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dAseniors is the official home for all Senior Members here on DeviantArt. There are various things we do to keep this nursing home alive and kicking; features on our blog, news articles that promote a multitude of happenings, projects that revolve around more than just creating artwork, and hilariously engaging chat events.

Senior Members are users of DeviantArt distinguishable by their medal symbols () behind their user names.

Only Senior Members may join this group as a member, but you are, of course, free to watch :+devwatch: this group to stay tuned for our latest updates. In fact, we encourage it!

We hope to launch projects and contests in the near vicinity. These will be open to all members of deviantART, but (co-)hosted by senior members.

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Artist Tutorial Feature

Thu May 17, 2018, 11:24 AM by Astrikos:iconastrikos:
I asked in a forum thread a while back for tutorials! 

Here's great resources from our community!

Embossed Watermark Tutorial by phydeau

Knight Steps by Ocetee

Somewhere In Between Step by step by Ocetee

Revy Step by step by Ocetee

Grayscale to Color Video Tutorial by convelocity

Sai Coloring (+ Magic) Tutorial by convelocity

How I draw bushes by convelocity

Background Tutorial Part 1, Sketching and Planning by ghostchiryou

Eye Tutorial no. 1 by yurian-miku

Tutorial 101 : Dragon (with a catch) by Nighteba

An Introduction to PixelsPixel Art Week
Have you ever wanted to create pixel art but you just don't know where to start?
Well, I hope to fix that. I am going to do all of the research for you, to help you make your own decision.
The Definition of Pixel Art... is one under a great deal of debate.
First lets look at the definition as given by, Techopedia.
"Pixel art is a form of digital art wherein images are created and edited at the pixel level using a graphics editing software. What defines pixel art is its unique visual style, where individual pixels serve as the building blocks that make up the image. The effect is a visual style very similar to that of mosaic art, cross-stitch and other types of embroidery techniques."
Many say that you can only use the "pixel tool". Well what is this tool that they speak of and why does it not exist in my art program? Well it d

How to link deviants, deviations, or websites!PLEASE NOTE THESE DO NOT WORK ON THE CURRENT FORMAT OF DA ECLIPSE
I am using deviant arts own help topic found here I will be expanding upon what they have with examples, to make it easier to understand. Just so you know I am using their outline and explanation, if you would like to know which parts were mine and which are theirs just go to the site above :D
How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
There are a few formats you can use, either a link of the users name, displaying the members avatar, or by linking with a personal description. 
Avatar linking
:iconusername: will display the member's or group's avatar as a link to their page. Remember, however, that the limit for posting blocks of avatars is sixty four per post, and this will not work in signatures.
This seems easy enough, here I will use my own name. :iconamarantheans: will give you :iconamarantheans: 

How To Edit Your Installed Skin by Amarantheans

DA Vernacular: A TutorialCommunity Week
So, you know the basics about DA, now you would like to learn more!
First let's refresh our memory with the Basics by looking over a few Tutorials and Resources:
turquoise heart bullet  Getting Started on DeviantArt Created by JenFruzz to make setting up an account and getting started easier for the true beginner. If you have more questions about this process I would like to direct you to the group DAWelcomeWagon, your home for everything deviantArt related!
turquoise heart bullet  Welcome Tutorial Just the basics by TimberClipse.
turquoise heart bullet  Managing Deviations Another

Public Service Announcement About Passwords!So I have been seeing around dA many have been hacked and locked out of their account, forcing them to set a new password. I would like to take this time to give you password advise. What should you do and what should you NEVER do? Well please know this is not all inclusive but it should help you!
*DON'T USE "PASSWORD"! It is the #2 most hacked password this year the #1 is 123456! Really people there is a list online most hackers can just run down this list and try to hack your account!
If your password is on this link's list you need to change it now!
* Never use your name, that means any part of it, First, Last or middle. Don't even use a nickname.
* Never use a pets name, or your friends name, not even your enemy's name, just don't use a name PERIOD! Not even a superhero's name or actor's name.
* Never use anything that is common knowledge, if you like penguins, they should not be in your passwor

Community Emoticon Submission Tutorial (take 2) by Amarantheans

Tut: Separate Groups and Deviants in Watch manager by Iduna-Haya

Between Night and Day: Process by Iduna-Haya

Speedlines tutorial for Manga Studio 5 by nekokawai

Your Name. [Tutorial + PSD] by qs2435


How have you guys been? 

CSS by Astrikos
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Deviousness Award Recipient


Celebrating Deviousness - July 2020In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt communityINTRODUCING LAWRENCECORNELLPHOTO I am Lawrence Cornell and I live near London.†I am not a city boy however and spend as much time as I can outdoors. My photography is mainly landscapes and nature, the more remote and wild the better. I love stormy weather, not sunny blue sky days. The wilder the weather the better.† I am at my happiest in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands or on the Isle Of Skye. I have itchy feet and I love to travel. When I go to be in nature I want to be away from people and I want to be spellbound. That is easy for me as I find nature incredible. The world is a beautiful place and I search for this beauty every time I pick up my camera. When I take a picture I want to capture not only the beauty of what lies before me but also the feeling I had when I was pressing the shutter.† When you look at one of my landscapes I want you to feel what I was feeling. I want you to feel† like you were with me at that moment. I hope I succeed some of the time at least.Before I joined DA some 8 years ago nobody saw my pictures but me. In my time here I thinkI have improved greatly as a photographer mainly because I spend so much of my time looking at other people's work. I love the variety of artist I find here. A much wider variety than I find at other sites. There are so many truly wonderful people here too. One of my absolute favourite things is the journal/features I do on a monthly basis. It gives me a chance†to share some thoughts with everyone but mainly it gives me a chance to thank everyone†for all that they give to me and I can share their work to a wider audience. I can tell you that gives me a lot of pleasure. Sometimes the journal bit gets a bit long, like this, but I get carried away. On my front page I have two quotes that sum up my feelings about photography and what it means to me.Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.†- Don McCullin JULY 2020DEVIOUSNESS AWARD WINNERVisiting @LawrenceCornellPhoto's gallery is like going on vacation without needing a plane ticket. We experience the world through his eyes and witness a glimpse of his soul with each image he shares because each piece clearly comes from his heart. For almost a decade, he has continued to hone his craft but beyond that, he has continued to nurture the community through features, comments, critiques and unwavering kindness. He has solidified himself as a pillar of the DeviantArt community and we are truly honoured to award him with Deviousness for July 2020.SHOWING SOME LOVECOMMUNITY QUOTES Lawrence is a wonderful person and a fabulous photographer. His beautiful images and descriptions take us to places few of us will ever see. He is a sensitive and caring person who truly loves natural beauty and presents it to us in his remarkable photographs. He shares his appreciation of the work of others often and I am proud to call him friend! The deviousness award is WELL deserved. Congratulations Lawrence. I have known Lawrence for a long time and it is always a pleasure to see the world through his eyes. He is a complete artist and a wonderful photographer, and his beautiful images bring us closer to a wonderful natural world. It has a unique style and a special imprint. Beyond these beautiful qualities, Lawrence is also a very good writer and those who visit his page will always be delighted by his sincere and so beautifully written diaries. It's not hard to talk about Lawrence! He is a generous and wonderful friend with impeccable taste and attitude. I think Lawrence fully deserves the Deviousness Award and I am proud to have been able to say a few words about a man and an artist who set a beautiful example in DeviantArt. Congratulations! For the better part of a decade, Lawrence has been sharing his outstanding photography with the DA community. He's allowed us to travel to beautiful places with him, capturing them in awe-inspiring ways. His skills have grown and he's amazed us at every upload. Beyond being an incredible photographer, he's also proven to be a kind soul, someone the photography community can truly be proud of counting as one of us. Seeing photographers like Lawrence be such a strong part of the community for so many years brings a smile to my face. Congratulations on this much deserved recognition, and I wish you nothing but the best! Lawrence Cornell is one of the best photographers I have ever had the privilege of meeting in the Deviantart community. Lawrence is truly an outstanding photographer - and wonderful person - with an almost mystical ability to capture the essence of places seen through its lens. His photos makes you stop and look deep into. It isnít just perfect exposure or a beautiful scene. They have instant impact and creates a quick emotional response. The viewer is taken to places that many of us never dream of reaching. Itís these moments that open our eyes to the wealth of beauty that our natural world has to offer. Moments that leave those who witness them all the richer for it. I have been an admirer of Lawrence's work for a while now. His nature photography is the epitome of beauty and serenity. His gallery is full of great examples of his dedication and skill to the art form! This award is much deserved and I can't wait to see what you do next Lawrence!! Lawrence has exhibited what a true landscape photographer really is. He travels to different places and captures the most breathtaking and captivating photos. He has the ability to make you feel like you are actually there with him as his photographs are brought to life by his talent of bringing his photography to invigorate your mind. His expertise for me personally makes me strive to work harder on my own photography skills. He is such an inspiration to many. On top of that, he shows extreme kindness and support for other artists. I am honored to call him my friend. Lawrence - there are so many things you can say about this amiable British fellow! Not only is he a truly terrific photographer, showing us all the beautiful places he visits and taking us along on his journeys - be they big or small - and teaches us a little something about the gentlest of things. Mostly, he's just an amazingly wonderful person. Simply reading one of his journals, you feel like you've known him for years, talked to him on the phone just yesterday, and get together for a monthly cup of tea. He's open about his life, about his views on life, and about his love for life. A huge part of said life is art - and he keenly shares his love of it through those same journals. His taste in art is so wonderful, diverse and inclusive, his journals are a joy to read and to watch. Lawrence has become such a loved member of this community, we can't think of someone more deserving of Deviousness. Congratulations, friend! I can say based on his thoughts he should be a great person who loves people, with a philanthropic personality who loves arts so much and garden and travel... and I think this is great! His journals are impressive, I love them all! He puts so much energy in it , it's fascinating! He is very significant part of Deviantart community, he is unique! Lawrence highly deserves this award, he is outstanding! I wish you all the best, Lawrence CONGRATULATIONS TO LAWRENCECORNELLPHOTO!

Gallery Folders

Blade Runner drawing by Rhyn-Art
PoE01 by pulbern
Shell #2 by GeoArcus
Commission - Three Animals by cooley
Artisan Crafts
Bogged Chicken by FallisPhoto
Salmon cakes, with mushroom gravy by FallisPhoto
Blue and White Skirt - from second hand clothes by LualaDy

Mature Content

Three gallons of different home brewed meads by FallisPhoto
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You Have Plenty Of Talents by getcarter
New Forum Threads by SimplySilent
I Support ME - Blue by MamaLantiis
Designs and Interfaces
Undead Pharaoh Live Wallpaper for Android OS by catbones

Mature Content

Dreams in Fantasy Collection - Nook Touch by gillianivyart
Adobe - Your favorite suite heart by admx
the lesson by Astrikos
Dance by Iduna-Haya
[P] Menacing by LA-Draws
Meeting the Shadows by Iduna-Haya
Film and Animation
Journals and News
Start Making Activities for Groups!Are you looking to keep your members engaged and get more deviants involved? Hosting regular activities are a great way to encourage active participation within your group!What Are Some Examples of These Activities?Sharing ArtHaving a gallery where members can submit their work is sure to appeal to deviants. Everyone is looking to reach a larger audience and gain wider recognition for their work. And thatís where your group comes in! Open up your Galleries, and see it actively fill up with diverse works of art.Curated CollectionsAttract new members by offering them a broad array of carefully curated artwork to browse. Organize and customize Galleries and Sub-Galleries so members know exactly where to submit and where to find what theyíre looking for. You could even opt to create one single Gallery for submissions for the convenience of your members, and have group admins reorganize submissions into appropriate Sub-Galleries to have more control on what goes where.Journals and PollsJournal discussions and polls are time-proven ways to connect with group members, promote discussion, and further deepen a sense of community. Groups can apply these tools to stay aware of the requirements and wishes of their members, advertise group activities, compose features, and conduct voting for contests and challenges.Features and InterviewsBeing featured is a recognition that many deviants cherish. Groups that regularly compile journal features and publish interviews help draw attention to exceptional work and talented artists. Not only is that an incentive for more people to get involved in the group, but itís also a wonderful way to foster an atmosphere of appreciation for the work of others.Contests and ChallengesFun prizes, healthy competition, and a surefire way to test oneís skills and improve. Who doesnít like a good challenge? Hosting challenges and contests regularly creates a flow of activity that many deviants look forward to. Itís also a superb opportunity to get the word out about your group. Many groups create special hashtags for their contests/challenges, or ask participants to tag a friend or share the contest journal. And thus, we have a win-win.EventsThe year brings us several occasions to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than to host an event. There are a myriad of events that a group can host around, say, Halloween or Christmas or Valentineís Day. Events such as Feedback/Critique Drives, Scavenger Hunts, Secret Santas or Holiday Card Exchanges create a chance for group members to interact directly, bringing them closer. This is not just beneficial to the group but to the entire DeviantArt community.Raffles and GiveawaysItís not surprising that art raffles and giveaways would be tempting to most deviants. After all, which of us would pass up on the chance to win a work of art? A well-organised raffle/giveaway would not only be a possibility for self-promotion for a group, but also motivate the generosity of its talented members who could come together for a fun game of chance.Interested in Group Activities?Want to participate in such group activities, but arenít sure where to begin? Check out some of these amazing groups!charity-guildartistledeviantloungewatercoloristsunseen-writerslost-literatureangels-and-gangstarsartjournalersthumbhubtutorialsforeveryoneanimalplantsnatureprojectcommenttheartistloungeLetís Discuss!What are your favorite groups in which you participate in their activities?What kind of group activities do you enjoy contributing to most?What was the last deviation you submitted to a group, and why did you pick that particular group to submit to?
The Festival of Colours Contest*✧・゚: Best viewed by clicking on the journal :・゚✧*,Every year, as the Winter snow melts away in the warmth of Spring, we're blessed with a whole gamut of colours. It's a time when people in various parts of world celebrate this transformation in a Festival of Spring Colours, Holi.Though mainly Indian, Holi is celebrated beyond the subcontinent and has inspired many festivals and events in other parts of the world. People come together to spend time with loved ones and play with colours.This year, many of us are still under some form of lockdown or the other, and perhaps won't get the opportunity quite yet to go out and experience playing with colours. But not to worry, we've got your back!Join us in celebrating the Festival of Coloursby participating in our Colouring Contest!,Line art by the incredible @drachenmagier Lines digitized by the wonderful @mondscheinsonateHow to ParticipatePlease help us spread the word by sharing this journal in a post (journal / status) or tagging those who might be interested in participating. (Not mandatory, but highly appreciated)Download and extract the image pack using such software as WinZip or WinRar. (If you encounter an error that claims the files are corrupted, please either individually download the file, or refer to this link.)Choose the filetype most suitable for your use and colour it either digitally or by printing it out (up to A3) and using traditional media of your choice.If you are using traditional media, make sure you scan or photograph your work clearly so that it is true to the colours you've used.Upload the finished submission to your gallery with a link back to this journal and the hashtag #holi2021Post a link to your submission in the comments below. (Since there's no gallery folder to submit to, this step is an absolute must for your entry to be considered.)And that's it!Important DatesStart Date: Monday, March 29, 2021End Date: Friday, April 30, 2021Judges PrizesThere will be 3 winners in total:1st Place4000 200 from @wolfwoofa 2000 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff 2nd Place2000 120 from @wolfwoofa 1000 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff 3rd Place1000 80 from @wolfwoofa 500 FragmentsJournal Feature by @SelflessDevotions @Erdbeerstern @PromotingPositivity @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff Llama from @digital--bee @Erdbeerstern @JustACapharnaum @AlexanderPaupoff We are accepting prize contributions. If you'd like to contribute a prize, please comment below or send a note to @AlexanderPaupoff If you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.#communityrelations #journal #news #contest #challenge #colouringcontest #colouring #holi #dol #drachenmagier #lineart #color #colorcontestCover image: @drachenmagier + Canva...

Mature Content

Aphrodite Rising by Yuukon
Great Cormorant - Phalacrocorax Carbo by Yuukon
Iggy by FallisPhoto
the epic struggle continues... by CapnDeek373
Stock and Resources
The Misconception Behind 'Study Realism',ART ADVICE ISSUE #10 - THE MISCONCEPTION BEHIND "STUDY REALISM"Most people who draw anime/cartoons have, while asking for ways to improve, at one point or another been told to "study realism." A common response to this is, "But I don't want to draw realism!" But, did you know that the purpose behind this suggestion is NOT so that you draw realism? They're not suggesting you change to a more realistic style. What, then?Let's look at this through an analogy: Say you don't know music yet and decide you want to learn how to play the Happy Birthday song. You're not interested in playing anything else, just the HB song, and you haven't started learning anything related to music at this point. OK, that's fine, and now we have our situation set up. Once you've decided this, you set yourself to learning the sequence of notes to the HB song. You practice and practice, and, after a while, you can play it really well without a hitch.After a few years, it starts feeling bland to you, and you ask, "How can I make my HB song better?" And someone tells you, "Learn all the other music notes," and "Study classical and other genres of music." And you reply, "But I don't want to play that type of music; I want to play the HB song!" (And that's FINE! It's valid; it's what you want to do.[*Footnote 1])But without having learned all the other notes and other types of music, you can't make a remix of the HB song, or an "epic version," or a hip-hop-fusion version; you've capped at the end of the first paragraph of this story. So drawing anime or cartoons is like playing the HB song, or any one song in our example. And here's where our misunderstanding comes in: "Study Realism" DOES NOT MEAN "Draw Realism"Yes, you'll have to draw it to study it (not only your brain, but also your hand needs to learn the skill), but it doesn't mean that's what all your artwork will look like. It is meant to give you more tools to make your anime and cartoon work stronger, more appealing, and more unique. How will it do that? The more music notes you know, the more types of music you understand and can play, the more original a remix/version of the Happy Birthday song you'll be able to make - and it will be unique. Because you will be able to take all that diverse knowledge and apply it to your song, making it stand out, and the next time you play the HB song, people will go, "Wow! This is a really cool version!"So now we can be clear: There is a difference between learning something and performing it. You can perform whatever you choose, but by learning all the things, your performance of your "Thing of Choice" will be stronger.What, Exactly, Will Studying Realism Teach You, Then?,I. VALUESIf you learn how to paint/shade with a full range of values (by learning realistic shading) that properly depict both volume and lighting, you will have no trouble simplifying that to cel-shading or gradient-shading in your anime or cartoon drawings, because you will at once spot when something is undershaded or the shadows are in the wrong spot. On the other hand, if you try to do cel- or gradient-shading first, you are way more likely to a) undershade, and b) have an inconsistent light source. And when these things happen, you won't be able to tell *why* your drawing looks "off" or bland.II. COLORBy studying realistic coloring, you'll be able to learn how color varies across an item (say, a shirt) that is a "solid color." Example: you're drawing a character with a pink t-shirt, standing in the sun, at the end of the school day. The t-shirt is solid pink, however, the colors on it will vary from orange-ish to purple-gray, with some areas almost a bright red (and that's not even considering items around the shirt that would bounce light back onto the shirt and change its color). But you'll only know this (and how to do it) if you study realistic coloring.Then you can apply that knowledge to your stylized artwork and make it stand out more.,Photograph of real pears, by @Daykiney | Drawing of a stylized pear, by me.See how studying realism can enhance your cartoon work.III. MAKE BETTER STYLIZED ANATOMYBy studying and learning realistic anatomy, you will be able to make stylized art that, for example, doesn't have one arm longer than the other, because you will have learned how to measure proportions, even if you don't draw realistic proportions. So that if you decide you want to draw unrealistically long legs (eg: Sailor Moon), you'll be able to make them look good and keep them consistent.You will also be able to draw figures in any position, because you will have learned how body parts are made up and how they move, as well as foreshortening/perspective.So when you go to draw a pose you haven't drawn before, it will be WAY easier.IV. UNDERLYING SHAPESAlthough this is one of the least-mentioned aspects of art-learning, it is, in my opinion, one of the most important, because when you learn to see underlying shapes (the quasi-geometrical shapes that build up a figure), couple with learning how to measure a form using other parts of the same form as reference (measuring the length of one body part by the number of times another body part fits in it, as mentioned in Section III, above), you will be able to DRAW. (Period.) You won't be able to draw just people. Or just wolves. Or just cats. You will be able to break down a new subject into its building blocks and come up with a very reasonable likeness. And whatever's different, you'll easily be able to make relative measurement to spot why and fix it.,Once you learn to identify underlying shapes and how to measure proportions in anything, you will also be able to pick up and reproduce any existing style without much trouble. For example, this was my first time drawing anything Peanuts. I didn't have to do practice-sketches for it (though there's nothing wrong with doing that). But I knew, from realism, that to achieve a good likeness, you need to measure body parts relative to other body parts, so I looked at Schulz's drawings and was able to determine: OK, Charlie Brown's head is roughly this shape, his body is so many heads tall, his eyes are this % of the head, the ears are this far in, the arms reach down to here, etc. I knew what to look for.V. FOR THOSE WHO WANT SEMI-REALISMIf you want to do "semi-realism," you'll have a way easier time of it by learning realism and then stripping it down as much as you like, than by starting off with "100% anime" and trying to build it up without knowledge of realism. People think the latter is easier, because it *seems* less intimidating, but it's like trying to drive to a store you've never been to without knowing its address: you'll be driving around forever trying to find it, and it will be frustrating. What people call "semi-realism" is stylized realism, and you can't really hit it without knowing how realism works.CLOSING NOTESIt also doesn't mean you should stop drawing anime/cartoons and focus solely on realism for X amount of time - you can do both concurrently. In fact, the most fun way to study realism is to do so on your favorite subjects; you can even turn your reference into your favorite character!Studying realism is also one of the best ways to help develop your OWN, unique style; one which, when people look at it, say, "Oh, that's [your name]'s work!" For more on this, see: Art Advice Issue #5: About Style and How to Find Your Own.*Footnote 1: It is fine as long as you are drawing for yourself. As soon as art is a job and you're drawing for an employer, you have to draw in the style they tell you to. So, in this case, it's to your advantage to be flexible. I hope this was helpful and helps clear up a common misunderstanding people go through when receiving feedback. OTHER ART ADVICE ARTICLES:Issue #1 - Don't Let Anyone Make you Feel Bad About your Art: Assumptions & Artistic Vision Issue #2 - Dealing with Art Mistakes: How to Have a Positive Outlook Issue #3 - Advancing in Art: The Three PsIssue #4 - a - Basic Tips to Make your Art Look Better b - Advanced Tips for Photographing Traditional Art Issue #5 - About Style and How to Find your Own Issue #6 - Dealing with Art Block Issue #7 - How to Ask for and Provide Critique Issue #8 - Random Traditional Art Tips Issue #9 - Debunking Common Art Myths Issue #10 - this oneIssue #11 - Making Feminine & Masculine Features (Stylized) You can also find these (and other helpful stuff) linked in the "Art Motivation Corner" (green) widget on the bottom right of my profile page.
Some basics about drawing mountainsNote: I won't go into specific techniques here - those will depend on style and medium, after all. These are just some general, more basic things to think about, which should be relevant no matter the medium or the style.One of my recent art goals has been to get better at drawing mountains. I've also gotten some questions from friends about the topic - so, necessarily, I've taken a closer look at exactly how to draw mountains, and some theory related to this. Considering there might be more people who could find this theory interesting and/or useful too - here's a little article about the topic.As the disclaimer says, I'm just going to look at some basic theory here. You should hopefully find something of use here, whether you do digital or traditional, cartoon style or hyperrealism.Also note - references will be a big help when it comes to drawing mountains correctly, just like they will help you with basically any other subject. I recommend you to use them, certainly if you're going into "realistic" territory.So, without further ado, let's start. The colors We'll start with the easiest stuff - mountains in the far distance. Or maybe the air just isn't that clear, maybe there's some mist, some rain... Either way, no details are visible. How can we still add depth to the piece?The answer is - the colors. Said quite simply; the further away something is, the lighter it will be. Air is never 100% clear, so the more air there is between you and whatever you're looking at, the lighter it will seem.,If you have several "layers" of hills, mountains etc. behind each other - well, the one the furthest away will be the lightest one, while the foreground will have the darkest colors. The two images here (taken during a rather dusty day) explain this very well. Bear in mind you won't see the effect to this extent when the air is clearer. It's still there, though.Another little note here - there is often some extra color involved too, blue being the most common. This is also visible on the right image. Said simply - the particles in the air tend to reflect the sky. If there's a blue sky - well, then whatever is in the distance will get a more blueish tone. The further away, the more blueish it gets. Of course, if the sky is grey and cloudy, whatever is in the distance will just get lighter and more grey. If there's a golden sunset, there will be a hint of golden. Etc.The amount of detailAnother of the important things about creating depth (in general, not just when it comes to fancy mountain landscapes) is the amount of detail you add to something. Simply said - the further away something is, the less detail you will see. And, when it comes to artworks, the less detail you should add. ,Looking at the photo, it's clear that there is less and less detail the further away something is. Of course, the dust makes it even more obvious than usual (and makes this photo into a great example), so have a photo taken on a clearer day:,You'll still notice the exact same effect here. Also notice how the mountains in the far distance are lighter and more blueish than the cliffs in the foreground. The shapeNow, on to actually drawing the mountains. Considering mountains are part of nature, you're going to have a hard time finding any perfectly straight lines. Also, different types of mountains can have different shapes, from rounded to about as jagged as shark teeth. In addition to this, no mountain is completely similar to another. Trying to copy-paste one mountain... won't really work, as can be seen on the old lynx drawing here (where I didn't use references - see why I advise you to do so? At least for inspiration). It looks unnatural.,So, to the examples. First, the outlines:,Here we have some more smooth mountains - but notice how there are still no straight lines.This is also how much shape we can really add to mountains drawn in this style. You see the outline, nothing else - so no detail at all. This also makes them the easiest mountains to draw:You draw their outlines, making sure there are no completely straight linesYou color the different mountains, making sure the closest one is the darkest, and going from dark to light.Next, the mountains themselves:,Here we're taking things a step further. We've also brought in the cavalry, in the form of fancy mouse-drawn arrows. Take a look at the photo, and study those arrows a bit. Exactly why are they going the way they do, and how can we see this so easily? If you feel in the mood for practicing a bit you can also find some random photos of mountains and draw some lines yourself. This is basically a simple, random illustration of how the shape of a mountain can look like. Notice how complex the shape is! Things can be a bit more complicated than this too. In certain areas a kind of grid can work better: ,Special mention to the left side of the mountain top itself. Note that certainly not all areas need this, though. Sometimes there's just one clear direction, and a grid would be pointless there. So, til now the examples have been a little on the simple side. Time for a proper mountainscape - now also with fancy arrows!,(No red outlines, though - I decided to keep the piece more clear. And the arrows are more important.) Don't think I need to say much about it - it's more complex, so you have more arrows. There aren't any perfectly straight lines, and the mountains aren't copies of each other.Natural lines in the landscapeSo - you're drawing a mountain, and you know the general shape and direction of things. How exactly can you show off this shape and get depth? The natural lines is a big one when it comes to drawing mountains, and might be far more important than most people think. There will be lines in the landscape which are excellent for showing off shape.,Notice the literal lines of trees here, and how good these are for showing shape! Other great lines can be patches of snow, cracks in the rock, edges, cliffs, etc.,Here's also a prime example of how snow makes for natural lines in the landscape, especially on the right side. Some notes about (patches of) snowSnow can be quite tricky to get right, and there are some extra things to think about. For one - snow melts, quite needless to say, and it melts faster in some areas. If the mountain is very steep, it can be hard for the snow to grab a hold (making for a less thick layer of snow), and avalanches happen more easily. Hence, the snow can melt faster here. You will also have areas with more snow - often cracks and clefts where the snow is blown into by the wind.Also, snow likes shadow. After all, it melts more quickly in the sunny spots - so it simply stays longer on the shadow side, and on other areas where there isn't much sun.This means you will usually find more snow in flatter areas (which certainly doesn't mean they are flat), in cracks and clefts, and where there is less sun. This also means you will get patches of snow in the spring and summer - and guess what? These will often show us the distinctions between the sunny and the shadowy sides, between the steeper and flatter areas, between the edges and the clefts. In short - patches of snow can make for great "lines". Also, if there's direct sunlight the shadows are often extremely blue. Far more blue than you would suspect. The photo a bit further up is an excellent example of this.Highlights and shadows,Adding highlights and shadows is a good way to add more depth to the piece. Just like with other objects - if there's (sun)light there will be shadows, and those shadows are great for showing shape. This can be especially noticeable if you have mountains which are covered entirely by snow, which will make it hard to see other details:,Of course, you won't have as clear highlights or shadows if the weather is overcast, but there might still be some. This is especially the case if there's snow. Snow reflects a lot of light - which means you will often get subtle highlights and shadows even if there is no direct sun.Having closer objects in frontThis one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you have one (part of a) mountain in front of another, one will be pushed forward and one will be pushed back. It's an excellent way to easily add depth to your background/mountainscape, especially if you aren't using any references. Make sure they overlap, though! If they don't, it will just look like larger and smaller mountains standing next to each other. ,A final, advanced example,A beautiful photo from pixabay (link is in the description) which shows us much of what we've already talked about.First, notice the amount of detail and the colors in the piece. The colors are darker in the front, and gradually get lighter - and this adds a whole lot of depth. This also ties with the "have closer objects in front" topic. You also clearly see how the closer areas are more detailed. Also, note how the highlights and shadows work to easily distinguish one area from the other. This is especially the case with the lower left corner, and the ridge there. You can also clearly see the different clefts, ridges, and other lines in the landscape - and how there is no place or line exactly like another. The mountains are ragged, random and natural - and quite unlike those weird copy-paste mountains in the background of the old lynx drawing.Hope this was at least a bit useful And have a good day/night, whoever reads this!
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