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Die Ghul Show (179) with MISSCREEPYPASTAYT!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 16, 2018, 11:37 AM
:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconmisscreepypastayt:!
How do you like it so far? :)
:iconmisscreepypastayt:: tbh, I haven't read much yet. I'm somewhat new to your deviantArt page ^^"

But I really enjoyed the episode with :iconconstantly-confused:, really interesting topics and especially awesome artworks! :)

:icondasghul:: Well, it's always nice to see if someone likes my humble program! :bow:

But anyway, something tells me that you are not necessarily just new to my page, but, in a weird way, also to dA generally... As in: not quite having accepted it as a site yet... In your tag line, you even tell dA to go home because it is drunk!! :drunk: That made me very sad. :sadangel:

Am I just projecting here, or what's the deal with that?

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: Well, I mainly use dA as a portfolio for my best works as an artist.

I have many problems with this site in general - or precisely with the fandoms here. I can't get a hold of these "brownies", "Fnaf" and fetish art like vore, feets, inflation etc.. But I appreciate every account that uploads quality content like e.g photographs
Please, don't get me wrong...I'm not saying this has to change. It's just not something for me to enjoy and I'm often dissappointed when I browse through dA that I don't often discover original artists.
But perhaps it's just that I'm not dedicated enough, because only few of my friends are using dA as well. I don't know, possibly both.

:icondasghul:: Oh yeah... Who doesn't love them kiddies and their totally loveless hingeschluderte fanart!!?!?? Give An Instant Emote by instaemoteplz

Still though... I'm not saying I did not stumble upon those too, but wtf are you watching if you confuse brownies and vore fetish with this whole site? :hmm:

Anyway: I say this has to change!
Do you really think that confusion would be able to keep itself alive very long, if more serious creators like yourself (re-)discovered this place not just as "what it once was" (as the pessimists say every once or twice a year), but still is? :)
:iconmisscreepypastayt:: Definitely. But I think this is a vicious cycle.

I'm personally bit discouraged when I see that *bad* (e.g. pony) fanart gets much more recognition than actual good content, just because it's part of a huge fandom of (often) kiddies. So I upload less here and go to other social media sites (especially twitter).
But of course, I would love to see a deviantArt with more serious creators who support others as much as the fandoms support their artists.

:icondasghul:: 1) "Recognition."

Are you sure about that, and what does that even mean? I'm aware this does not prove anything, but when, for example, I get messages from ppl I did not even know before, let alone having left a like, saying "hey I love the GHUL SHOW and this and that are my favourite episodes", isn't that kinda, well... redefining the very concept of recognition?

2) Srsly...? Posting art stuff on... twitter?!?? :faint:

Oh well... So tell us what is better over there!

3) Where exactly do you see the "vicious cycle?"

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: 1) Oh, that's cool. I've never experienced something like that. I think that everyone on this site has different experiences, so I don't know if this is something worth discussing for so long ^^"

2) Well, I use Twitter also for my silly ideas and jokes that pop up in my head. Also it's easy to attract new people to your stuff, because you can share other tweets with your own audience via one button.

3) I already explained it (in my perspective). If you don't get - in your opinion - the deserved recognition, than you post less and so less original and good artists will be here on dA.

:icondasghul:: Well I would have been quite interested in discussing 1) a little further (especially since you have "yt" even in your username), but yo! This is not about ME, it is about YOU! :hooray::thumbsup:

And YOU cannot wait until it comes to your actual art, can you! :hooray::thumbsup:

Just one more little moment please, we'll get to that in a minute! :hooray::thumbsup:

Let me ask you just one more question about 1) before ... Would YOU agree, that whatever site you choose to be your primary platform, also induces you with a specific… mindset? :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: I would actually agree with this.

I personally think especially twitter is spot on in your poll, haha. "Fire, forget, unfurl" - it's a plattform for impulsive indiviuals, who live primarily in the exact moment.  Twitter enables tweets to go viral quickly but in the next moment "the storm" disappears as quickly as it came - so to speak. :)

:icondasghul:: What's your favourite memory about tweeting drunk? :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: Well, "drunk" and "memories" don't always go together so good, haha.

But I remember posting my beer in
denmark on which "drik med respekt" was written. Basically this translates to "drink responsibly", but I posted it with the caption "I always drink my beer with respect!".
That was pretty funny, I guess :D

:icondasghul:: On that, I think will now open a new beer! :DrunkBummy: by MenInASuitcase

But on to more serious topics...

I think I already made my general attitude towards FAN ART quite clear earlier in this interview, so I gotta admit I was positively surprised when I first saw some FAN ART, done by you...

Scribble: NerdCity by MissCreepypastaYT   Splatoon: Inkling girl by MissCreepypastaYT   Skeleton Zombey by MissCreepypastaYT   Imp and Dorian by MissCreepypastaYT

So tell me: What's the difference between FAN art and fan ART?

Also: What makes a ghood FAN? :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: I already thought that you're going to bring this up ^^"

First of all, I think I should define what makes "good" fanart in my opinion.

Really important for me is that the anatomy is at least decent and that there is at least decent understanding of lighting etc.

(Those drawings you picked out are sometimes really old - the cringe is real haha).

But the idea behind the drawing for me is most important. 

(even though my drawings often don't reflect that - I'm not saying that my art is the pinnacle of art haha, far from it)

Well, I would draw the line, if really serious effort is spend into it. If your fan art is more base than actual drawing (done by yourself), than I have a problem with that.

If it is actual just a recolour of e.g. a cartoon character, with virtually no thought put into it, than I have a problem with that.

If it's just a screenshot from a game and you alter basically nothing, than I have a problem with that.

You get the idea. I don't mind fanart per se, and I acknowledge and support every artist who puts a lot of thought and effort in their art :)

:icondasghul:: What makes you actually wanna DO a piece fan art? (well obviously fandom, but rather like: is there any decisive impulse behind it?)

Also: Can you give our noble audience a short summary about what the pieces featured above are actually based on?
(For me personally, only Imp and Dorian rang a bell... :ashamed:)
:iconmisscreepypastayt:: For the most part my inspiration sparks from video scenes from YouTube. (that's why most fanart of mine is for YouTuber haha).

For me drawing is much more fun if you have a video/music, which fits to your art, in the background playing.

1. The first drawing is based on a character ("Dr. Downvote") from the Youtuber "NerdCity", who produces highquality and entertaining videos. Mostly they deal with the popular English Youtuber and about photo editing. I had an internship at a photography store and hat a bit of training in editing there, so it's really interesting to learn new tricks ^^

2. Splatoon...well. What should I say, I loved to play the game and thought the concept behind a "paint"-shooter game was pretty awesome... I think I have to redraw this old piece soon ;)

3. Ah, zombey. A German Let's Player. But in the beginning, this drawing wasn't actually adressed to him. I just wanted to draw a skeleton and on the way I thought "hey, why don't you give him cool accessoires and a hat and make him zombey?? Not the greatest thought process, I know ^^"

4. Yeah, imp and dorian, cool guys, nice sceptic™ content and I would count at least imp to one of my good friends.

:icondasghul:: Ah, well that explains a lot! :idea:

So let's just stick to the sceptic™ thing for a moment... For all us ignorant dA persons caught in our ignorant dA bubbles, could you briefly explain again what that is, and do you think it's an exclusive yt thing?

Because I think: unlike *ahem* farcebook *ahem* instagram SOME OTHER PLACES, yt actually is compatible with, or even successful in creating, quite an amount of ghreat and interesting minds. (Also, of course, for censoring them again, but that's another story.) My problem with yt however is: I noticed that no matter where you look, yt persons tend to communicate not only just with other yt persons, but also: just with other yt persons of their own "weight class." As someone who is basically there just to watch, without even having a channel – can you second that?

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: So basically, the sceptic™ (at least in Germany they don't want to call themselves 'sceptics' so this is rather a meme than an actual term) YouTube bubble is a bunch of creators, who criticize various topic, mostly religion, 3rd wave feminists and of course each other.

Mhm, partly. I see this often of course but I think at least the sceptic™ bubble on YouTube is lot more welcoming towards newcomers and they often work together. For example my good friend "Die vulgäre Analyse" recently was on a small podcast and shoutouted them in his last video.
But in other bubbles I agree with you totally. Perhaps it's because the sceptic™ bubble is still rather small, so the communication just works better. I don't know.
Actually I had a youtube channel a few years ago, but I quit because of school and took down my old videos. (That's btw why I have this pseudonym still haha) and in the old times my bubble was also very connected and rather small. There were a few really big channels who didn't collaborate at all, but the smaller ones were like a big family haha.

:icondasghul:: What made you delete your yt content because of school?

Also: (well this one is really easy!) (for me!) Tell our noble audience a little more about RELIGION, THIRD WAVE FEMINISTS, and SCEPTICS™ GOING AT EACH OTHER, please! :) (dva is ghreat btw!)
Also: Well, what "other" bubbles do you have in mind there? (I could tell you which ones I have in my mind, but hey this is not about ME, this is about YOU! :hooray::thumbsup:) Cmon, don't be shy! :hooray::thumbsup: THE PEOPLE… want to know! :hooray::thumbsup:
:iconmisscreepypastayt:: Well, at first I didn't *delete* my content, I just stopped uploading. But after a few years I couldn't identify with my content anymore and the cringe kicked hard :D

Oh wow, with these hot takes I can only do badly haha, but who cares? :D

1. Religion: I'm a proud atheist and I am leaning toward an antitheist opinion. I don't believe in any god and I personally don't like the fact that adults believe in some imaginary god and not giving evidence whatsoever for it. I hate it even more when parents indoctrinate a child with their unfounded beliefs - as I was. Luckily, my parents weren't strict catholics, so I was able to think for my own.

2. Third wave feminism: In our western society women are equal to men. The only thing seperating us is our sexual dimorphism. In General, women are physically weaker, less aggressive and assertive, are more likely to have an average IQ (unlike men, who differ more in the extremes), more emotional and more focused on the wellbeing of the group. So females tend to do other jobs than men, so of course the earnings differ from each other. (#DebunkingGenderPayGap)

All in all, there is - of course - still sexism, but not in any structural way which moderns feminists want us to believe. So, in my opinion, they are becoming redundant and are just sparking a conflict between men and women, instead of working together as a species.

3. sceptics™ going at each other: So, this response will be rather short in comparison with the other two.

I'm amused. I think it's entertaining and it leads to vigorous debates. Of course, it kind of splits the community, but tbh, they are all intelligent adults. Nobody really hates anyone just because they got in an argument with each other (perhaps except
dva and doktorant. But that's rather a private matter haha).
So, I was thinking about youtube genres which I don't usually watch anymore like gameplay or beauty and you could possibly name a few more, but I'm not as informed in the "youtube game", so sorry for my lack of examples here! :D

Most of the time you only see big creators collaborating with other big creators. (Which is of course economically speaking the wisest decision for both of them).

:icondasghul:: 1. wut is u think of DAS… poll and DAS… take (on religion)?

2. wut is u think of DAS… conversation?

3. this might be interesting just for a very small amount of ppl, but what was that dva vs. dok drama truly all about? (notice I am not asking you in any way, to betray your friend here... I'm just saying it would be ghreat if you could read all about THAT exclusively on the humblehumble GHUL SHOW! :hooray::thumbsup:) But, in all seriousness: How come you are personal friends with half of the yt sceptic™ scene, anyway?

3.2. "economically speaking..." Yeah. Exactly. Do you think there is a certain point in the mind of a yt person, from which on everything will be just about economics? And if so: Do you think this was implemented by (we had this before) YT-THINK itself? :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: 1. I voted "I acknowledge there are some scientifically unexplained phenomena." on the religion poll. And I agree with your take on immigration. It would be a good way of measuring if the immigrant could be integrated. Because religion is the most significant factor in the muslim culture, which makes integration so difficult.

Our culture and a fundamentalistic way of living your religion are not compatible.

2. Well, personally I don't really know the situation in
Mexico and if it's really that bad. As you mentioned, "humans discriminate whatever they regard in any way to be kinda weird". I got the idea while reading that for her it's more convenient to say that she earns less because she is a woman than to acknowledge that her male coworker does another job and perhaps works more hours. But I really can just speculate.
3. Oh, I'm sorry but I really can't tell. I can just say that's a personal matter. Sorry! :(

Uhm, actually most of my sceptic™ friends are because of coincidences. When you're active on twitter you start to chat with a few of them occasionally, then you get invited to talk with them on discord, if they like you... and often this leads to a good friendship ^^ Idk, that's how I got most of my sceptic™ friends. And the more friends from this bubble you have, the easier it is to get to know others.

3.2 Well, could be - I won't deny it. At some point you only see the numbers and you get disconnected with the real people who support you.

I rather think the economics aspect in YT-THINK is a product of our human nature. We desire to be on the top and to do whatever must be done to fulfil this goal. Our history is full of fights about territory and resources and in a way you see the same on social media.

:icondasghul:: I see... Sounds like some healthy attitudes you got there! :highfive:

Anyway, my self-set deadline is drawing nearer and nearer, so before we close this, let's talk just a little more about your original art (especially the second one), shall we?

There is no perfect moment by MissCreepypastaYT   ~ false friend ~ by MissCreepypastaYT   The Swan Queen [+Speedpaint] by MissCreepypastaYT   Comforting Touch by MissCreepypastaYT

Since you are not, well, the most active dA person imaginable: What drives you to upload new pieces here that are neither commissions nor fan art, and what would have to happen to make you do more of that?
:iconmisscreepypastayt:: I'd love to! :)

The first piece was kind of a redraw of the "zombey fanart"...but without the monocle and the silk hat...So without the fanart concept haha. I was annoyed at the many anatomy mistakes I made in the old piece. Additionally I was in a very bad psychological state, on which I don't really want to comment on. So I had the idea to make this into an emotional piece for me. (Funny that 3/4 drawings, which you picked, are personal and emotional pieces for me haha)

The second one is actually a piece that I finished rather quickly. I don't want to publish too much personal information, but this piece is about my ex-best friend, who suddenly stabbed my back. Her facade "cracked up" like the tea cup. The porcelain symbolizes the fragile relationship, which broke because of a very dumb cause. The steam coming from the cup should show a kind of skull (Yeah, not the best execution, I know), representing the toxic relationship, which now "leaks" out of the cup.

That's why the drawing is called "false friend". The incident with my ex-best friend was 2 years ago and in february this year I started to really recover from this.

The third drawing is the only one in this group which don't really has any meaning to it, besides a personalisation of "innocence". It is inspired by a piece from an awesome artist named "Jackson Tjota" (

The last - and newest - piece is very intimate for me.

It's about one of the most important persons in my life at the moment. I already confessed that I'm not the happiest person around, especially at the moment I have a lot of phases in which I feel discouraged and self-hating.

This is expressed in the lack of colours of the girl and of course her mimic. (slightly lowered head and obviously her crying). The lighting from the back underlines this feeling.

The person, I was talking about, always lets me forget my problems and brings - as literally depicted in the drawing - colour back in my life even though he has to challenge his own problems himself...

I'm so thankful so I basically dedicated this piece to him.

I use dA for some kind of portfolio, especially for drawings I'm proud of. I upload emotional pieces because they mean so much to me and I love to scroll through my old drawings and re-live those moments (even though they mostly are sad memories, but you have to accept them as much as the good ones, right? ;) )

Well, I really can't control when I get an idea to express my thoughts through a drawing. So I can't really say what would make me to do more of this... Sorry! ^^"

:icondasghul:: Before we REALLY close this: Tell our humblehumble audience a little more about SELF-HATE, please! :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: I think this is something a lot of people suffer from.

In my case it feels so contradicting, because in some phases I love myself and feel very egocentric and in other phases I can't stand myself. I feel like I am not good enough and have to drown every thought in alcohol. But that's obviously no good coping mechanism. That's why I will attend therapy in a few months. And that's what I recommend to everyone suffering from similar things. Don't keep it to yourself, this just leads to more harm in the long run.

But let's end on a somewhat happy note: It doesn't matter how much you hate yourself, there is always someone who cares about you, friends, your significant other. Keep on fighting :)

I'm very honoured that I could be a part of your show, even though it ended a bit dark. ^^

:icondasghul:: Do you have any other last words left, for our noble audience? :)

:iconmisscreepypastayt:: I would end this with a quote from my favourite movie (and book) - Fight Club:

"Maybe we have to break ourselves to make something better out of ourselves”

:icondasghul:: Ladies and gentlemen ghuls and non-ghuls: :clap::iconmisscreepypastayt:!

About those damn kids and their fan art, raging sceptics™, tweeting drunk, and one or two emotional things!

Last 3 previous episodes:
:iconmetal-bender:: Die Ghul Show (178) with METAL-BENDER!:icondasghul:: Welcome BACK to my humble show, :iconmetal-bender:!
Do you enjoy RETURNING here? :)
:iconmetal-bender:: Thank you so much Ghoul! Well, I do so far!
:icondasghul:: Why are so many gallery items that were featured in your last GHUL SHOW, "in storage" nowadays?
:iconmetal-bender:: Well, a few years ago my gallery was slammed with a lot of art theft. I decided to put everything into storage and only put things back when they were at a much smaller size and had a watermark on them. I did have my signature and copyright symbol on all my work but that was ignored and many times just cut off. There were a lot of deviations and I didn't get to them all. Some of them really don't represent where I am right now, so they will probably stay in storage.
:icondasghul:: Yeah, I remember that theft thing...
That happened just within the same time when you had your first exhibitons, didn't it?
:iconmetal-bender:: Well, that's probably when the thefts were occurring (2012)

:iconredsterfish:: Die Ghul Show (177) with REDSTERFISH!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconredsterfish:!
Do you enjoy it so far? :)
:iconredsterfish:: Ah ok, was a lil absent lately, through mental problems (:D kidding) I do have a slight reminder defogging sth like that . Did not want to get artifishially kidnapped or so. Fears go hand in hand with forgetting everything. Though my first troubles shooting myself into the good ole black hole of artblockade is gone, I am kind of nervous doing the interview ...or whatever. Feed me, suck me, breed me or cruck me.
:icondasghul:: Tell us everything about nerves and artblockade and sucking, please! :hooray::thumbsup:
:iconredsterfish:: Let´s do it!
Artblockade? What was it about. I think it´s about pushing yourself into some abyss, with own, selfmade imaginations. You wanna produce sth. Sth you have imagined. People set themselves under pressure with begone success. And if that doesn´t work, talent is gone? The popular thing is: to reinvent oneself again and again, sure.

:iconconstantly-confused:: Die Ghul Show (176) with CONSTANTLY-CONFUSED!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconconstantly-confused:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconconstantly-confused:: Hello Ghul, I'm very honoured to be here. Thank you very much for inviting me to your ghoulish lair. I really appreciate it.
The question of enjoyment is nevertheless a difficult one. Lately I seem to struggle to really be anywhere without thinking that I should be somewhere else. The stressfulness of my everyday-life seems to ooze into everything. Maybe I should try to clear my head every once in a while...
Anyway - what's your relationship with joy and enjoyment? Are you getting along?
:icondasghul:: Well this is not meant to be about ME... It is meant to be about YOU! :hooray::thumbsup:
But just to honor your approach: Let's just start this thing with a question I normally have reserved just for some famey q&as by yt persons...
"Here you have a red button. If you push it, ALL humans will disappear. Do you push it?" (--> Hint: I would! :shh:)

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I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the ghreatest man in the universe.

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ps: wer will schon sein wie alle?
deswegen heisst das so! :shh:
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sorum ja... aber schau dir mal das tatsächliche Verhalten an. Alle laufen wie die Schafe hinterher

Um seriöses Mitglied einer Schafherde zu sein, musst du vor allem Schaf sein... so oder ähnlich sagt das Einstein :) und der war ja bekanntlich genial :D
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eine schafherde ist eine gruppe.
ich halte es für falsch, mitglied einer gruppe zu sein.
(die man nicht selber gegründet hat.)

was sagt einstein dazu? :)
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Thank you so very much for your recent support!! :iconcatlaplz:
Thank-you by vafiehya
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Thank you for the favourite. "Fast response?"
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