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WoLF: Baron Maul - Son of Blood [deceased]



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Reader discretion is highly advised.
Maul's history contains elements of brutality and other aspects that maybe be sensitive to some.
All material involving Maul is completely fictional and doesn't represent his player's views or the views of admins for WolvesofLunarForest.

Maul © Myself
Baron Maul is officially deceased!
Maul Sprite - Commission by AntiDarkHeart
"Something moves within the night
That is not good and is not right."
— Dean Koontz, The Book of Counted Sorrows

Maul's Antler Log

See below for Maul's Rp/Collab status

Name: Maul - A tool with a heavy head and a handle, used for tasks such as ramming, crushing || To injure or mutilate, as by scratching or beating.
    Birth Name: Diedrick (only a select few knows his true name)

Sex: Male
Age: Adult - 5 yrs

Bloodline(s): Valley (25) x Timber (25) x Forest Steppe (50)
    Height: 37" adult
    Weight: 150 lbs adult

Physical Description:
    Valley - Massive size, Long, Thick Limbs, & Built for Power
    Timber - Pelt Color - (Melanistic) & Build - (Jack-of-all-Trades)
    Forest Steppe - Large Chest, Tall Ears, & Long Nails

Scars: Shoulder scar from Alpha Duston (Run Rabbit Run)

Rare Traits/Birth Traits: Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
    Related Deficiencies:
  • His right eye is "blown out" due to an aneurysm in his youth.
    • This eye is always wide when open and the iris is shrunken.
  • He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).
    • Each personality understands that the other exists and often talk aloud to one another and help each other function.
      • Diedrick is the default personality. He is calm and civil when in control. 
      • Maul emerged after an aneurysm to Diedrick. He is sadistic and conniving when in control.

Pack: Sanguis Cult
    Rank: Alpha (Tier 5 - Baron) Geist (Tier 3 - Dritten)

    Traits: Loyal, Spontaneous, Opportunist || Party Animal || Confused, Madness, Sadistic

Positive Traits
  • Loyal - [Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty.]
    • Very few manage to gain favor in Maul's eyes but those that do, never need to fear the threat of his jaws finding their throats. He holds an undying loyalty towards those close to him and is viciously protective and often borderline possessive of those he loves.
  • Spontaneous - [Taking a risk, living life to the fullest, no plans.]
    • Live isn't worth living if you aren't willing to push the boundaries and live to the extreme. Seeing new places, meeting new wolves, and experiencing new events is what Maul wants out of life.
  • Opportunist [Taking advantage of situations/people to get what they want.]
    • Being the son of an alpha and hailing for a pack known to expand its bloody reach, Maul knows it's always in his best interest to take advantage of anyone weak-willed enough to be used for the good of his own amusement or for his god.
Neutral Traits
  • Party Animal - [a very gregarious and outgoing person who enjoys parties and similar social activities.]
    • With all his oddities, Maul is a very social and friendly wolf. With a grin firmly on his face, he is quick to make jokes with sometimes sarcastic undertones if aimed at someone he dislikes. Being a social sort, He tends to flirt with everyone who piqued his attention. This is regardless of age, gender, or if they want the attention or not.
Negative Traits
  • Confused - [Unable to think clearly; bewildered]
    • Due to an aneurysm in his youth, Maul suffers from a constant state of mental chaos due to cluster headaches. If he can't stop the pain, it doesn't take long for his already weaken mind to cave into the madness lurking in the dark.
  • Madness - [The state of being mentally ill, especially severely.]
    • Once he slips into madness, it's hard for him to claw his way to the surface. This state is relieved after he has either passed out from the pain or have killed a target. He quickly turns violent towards others and himself in order to stop the intense mental torture.
  • Sadistic - [Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.]
    • Whether it's physical or mental, Maul gets a kick out of watching others squirm in his presence. Especially if he gets to be the reason for their misery. He'll actively push boundaries and buttons to get a reaction out of others.
Family: (NPCs are allowed but must be marked as such!)
    Father: Immanuel (NPC) || Mother: Namlag
        Siblings: Stillborn x3, Samael (Adopted Brother), Silver (Adopted Brother), Natara (Adopted Sister), Irene (Adopted Sister)Eliana (Adopted Sister),

Mate: N/A
    Offspring: L1: OctaviaRhaavaPersephone, L2: RiviereAzimuth, Anakin, L2: Marrow, Ventress,
        Grandchildren: N/A

Other Family: Maternal 2nd Cousins - Oliver, Lorelei, Mirshann, Tuminio || Paternal 2nd Cousins - n/a

Pre-Group History: Click to read his full history!
Group History/Activity Log: 
Birthdate: November 1

    Sexual Orientation - Opportunist (A hole is a hole.)
    Experience - Non-Virgin || Sexual History - NPCs, Lorelei, Velvet, Horizon
    Litter Count: 1# - Jun 06, 2017, #2 - October 23, 2018,

Turn On's - White pelts, light pelts, purple eyes, blue eyes, weak-willed partners || Turn Off's - Clingy partners.

Current Crushes - n/a || Past Crushes - n/a

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Cute and he sounds like a ladies man is he and does he know about his new litter of pups?