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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (153)
This has been more than 2 weeks now. Posting five of my designs on the Threadless wasn't successful. They have a scoring system that will only qualify a design to be up for print and sale when it was at least 3.0/5.0 I think. My best score was And my lowest score was Yes I was sappy for a moment there. But I'm not done yet. Analyzing the problem I concluded that I have reached to the wrong audiences. Therefore I'm trying my hands on posting on Redbubble and Welovefine this week.
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Time has sped by in my life but I remember fondly of my past. As I work my regular 9 to 5 from time to time I do miss the the hours I spent in front of my PC console playing my favorite games. To me, I couldn't think of anything else that would draw my attention as much as gaming has. RPG and FPS has always been my favorite. My buddies and I would sit down and talk for hours on the latest games they play and the upcoming ones. Those were really the day. But now responsibility begins to pile on me. I have to let go the hours and play maybe for a few minutes. Though in those time I thought of creating tee designs for gamers out there. My Thr
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So this and last month I've watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and after that Transformer: Age of Extinction and I feel something wrong about the plots. X-Men: Days of future Past Logan would have completed his mission much faster and easier if he brought the speedy guy Peter Maximoff along. I mean this guy put fear into Magneto's face. He could apprehend Mystique, pulls her back to the White House when she jumps out of the building & easily evade the Sentinel's fires. Why oh why does Logan has to send him away? Transformers: Age of Extinction I cried manly tears when Medic was killed. But then again, where's Shia Labeouf in all this?
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Happy Birthday!
Ola! Love your content and art style! :) 
Happy Birthday.
Hey, wanna do an RP sometime? :)

DmC: Public Perception Part 1: Officer CrimsonbedNote: Credit goes to Kaoskid1 for help with this fanfic, and to DarylChin for the idea on Reboot!Arkham, a demonologist that surpasses Kat, and the concept of Elysium, the angel equivalent of Limbo.
Seven years after the demons became public knowledge

-Dante listens to the radio, hoping to hear some metal tunes. But rather than the regularly scheduled music that Dante enjoys, a radio show is on in it's place. Reboot Dante figures that there must have been a rescheduling-
Lady: -on radio- "Hello, viewers. Welcome once again to Mean Mina's Ranting Reviews. On today's review, we're gonna talk about the movie known as Transformers: Age of Extinction, and see if Bay can finally listen to his f^$*ing critics!......"
-Dante chuckles, as he listens to the rest of the young lady's publicly broadcasted rant-
Kat: -reading a book of magic- "Dante, aren't you forgetting something?"
Dante: "What am I forgetting, babe?"
Dante: "Ever since the bad demons were forced int

DmC: Public Perception Part 2: Demons and PhantomsCredit goes to Kaoskid1 for helping make this fanfic, and to DarylChin for the concepts of Reboot!Arkham and Elysium.
From a different POV
-A young woman and a young man ride together via limo to Limbo City, in the hopes of locating evidence of the "Legendary Red Knight" identified as Dante Crimsonbed-
Jodie Holmes: "Ryan, how do you still have all of this money? I thought you resigned from the CIA after punching General MacGrath in the face?"
Ryan Clayton: "I transferred to the FBI. Got assigned a new partner by the name of Norman Jayden."
Jodie Holmes: "Wise transfer. Anyways, what's this Norman guy like?"
Ryan Clayton: "He acts a bit trippy sometimes...it's like he's on drugs or something."