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August 20, 2020
Ai Wa Ai - Love Is Love - Amor Es Amor by DasGnomo
Featured by BloodyWing
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Ai Wa Ai - Love Is Love - Amor Es Amor


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▶  A  R  T    D  E  S  C  R  I  P  T  I  O  N   :

In easy and hard times, love is love, and it takes sunshine and rain to make a beautiful rainbow.

The important thing is to stick together, love each other and remember that you are amazing no matter on which place of the color spectrum you are 



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Really interesting piece of work. I get the rainbows (obviously!) but I'd love to see you describe what else you've put into this piece, and why, and what made you decide to connect them together the way that you have.

I can see racial crossing - did you know that in cats this is actually a thing in that sometimes they can be literally half-and-half two colours/kinds of cat? Of course cats are mostly just like us in a lot of ways (actually even more diversified subspecies of some actual original starting species) in that their diversity actually doesn't usually mean *that* much, apart from a few differing genetic vulnerabilities or strengths to certain medical conditions or diseases.

But I honestly have no idea whether humans can do that whole 'splitting't thing in the same offspring between parental genomes their DNA is born from. It's a really interesting idea, and of course very eye-catching and makes the point of 'we're all in this together'.

Have you also done male-female crossing too? Super cool if you have.

All in all, really interesting. Oh and what's the flower sprouting from their back about?

Last words that spring to mind are "Love each other" but also "Love thyself" because we are all one way or another, a mix. Sometimes we can be a bit prejudiced (or justifiably unhappy) towards our sharing genes with one biological parent or other.

Sometimes it's seriously tragic, like e.g. when a person wishes their parent wasn't black or they hadn't inherited the genes that make them more easily identifiable as having that ethnic legacy, because of awful prejudice they suffer growing up. But it's not 'being black' that is wrong, it's the world that discriminates against people who are black that is wrong, so if we have those seemingly 'disadvantageous genes', we need to find a way to accept who we are, embrace who we are, and stand up for who we are and our heritage.

Sometimes it is comparatively minor concerns, but can still make a person miserable I suppose. Like "I wish I hadn't inherited my mum's nose..." Or "Why did I have to get my dad's jawline and my mum's bad eyesight so I have to wear glasses?!"

And maybe sometimes it's serious in other ways, like "I hate knowing that I'm almost certainly going to get cancer before I'm 40 - thanks Mum."

In either case, whether we've serious and legitimate grievances against our parents for having us, either because they are toxic people we don't want to be related to, or because they refused genetic responsibility and knowingly passed onto us some gene for some horrid illness or other, or simply because they unknowingly passed the same thing on, or there's nothing really wrong with what feature they passed on, but rather something wrong with the way that the world treats people with it...

At the end of the day: we STILL have to learn to love ourselves. When it comes to what someone thinks about the way we are or the way we look, it is our own selves and our own opinions that are the first line of defence we have, and if we cannot love ourselves and accept ourselves, we are going to be just as judgemental towards others, too.

To sum up: your artwork was really thought-inspiring.

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Oh my dear! I just read your words and YOU are really inspiring!!!

I'm writing a complete answer for you because look at all the love and thoughts you put into this comment <3 I need to honor and respect that with a good answer <3

Thank you so much and thank you for your patience with my delay.

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It was a very interesting piece of artwork that really got my attention! :) I don't always write that much, lol! Although I do write often more than most... Hahah [Ooops]

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(Congrats on the DD, BTW...)

DasGnomo's avatar

Thank you sooooo much! <3

Dior-Hedgie's avatar

te quedó increible gnomita! <3 el juego de colores es genial!

DasGnomo's avatar

Awww graciasssss ;_____; pasó tan desapercibido este arte en su momento! no lo pescó ni mi mamá así que esta es toda una sorpresa para mi :,D <3

Dior-Hedgie's avatar

yo creo que es por que dA está medio muerto ultimamente, usas twitter?

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Absolutely gorgeous nicely done:D

DasGnomo's avatar

Thank you so much! This was quite a surprise for me! I'm extremely happy ;v; <3

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Awww thank you so much ;___; <3 I'm super duper happy! <3

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Very nicely done! :clap: !!!

DasGnomo's avatar

thank you soooo much ;___; <3

BloodyWing's avatar

Love it. It's so colourful 🦄

DasGnomo's avatar

Thank you so much! This is completely unexpected!! I'm so happy right now ;____; <3

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This caught my eyes quick, I'm so in love with the colors, Beautifulrainbow heart 2

DasGnomo's avatar

It came straight from my heart and soul <3 I'm truly grateful and happy you liked it !

K-E-Y-K-O's avatar

Excellent work you did there Gnomo. :)

DasGnomo's avatar

This was done with puuuuuuure love <3

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