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my trip to singapore didn't bring me photos, but I got a new camera! nikon d90 is now my fav <3
i'm looking  forward to passing my exams! I promise that after all I will try to catch the inspiration ;D
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I've returned from my long trip to England, got some photos.

I'm going to use less photoshop. (natural pics except their size :D)
My future plans also includes making of a new self-portrait photo for deviant main pic. But I still don't know how to change it ;D
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I've broken my camera :D i'm very sorry.
I want to take photos but it is possible only with Sony DSC-T700 (Cyber Shot)
So now my marco is perfect xD

There are a lot of flowers in my house. I have an allergy. I've understood it just now.

Best wishes <3
to me too ;D
i want to laugh one more
and good photoshop.
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