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Goodbye Satoru Iwata

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Published: July 13, 2015

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Thank you for every moment...and goodbye....

Satoru Iwata: President of Nintendo. 1959 - 2015

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Man what a legend and inspiration, Satoru Iwata will always be on of my greatest heroes for how much joy and happiness he brought to the world.


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JhonVerTBajao14Student General Artist
Rest in peace iwata will never forgotten
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FastFlame3549Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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I wonder why Samus doesn’t take her helmet off? Meh, it’s ok, I’m sure she feels sad along with everyone else...
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
I really going to miss Satoru. :(
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spartmazHobbyist Digital Artist
Another victory for Sega ☺

Nice memorial btw
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ChrisLShack1998Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that's messed up, man. Not cool.
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UniverseAwesomeHobbyist General Artist
Thats fucked up.
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WhyitaHobbyist Writer
This is one of the best memorial pics I've seen. Iwata-san will be missed but his legacy lives on forever
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Rest in peace, Mr. Satoru Iwata, I hope you reach your castle in the sky far, far away.
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Iwata is now in Skyworld.
:o (Eek) :( (Sad) Waaaah! Sad Pikachu Emote  Sad Pikachu Emoticon Mario and Luigi sad hug Super Mario 64 - Dorrie Icon 
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You just know samus is balling her eyes out under the helmet
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Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata. I was looking for a picture like this, but different. I was thinking putting the main characters from the following series:
Super Mario
Fire Emblem
Legend of Zelda
And many others, all in one photo. Their backs would be towards us and you could only see their silhouettes, with a little color. Iwata would be facing towards us, waving good-bye with a smile and a 3DS in his hand.
Let Iwata ride the Rainbow Road. 
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CraymozoidStudent Filmographer
EN: Thank you, Satoru, you will be forever missed.
BG: Благодарим Ви , Satoru , ще бъде завинаги пропусна .
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Rest In Peace, Satoru Iwata. May you find peace in Heaven.
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So long i guess death truly waits for no soul no matter how good or wicked that's the sad thing i dont know about any of you but im going to go through some of my old video games and play now  
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He was a great man!  He made my childhood really good!  WHY THE FUCK DID HE HAVE TO LEAVE?!?!??!!!!!?😭
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You know Nintendo's making a theme park at Universal Studios, his about they make Iwata a statue there. Anyone agree!?
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