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One Shot at Glory

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Nice work! =)
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'Do NOT think lowly of guardsmen. It's easy for us fight - we are as powerful as a human can be. But Guardsman have to run over the corpses of their friends, and still have the resolve to fire their lasguns. I fear no living enemy. I fear only one possible outcome of all our wars, all our battles, and all our sacrifice: the day when we no longer need guardsmen. Because on that day, my brothers, Humanity's death is assured.'
-Reclusiarch Lacelles, Eclipse Hawks Chapter.

Guard and Astartes = bros to the end :)
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In retrospect I shoulda spent the time to draw in more battle damage on their armor and fill the scene with more incoming fire. 

I wanted it to have a sort of desperate, victory or death final charge feel to it all, with the Guardsman having lost a whole fucking leg and the Templar down to just a bolt pistol and combat knife

A sort of different take on the usual 'last stand' idea, or at least I hope, definitely to emphasize the unorthodox nature of it all and just how batshit crazy these two last remaining souls are to be charging headlong into enemy lines :)

but alas, it was like 1am at the time in university so I skimped out on it, and now I don't have any pencil crayons left to actually put those details in lol
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but yeah, in all seriousness, it is kinda irritating to see a lotta fans put them at odds with each other

Granted it is also tiring to see almost always Spess Mehreens just being Spess Mehreens all over the place as well, so I can understand why some people might be a little tired of them fkn fat power armor dudes always taking the spotlight XD
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what are you talking about

he needed a laser pointer :p
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JoeoftheMasksHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh that is nice... I like a lot!
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