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Goku Super Saiyan Level 4


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Hello everyone!! :love:

Here is a work done for a demo with Wacom! Probably one of my favorite Goku's transformations (level 3 without eyebrows was so...weird XD). Anyway he was one of my childhood heroes so he deserved an illustration! And maybe more :3
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Great design of goku's super saiyan 4

Ireal24's avatar

He looks powerfull, awesome art.. Great effect

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I'm not an expert on Dragon Ball but I heard this form isn't canon. Still good art.

DasGnomo's avatar
I know :) a good Dragon Ball fan always knows this isn't canon but it doesn't matter. We like it anyway.
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I mean like I said about the link, great work, I'm a sucker for Super Saiyan 4.
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Amaziiing <3 <3 Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Heart Love 
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My respect Madam !!
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All that work to perfection ,this is true hours and maybe days of work...its beautiful, keep up that talent
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Jaja, buena versión de este Goku 4. Está mucho más apuesto XD Saludos!! :meow:
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Goku has never looked better!
Rony-Smurf's avatar
genial... pero adoro el SSJ3, y el SSJ Dios SSJ de Fukkatsu no F... xD
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OH MY FUCKING FUCK. This is awesome! I'd shed a tear at this amazing work but its so awesome I'm afraid it'd burn the tear of my face!
UndefinedBeing's avatar
Ah, it feels so nice, looknig at DB fanart, that isn't drawn in that specyfic style, yet still resembles its characterises and doesn't lose its awesomeness! I salute You especially for sticking with this crazy hairstyle! Man, hairstyles in DB are seriously... kinda weird, but I personally don't quite like it, when people try to draw it more realistic. It jst looks funny to me. XD And the face is just so good! You did great job on hie expression, as You can almos feel the tension in his gaze! Stunnig artwork in general, lovin' it! >w<
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Without a doubt, one of the most amazing renditions of Super Saiyan 4 Goku I've ever seen; heck, probably the best one I've seen, so far!
MitchThe1Soul's avatar
Now this s super amazing! Just looking at the posture and the detail
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Kelloth's avatar
Who say that DBGT isn't epic??? They must have lose this awesome illustration
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For a moment there, I thought he went "Shazam!"  :)
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Super Saiyan 4… the only upside to GT
Dagera's avatar
Haha! Right!
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Wow, this is really cool!
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Hola, está buenísimo el Gokú. Te lo compré hoy en el evento en República. Saludos!. xD I am a dummy!  

PD: Por la bulla que había en el recinto me pusiste Patosobrio en las dedicatorias jajajajja. x'D
DasGnomo's avatar
LOOOOOL eso te escuché las 3 veces que me lo repetiste x'''D  ohhh perdón jajajajajaa morí ahora me estoy riendo pero me siento super mal por habértelas firmado con otro apodo jajaj xvx oh rayos!!!! tonto ruido!
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do you do custom? Id like to have my head on a goku very cool
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