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Long time no see…

With the #Inktober challenge coming back, I try to discipline my-self and publish one sketch per day (I'll upload a batch of them in a near future) and I'm also releasing one video per week on my YouTube channel where you'll see some time-lapse of my daily inking!

Anyway, here is my #Inktober2018 playlist where I will post one new video each week:…

And here is the video of the first week !

Hope you'll like it ;)

In the other news, I have some photos of the con I have done this year:
- 24, 25 March 2018 - KamoCon 3 (Dijon, Bourgogne, France)
KamoCon-2018 by DasArt

- 23, 24 June 2018 - Geek Unchained III (Mulhouse, Alsace, France)
GeekUnchained-2018 by DasArt

- 22, 23 September 2018 - Lyon Game Show (Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France)
LyonGameShow-ComicGone-2018 by DasArt

And that's it !

For daily news, please follow me here and there:
- my Facebook page:
- my Instagram:
The past week-end (3rd, 4th and 5th of November), I had my booth with a selection of my works (painted statues and busts, sketbooks) at the Salon Fantastique 6th Edition Convention in Paris, France.
More details here and on their Facebook page.

A great event where I talked with lots of people, just curious or really interested by my work. I made some great contact too and even bring a new kit to paint at home.
I've learnt that I should have bring more business cards and illustration works.
Here is a little photo of my booth and the kit I was painting during the con.

Booth-Salon Fantastique 2017 by DasArt

Rocket Raccoon WIP-Salon Fantastique 2017 by DasArt
At the occasion of #Inktober , I'm launching a YouTube channel where you'll see my daily speed drawing/inking!

I'll surely add more content after #Inktober2017 but I'm not sure of what kind of content would get any interest (more speed drawing/inking, some material reviews or comic books critics…)?

Anyway, here is my #Inktober2017 playlist where I had one new video each day:…

And here is the video of the first day !

Hope you'll like it ;)
The past week-end (1st and 2nd July), I had my booth with a selection of my works (painted statues and busts) at the Geek Unchained II Convention at Illzach, Alsace, France.
More details here convention.geekunchaine… and there on Facebook.

A great event where I met lot's of people, had some nice chats and made cool discoveries.
Here is a little video of my booth, next to some model builder and sculptors friends:…

GeekUnchained2 by DasArt
I'll be on a booth with a selection of my works (mainly painted statues and busts, maybe some sketch and original art) at the Geek Unchained II Convention at Illzach, Alsace, France on the 1st and 2nd July.
More details here convention.geekunchaine… and there on Facebook.

You'll be able to meet me there (and many other amazing artists) where I'll do some painting demo and sketches on-demand.
Hope to see and chat with some of you ;-)
It looks like I've updated my gallery with few model kit projects I've worked on as a painter.

The main purpose is because I'm starting to take commissions (like really, because I've already made some but it was more a hobby than a job).

So, if you like what you see and you want:
- more info,
- to make me paint one of your model kit,
- to repair a broken statue or bust,
- create a custom…

Feel free to contact me here or on Facebook or on Instagram
After 9 years with my own blog/website, I've just decided to shut it down definitely (until I decided that wasn't definitive)

So now, almost everything I've done until now will be moved on deviantART and it could take me few days to do so.
I hope it would help me to concentrate on drawing more than set-up and manage a website… We'll see.

So what will you find on my deviantART gallery?
Personal and professional work, illustrations, sketches, paint…
Some commissions, few comics projects, very few paint-up of statues…
And all the stuff that was on my blog from 2005 to 2012…

But, you know what?
My gallery will speak for me better than I do ;-)