.

I'd suggest everyone.including the devs have a look at this page:…

This chap has been completely creative and he has customisation at the root of his design. It seems superior to Eclipse in concept in every way.

Emotions? I think the strength of emotion is a requirement. How else is DA (known for ignoring its users suggestions) going to gauge the success or otherwise of its design and UI changes?

For a team that hosts a site promoting quality design, creating a UIX that fails to look good and fails to please over 50% of its users, one that promotes SUCH a level of emotion - that emotion is the only good indicator of success or not in the face of stubborn managerial inertia. If I were them I'd take note.

Branding? DA's branding IS the muted green. They have just changed to black it but is only for some and for the briefest moment. They could revert easily at ANY time and retain a brand created over years. It is just a mindset change, a managerial decision followed by a mere CSS edit. It could be done in seconds.
DasGnomo's avatar
Ok then. Thank you for using the official way to give feedback.

Truly appreciated.
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Wow, what a huge level up!!! My sincere congrats to you. 
You deserve it. 
DasGnomo's avatar
Thank you, dear!

It's a huge honor for me! ;____; I'm extremely happy
K-E-Y-K-O's avatar
Sure you are. :)
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love-love-love Thankkk youuuuuuu!!!!! Joy Love Emote 
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:boogie: Gnomo Gnomo Gnomo! :boogie:
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:happybounce: Rotane Rotane Rotane!:happybounce: 
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YESSS! I'm so happy!

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