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And copyright means, you may not use my works without my written permission. Not even for inspiration, and especially not if you are a development studio.

But! Did you ever have the eyes? There's a © created automatically under each deviation by dA!
dA can be such a cutie sometimes! :love:

And now with all that said, please have a nice day inside enjoying various art defining our era.
Just remember not to look at it. :)


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Die Ghul Show (187) with TEAPHOTOGRAPHY!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2018, 10:14 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconteaphotography:!
How do you like it so far? :)

:iconteaphotography:: I usually like most things... at first. Mainly because I am of the attitude, that I'll usually try something at least once (as long as it's not animal flesh)

So, um, so far so good! :XD:

:icondasghul:: Is this supposed to tell me, that you are vegan? :)

:iconteaphotography:: Yes, I am a vegan. But vegans can be fun. But that doesn't mean I'm also partially vampiric. ;)

:icondasghul:: I did not mean to imply that vegans can not be fun! :hooray::thumbsup:

I am kinda confused though, how you can still be partially vampiric...

Because: Don't vampires kinda define themselves, by drinking blood?

Of (humans are animals!) dead animals? :paranoid:

:iconteaphotography:: :giggle: I know that YOU didn't mean to imply anything about vegans.

It was sort of a preemptive response based on assumptions others have made.

And being only *partially* vampiric, means exactly that- partially, and that very thing that most people believe define full vampires to begin with, is one of the main things that prevent me from being anything close to *fully* vampiric.

Recently I wrote something about this... and I *might* post the whole thing, depends on my courage, but the very last part goes like this, "She does not feed on human blood. She feeds on the light of the moon and the good-will she feels drawn to share. She is not a vampire."

And otherwise, it does compare many of the other ways that she (or I) is partially vampiric. ;)

:icondasghul:: What are your thoughts on (no idea if I translate that term correctly) "psycho-vampires?"

:iconteaphotography:: I think I know what you mean. Do you mean vampires who have turned off their switched to any shred of humanity they may have had left? Or truly can't seem to control their natural urges as a vampire?

I believe that in the first case, vampires, like any other being or entity, DO have a choice in all matters, no matter how very difficult it may be, even if it goes against every fibre of their natural being. Vampires who traditionally were human, have the memories of what that was like, and therefore they do not have to turn off their humanity switch. There's no need to live like the beast or monster that people think that they are. With their humanity intact, they learn to keep their feelings, and they do not need to feel directly on live humans. They could hunt and feed on animals, (still difficult for me to wrap my head around), or very recently passed animals, or via human blood bags confiscated on their behalf from medical facilities.
I feel that psycho-vampires, if I'm still interpreting you correctly, are the most psycho acting when they have first turned, and haven't learned to control their urges, or learned that there are other options. And that also that the most psycho vampires are the ones that were the most psycho when they were humans.

:icondasghul:: I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing here...

When I say "psycho-vampires", I mean folks (all too human folks, mostly) who are either feasting on your actual psyche, or on what they assume to be your actual psyche.

You? :)

:iconteaphotography:: We call them psychic vampires, humans who feed off of your psychic energy.

I believe that they exist, and I've really only had one major trouble with one once, back when I didn't know anything about psychic vampires and how they leave a psychic "void" if you don't know about to shield yourself from them.

This was very very long ago pre-dA, and this person, just wore me out... I had no time to myself, I had to space, I felt like I had no personal space. The thing is everything she did or said was really nice, and so it made it difficult for me to recognize what was happening, until someone pointed it out to me, and it made such perfect sense.

I felt so sad about it, but I did have to take a few steps back from the relationship. I was honest with her, and it actually did not ruin things. She was a little hurt at first, but overall we were still pretty good friends for a while, until I moved completely out of state. :XD:

But it was the weirdest thing. Now I recognize them super easily and I cannot afford to let myself even get started, as nice as they may be. :shrug:

So those are my feelings on that. :)

:icondasghul:: Yeah, you bet they exist...

So... What would be your, let's say: top three ways, to spot them? :)

:iconteaphotography:: Wow, good questions, your questions are not for the faint of heart... I liiiike that.

Anyway, Though I said it was super easy to "spot" them, I would not say that I could necessarily spot them on sight.

"Spot" them, like recognize them.

It would take a few moments or so, of just being in the same room with them, or even and maybe more often speaking with them, and sometimes by the touch of them.

1. The easiest, a few moments after meeting someone and they are talking about nothing except for everything that they have to do that day, or that week, and/or everything that is going on with them, and usually it is frenzied and frought with a need for my undivided attention. There is little to no exchange about me, who I am, what I do, or what I'm about etc.,

It seems that overall they have a lower self esteem, which that part they don't usually show you or tell you unless you become really good friends, but they are making up for it,  by feeding on your attention or psyche to make them feel noticed, important, better, or in need of help (all the time). 

2. Less easy to explain would be walking into a room, where there could be other people I've already known, but there might be new people, and there could be someone new whose energy is really different and the more I want to know why, out of my natural concern for people, the more I suddenly feel very tired and sometimes dizzy- not in the same way that friends and acquaintances are having a bad time of it and are in some need of your support and encouragement. It's a different feeling and energy, because it's motivated in a different way.

3. Again, less easy to explain. Sometimes I shake hands when I first meet someone new, or touch their same side shoulder, after a very brief hello, and I can feel that same energy. It's almost like it throws me off balance a little, and I need to sit down and rest for a bit. 

Now I have had these experiences since that one time full-blown friendship with a psychic-vampire so long ago, but they- have not happened too, too often.

I do believe one reason for that is because, of a keen empathy that I have in general, which my Neurologist diagnosed me with as an Empath years ago, before I ever knew such a thing- and when I went to research it myself (in a library, :giggle: ) I fought her diagnosis as too "woo woo" for me... I fought this for 5 years before giving in, and asking her first to help me, because I had no idea how to use filters... because being an empath is both a blessing and a curse... and while I am sure I was using it for good even back then, I was wide open and it was definitely a curse for me.

So, I am sure I've been around a few more psychic-vampires, but since I'm lots better with my empathic filters most of the time, I have learned to be less aware... except in the case of the #1 way.

:icondasghul:: Hold that "empath" though just a little longer plz!

What else do you experience through that?

Also, how would you differ "being an empathy" from just "having empathy?"

:iconteaphotography:: What else do I experience through being an Empath?

I experience struggle for the most part. For one thing, I have strong feelings, thoughts, and emotions of my own, and it can be difficult enough for me to process though my own, without having to process through others, in which case, I often feel nearly as strongly, as if they are also my own.

Back when my Neurologist first explained to me that I was an Empath, she told me at that same time to stop watching the news. Apparently the news affects me overly much, and while it surely affects others, as well, it affects me more than average to the point of news stories would cause me to cry, to shake my hands and raise my heart rate in upsetment, and I would even have dreams.

I was overcome by what I saw. While I didn't yet know what an Empath was at first, let alone believe that I was one, I did stop watching the news right away, and this had a dramatic affect on me.
I was able to focus more on people I actually knew in healthy ways, and practice "filtering" with smaller quantities of emotions coming toward me. Even an overwhelming amount of happiness can be too much, and spike adrenaline, in which case I was also learning with help from my Neurologist how to control the changes in my adrenaline.
Besides being visually affected, I can sense a room with people in it, and I can choose to explore that, or put up some filters, depending on how I am personally that day. I seem to sense such, through my mind and heart.

I am also affected easily one on one by a friend or acquaintance's telling of a story, something that's happened to them or someone they know, and sometimes.

But with a few filters up, I can protect myself and the bombardment of emotions that are attached to the lives of others, and be of help, just by listening, and perhaps being able to say something that is helpful, without overrunning myself. I can take it a step or two back and empathize with someone, which is very useful for others.

That brings me to the fact that, yes, being an Empath is different than having empathy, though it can be easy to confuse the two.

Having empathy, is being able to step into someone else's shoes, and completely understand exactly what they are going through. 

Being an Empath means being able to feel or know what something is like for others without necessarily having experienced it myself- and yet it feels as if they have.

At least this is the difference for me. I did not look up official definitions in this moment.

And then there is compassion, which I personally think is and would be best... being able to understand and care about someone's feelings without needing to have or know the exact same experience.

:icondasghul:: Does this work long-distance as well? For example: Could you sense what I am feeling right now, just by doing this interview?

:iconteaphotography:: This is a very good question.

For me, it does not work so well over the internet. It may for others, though, and I wouldn't necessarily doubt that.

But it sometimes can once I get to know someone quite well, and I feel they are not sharing how they are really doing. Usually this happens when, I know someone has a cold, or is otherwise sick, but doesn't want to bring it up publicly, and hasn't told me privately either, but I would already have to know that person pretty well.  This is because I seem to be quite in tune with people when they are not physically well, or even quite depressed.

It does also work for me long distance, with certain relatives who live quite far away who I am otherwise very close to because of shared experiences and certain conversations that have brought us very close over the years.

For example, I have a cousin, on the other side of the country, and sometimes I just *know* when things are just not going well for her.

But this gets very particular. And also the more I would discuss this sort of thing, we could cross over into psychic-ism, which could be easy to do, but being an Empath and being Psychic are not really the same thing.

And, no, I do not know, nor have really sensed, how you in particular have been feeling, while interacting during this interview. Nothing has just "come" to me, but neither have I tried. I assume, with these interviews alone, you are having fun doing them, but assumption regarding particular activities, are also not the same thing.

Conversely, for example, I have started a journal series on dA called "ATTZ. of GRATZ" - meant to be a very positive sort of series or activity to participate in, if anyone chooses. But by choosing to host this new series in no way represents how I am feeling or doing at any given time.

Now if you WANTED me to know about you, you would be asking me to take down all my filters, and try my hand at any psychic abilities I might have.

And I'll just tell you right now, while I think I may have had some psychic experiences, I do not and have never claimed to BE a Psychic. :)

:icondasghul:: Alright, I am kinda relieved by that! :phew:

So, what about animals?

Because you also founded the SHELTER PROJECT... Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

 Welcome One & All to:
"The Shelter Project" Update of 2018 (and Beyond...)

You simply can not know the immense amount of work that you, your  own very selves as The dA Affiliates and The dA Super-Affiliates, have done for the domestic animals of  "The Shelter Project" throughout the last 8 years!  You can and should be very proud of yourselves.  Things like this always remind me of the saying: " It takes a village..." and, in a case like this, this has definitely been proven, time and again. On behalf of the animals of "The Shelter Project" thank you with *our whole collective heart*!!



"The Shelter Proje

Tell us more about that – is it just because you love animals, or was this influenced by being an empath, too?

:iconteaphotography:: Ha, ha, that's funny. I understand! :D

Yes, I did. I guess you could say I founded, "The Shelter Project"

Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

 Welcome One & All to:
"The Shelter Project" Update of 2018 (and Beyond...)

You simply can not know the immense amount of work that you, your  own very selves as The dA Affiliates and The dA Super-Affiliates, have done for the domestic animals of  "The Shelter Project" throughout the last 8 years!  You can and should be very proud of yourselves.  Things like this always remind me of the saying: " It takes a village..." and, in a case like this, this has definitely been proven, time and again. On behalf of the animals of "The Shelter Project" thank you with *our whole collective heart*!!



"The Shelter Proje

I did have the idea, but I had some really huge help getting it off the ground, here on dA, where the project was born, by at least a couple of other people. I would go as far as to say, that they founded it with me, or co-founded it. I could not have done it without them.

I almost feel like there are two questions here. How do I feel about animals? and Why did I found "The Shelter Project" though the two are definitely related!

First and probably still foremost, I absolutely love animals. My first favourite animal as a child was the Koala, and yet I'd never seen one in person, let alone touched one or spent time with one. Whenever I first learned anything about the koala, I was fascinated and began learning as much more as I could!

We had dogs and goldfish as child. I'm so glad we did, don't get me wrong, but my parents did not share my ultra enthusiasm for animals, the way that I did. I asked if we could get a cat constantly, but they would tell me that cats and dogs could not live together, and I believed this until I was old enough to realize I had friends who had both.

All my life, other people's cats would come up to me either in the streets, or come out for me in their houses, when apparently normally they would be too shy.

As far as being an empath goes, I know I have more of an affinity with certain animals, and even certain animals within the same species. I have been able to understand what their needs are and just how sick they are with only very certain ones, and this bit, has only come after becoming a lot more involved with animals later in life. I don't know if I would quite go as far as to say that being an empath includes animals, save for maybe a very few, because that would be saying I truly can sense just how an animal is doing and feeling, by feeling nearly to exactly like them.

It is more like being in tune with them enough to understand their needs. It is probably more like compassion and empathy.

I became more involved with animals and volunteering and then "The Shelter Project" after I had to go on disability for my own medical problems.  I used to be a teacher. But as I am not someone who can just do nothing, animals became the next big thing in my life.

It has been the right path for certain. :iconcatlaplz:

:icondasghul:: Well first: Your parents told you shit. Cats and dogs perfectly CAN live together, if they just get a chance of getting to know each other's ways. Preferably: by adopting them both, at an early age. Yknow? just like RELIGION does! But hey: Animals are not to be confused with religion: animals are GHOOD! :meow: Your take on this? :)

And second: If you wanna feature some of the folks that helped you with Update of THE SHELTER PROJECT, 2018 and Beyond...

 Welcome One & All to:
"The Shelter Project" Update of 2018 (and Beyond...)

You simply can not know the immense amount of work that you, your  own very selves as The dA Affiliates and The dA Super-Affiliates, have done for the domestic animals of  "The Shelter Project" throughout the last 8 years!  You can and should be very proud of yourselves.  Things like this always remind me of the saying: " It takes a village..." and, in a case like this, this has definitely been proven, time and again. On behalf of the animals of "The Shelter Project" thank you with *our whole collective heart*!!



"The Shelter Proje
- now would be the perfect time for it...

:iconteaphotography:: Yes, what they told me was shit, and all because they wanted me to stop asking about getting a cat.

I learned quickly in my pre-teens that many of my friends' cats and dogs lived together just fine, and I remember I was quite angry that my parents lied to me.

There are a
LOT of people I could name who have been both SuperAffiliates of "The Shelter Project" and key "Affiliates".
A SuperAffiliate is someone who has purchased one of a wide variety of available works of art- anything from greeting cards to jewelry pieces, or who has made direct monetary donations directly to the sick animals or in, helping to create informational publications for locals.

Since the project began on dA about August or September of 2010, we've had 43 of these SuperAffiliates all listed down the left-side of my Profile Page. About 2/3's of them have been repeat customers! It's really rather amazing!

I would LOVE to name them all 43, but here's less than half:




















An Affiliate, is someone who generates support for "The Shelter Project" in a number of ways, but the most common ways are:

advertisements in their journals and/or a custom box, and through point donations.

I have tried to keep track of these countless people and groups on my Profile Page as well.

I have been blessed with the number of people who have chosen to become involved with "The Shelter Project" here on dA. It's been amazing. I could have never done it without them. It is definitely a TEAM EFFORT, and no less. We just past our 8 year anniversary.

Thank you for allowing me to acknowledge the project on your show! It has been a passion of mine for a very long time, so being able to do that was a nice surprise. :heart:

Could you repeat your second question in regard to animals and religion, by itself though, so I can be sure to understand. It sounds like another interesting one, thanks!!!

:icondasghul:: Do you have some stories to share, about the actual inmates?

For example: these? :)

Margaret And Her Doggie Family by TeaPhotography   I Got Dirty by TeaPhotography   Tea and Aunika by TeaPhotography   Winston and Raya Celebrate by TeaPhotography  

:iconteaphotography:: :omg: :faint: You picked some really good ones! :giggle:

In the FIRST, we have Winston and Raya. They are our only outdoor babies, because they are feral. We actually believe domestic cats belong inside the house. Dogs are kept inside, so why shouldn't cats? As long as they get enough light from the sun, it is healthy.

When we first moved here, the neighbourhood was overrun with ferals, it was really obvious, and sad. Raya the smaller one, the striped girl, lived on our property and was my very first friend I met since moving here. She showed me every nook and cranny of my new little property. She was also pregnant. After she gave birth we domesticated her babies as best as we could with a feral mom, and then took them to the shelter for adoption. Winston was on the scene soon after, and we had each of them humanely spayed and neutered right after. And they stayed right with us on our property. We had many of the ferals in our neighbourhood spayed and neutered and placed at various shelters for adoption, and we have not seen any sort of problem as such arise in the 7.5 years we've lived here.

Winston and Raya are the most spoiled ferals I've ever known. Winston is actually domesticated but only to me. He allows me to pick him up and pet him at any time. With Raya, if it's Winter and she doesn't want to get off her heat bed, she will allow you to pet her, otherwise she is much more skitterish than Winston still. We believe she was definitely born feral.

In the SECOND,

Omg, this was one of the craziest and most memorable photoshoots I have ever done!  My dear friend was first an acquaintance- I had done several projects with her already, and then she wanted a huge portrait plus Christmas cards of her and her FIVE DOGS at the time!

Oh my gosh!!! It was crazy, but we got it done, and got it done quite well I might add, and we've become really good friends ever since this event! LOL

In the THIRD,

This is one of my favourite kitty shots from the shelter. They were doing kitten baths that day, and I couldn't resist. This poor little guy was NOT enjoying himself, but he was certainly being a real champ about it. :)

In the FOURTH,

Awwww... this is just me on adoption day, when I adopted our last-in cat, who was 4 months or so at the time, but who is now 1.5 years. I had tragically lost a black cat Philippe about 6 months prior, so I had a dear friend who was always at the shelter keep an eye on Aunika for me, for certain qualities, to make sure I wasn't just interested because she was all-black like Philippe and so sweet like him. I was looking for particular qualities and I needed someone impartial.  Anyway, my dear friend told me she was perfect for me, so I visited every other day, and we played and I got to know her, and she was everything and more, and I say the same NOW only 10x more! I absolutely LOVE Aunika, she was a wonderful adoption.

So that's about it on those particular ones! :D

:icondasghul:: Besides kitties, you also love TEA.

Tell us more about TEA, please! :meow:

The Ageless Wonder of Tea by TeaPhotography   An Artist's Nightly Lair by TeaPhotography   Have a Monet Kind of Day by TeaPhotography   Life's Simplici-teas by TeaPhotography

:iconteaphotography:: AHHHH, Tea. I mean TEA.

Okay, yes, I do love a good cup of tea. Usually the later in the day or night, the better. Tea is relaxing, calming, and also helps with focusing, such as if I am in the mood to write something.

But, this is NOT where my interest in TEA lies at all.

A long time ago I took an 18 month course work and earned a Certification in Alternative and Energy Healing.

We studied a wide variety of things, like Reiki, Chakras,
Crystals, Pendulums, Massage, Medicinal (and Magical) herbal TEA, and much much more.
Though all of it fascinated me considerably, I became obsessed with healing herbal TEAS!

Part of the reason, was because at that time  I actually had a yard big enough for a garden, a green house, and a place for drying herbs, so I was able to incorporate the whole process while studying them. After I earned the degree, my interest in herbal teas only increased by leaps and bounds. It was such a huge passion, that it took over my other passions! I studied and worked around the clock, and I talked about it ALL the time, hence I ended up receiving the "nickname" and later online name, "Tea"- which was not a stretch since most of my friends and family called me T. or T.J. anyway.

Of course I am not nearly as obsessed, but I still have my materials to refer to, and can suggest some good teas for people in need. Nowadays, with a much more grown addiction to caffeine, many of my teas, even at night contain black, green, or both in them, so they are not even strictly herbal teas anymore.

Okay, I hope that was a sufficient answer! ;)

:tea: :tea:

:icondasghul:: Talk some Art? :)

A Whisper of a Leaf by TeaPhotography   For Owl Things Owl by TeaPhotography   Partially Vampiric

Once upon a time there was a girl, whom they say was partially vampiric. 
Of course, this seemingly unearthly creature was partially many things,
and somehow she was actually born this way. 
She felt from very early on, (she thinks about age four or so) a near
super-awareness, that she was completely unlike other little ones around her,
and at school.  There were a multitude of reasons for this. 
For this case, she had skin so fair it was rarely striking in beauty.  For it was too unique,
due to its acute vulnerability to the sun and many other toxic elements
invisible to the naked human eye. 
Her face, most often exposed, was more likely to be marred by the sun's light
even in
   Keys to the Treasure by TeaPhotography

:iconteaphotography:: Yes, art. I'm not sure what you might be asking me about these particular pieces of art.

But because of the variety you have chosen here, it makes me want to reply by saying that I believe that all of it is and should be considered art.

One thing that has always bothered me, was that writing or literature would often be held very distinctly from "art" and that some writers would say they "are writers, not artists" which just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

To me literature and being able to write decently, is every bit an art as painting a portrait! For me, writing is painting with words. It's just another, of the many arts!

Writing, for me, was my first art, then drawing, and then photography, but all the while I was in dance, (ballet for eight years as a child), and learning to play the piano and the clarinet.

The truth is I feel fortunate enough to have experienced a wide variety of the arts, first-hand, though, I have not always felt that I have reflected this on dA.

I have always wanted to *write* more on dA, since the beginning, but as it's always felt like such a private thing, I lacked a certain courage to do much of it, though I am hoping this will change more, especially during 2019.

If I wanted to show you a few more unique pieces of my works.  You don't have to do anything with them... most are around a decade old! LOL But you can use them or a one or two of them, or none, if you want. Just thought I'd share:

Soul by TeaPhotography vantage point... by TeaPhotography Nature's Spiral of Life by TeaPhotography

Speaks to Me Poetically by TeaPhotography Feeling the Silence by TeaPhotography All That's Led to This Moment by TeaPhotography

:icondasghul:: Do you have any other last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconteaphotography:: Well, hmm, maybe for the first time I'm speechless. LOL

Yeah right...

I don't really "who" our noble audience is, as in, WHO will be reading, but I do want to say that many of the things in this interview I have not ever talked about all in one place public online place.
I don't feel that any one thing is a secret, though, and by now, I am proud of who I am, but just seeing some of all of these various "types" of subjects in one place, might scare a friend or two away LOL... just know that my heart is just as good now, before anyone knew these things about me.  And that I think that's what matters most in life.  The current state of things.
Being good and kind for the sake of those things themselves- but not for any current rewards, not for some sort of afterlife rewards/  I believe, what counts most is right now.

I just want to thank anyone for reading as much of any of this as you did-  I am humbly honoured, that you would want to.

And, similarly, I thought it was very interesting that I was even chosen for this very intriguing but fun interview, and I want to thank DasGhul for the humbling opportunity.

So thank you! Cresent Moon Emoji by kawrisu

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen ghuls and non-ghuls: :clap::iconteaphotography:!

About empathy, dried herbs, and many many CATS! :hooray::thumbsup:

Last 3 previous episodes:
:iconpyramiddhead:: Die Ghul Show (186) with PYRAMIDDHEAD!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconpyramiddhead:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconpyramiddhead:: On Deviantart, yes but I don't have the time to be more active on here then I use to have.
:icondasghul:: Do you have time for this interview? :paranoid:
:iconpyramiddhead:: Sure why not, send me another question and I'll get back to you next time I'm online.
:icondasghul:: What made you call yourself pyramiddhead?
Is it just a silent hill reference, or is there more to it?
:iconpyramiddhead:: Yes a silent hill reference, but specifically pyramiddhead because someone else already had the name pyramidhead and I was getting that name one way or another at the time lol.
:icondasghul:: In retrospective: Do you think it added to your individuality, that someone else already had your most wanted name taken? :)
:iconpyramiddhead:: It may have actually, but I'm afraid when I explain myself I always have to say I'm the pyramidhead with the extra d in the middle lol.
:icondasghul:: Well.

:iconredwoodjedi:: Die Ghul Show (185) with REDWOODJEDI!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconredwoodjedi:!
How do you like it so far? :)
:iconredwoodjedi:: So far so good. I'm surprised I was asked to be here, actually.
:icondasghul:: Yeah, actually you were suggested here by :icona-d-mcgowan:...
Who also told me some interesting things about your relationship with ALIENS! :hooray::thumbsup:
Tell us more about ALIENS! :hooray::thumbsup:
:iconredwoodjedi:: Well, I'm a lifelong experiencer and through my art, you are not necessarily seeing someone trying to make relevant and pretty pictures for others to look at. Instead, you are looking at my many fruitless and obsessively desperate attempts at memory retrieval. I have experienced Missing Time with several events and my art is kind of my way of maybe retriggering lost and stolen memories of those events......Although, for 30 plus years, I have not been successful in any way of doing this. Such is my maniacal obsession.
Hi Alan!
:icondasghul:: Tell us more about being :abduction: AB

:iconjfbayle:: Die Ghul Show (184) with JFBAYLE!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconjfbayle:!
How do you like it so far? :)
:iconjfbayle:: Fine :)
:icondasghul:: What did you like BEST, so far? :)
:iconjfbayle:: About?
:icondasghul:: About YOU! :hooray::thumbsup:
:iconjfbayle:: My obstinacy. Coming back to "works" after 20 unproductive years and follow the same line with my "a day, a picture" project since 2013.
:icondasghul:: Tell our noble audience all about that (personal?) project, and why you gave it up just to continue it again, please! :)
:iconjfbayle:: Well... In 1975 I began a serie of drawings on paper, always the same format (A4) until 1979. The themes was surrealist/macabre and the pictures not really interesting. In 1981 went a new serie of paintings on canvas, 4 differents in the same time or 4 pictures on the same board. Series, squares, the number 4 and its multiples, assemblages became constant in my work. Until 1984 my pictures were a collection of different abstract pictures, a kind of repertoire. Betwe

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Gawrila Ghul
Artist | Varied
I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the ghreatest man in the universe.

Other ghoulish links: (--> @ 500 fans, sth will happen! :paranoid:) (--> inactive cuz 500px :shrug:) (--> even more inactive cuz g+, but just to make this list complete! :salute:)


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