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me newest piece which im very proud of =)
painted intirely in painter9
added the border and text later on in photoshop

i used a colour palette i always wanted paint with.
tried to catch a bit of that old school feeling via the design and of course the colours where the images always had a touch of cyan blue

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Very cool drone and scene!
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beautiful works
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looks really good
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It's kinda cute...

In a creepy way...
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looks great Job!!!
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Brilliantly done!
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nicely spooky and very well executed
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P01s0n1vy1's avatar
Two words: So detailed.
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this is awesome !! I really like that peaceful tonje in your colors, it's great and so refreshing
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Someone here earlier mentioned the blue tint to this piece. I love it, actually. It kind of made this for me. I also like the flag, and the bulk shape of the drone, kind of reminds me of a gorilla, actually. Good work on this one.
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I wanna fly in one of those!
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im sure it would be hard to hold onto anything then :D
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Yeah I guess. But still this picture is awesome. If I had the money I would totally but it.
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no worries! thanks for the kind words =)
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I cant believe I kept passing this in your gallery. One of my favourite pieces from you, inspiring!
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maate! im deeply sorry for the late reply!

thanks for that comment! =)
how are you doing yourself!
gotta check on your pieces as well

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No problem mate :)

I'm still trying to teach myself the fundamentals of art, it's going ok I guess.

How you doing man, you still sketching and drawing?
Can't wait to see more of your work! :)
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someone can clearly see that you are progressing! :)

im sketching. well i started to sketch again.
i might be able to upload some stuff but its just sketches... and no polished illustration like you are squeezing out lately =) lovely work on that portal piece btw.
i should do an illustratioj quality piece as well. its itching :D

so yeah for now i can only suit with doodles
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Cheers mate :)

Even though allot of people seem to like my portal picture
I don't think I'm gonna finish it either, just got bored of it
when I knew what it was going to look like in my head.
I'm already looking forward to it :D

Well I'm glad your back man. :D
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yeah i know what you mean.. the aadventure is over.. its just polishing time now ;D

im glad that some poeple didnt forget about me =)
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Haha I'll never forget <3 :P
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