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Jokes from my blog to lighten everyone's day. This page is rated-R for 18+.

:bulletblue:My life.
:bulletblue:Caryl baby
:bulletblue:I got ya a carrot!
:bulletblue:Daryl gets drunk.
:bulletblue:Daryl looks for Carol
:bulletblue:Long Duk Dong Part II
:bulletblue:The simple plain truth.
:bulletblue:Happy Valentine's Day!
:bulletblue:Spidermain the Caryler
:bulletblue:Daryl's Teenage Dream
:bulletblue:Carol and Daryl eye sex
:bulletblue:When Caryl Goes Canon
:bulletblue:The ship wars and Godzilla.
:bulletblue:Sturf, Titties, and Thangsss
:bulletblue:Twerk out your frustrations.
:bulletblue:How to seduce with eye sex
:bulletblue:When I hear about Caryl sex
:bulletblue:Why did Daryl cross the road?
:bulletblue:Who can make Norman blush?
:bulletblue:Maybe Kirkman likes pizza too?
:bulletblue:The Walking Dead squirrel versions
:bulletblue:Norman talks about Melissa McBride
:bulletblue:Merle knows who Daryl's girlfriend is
:bulletblue:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dancing
:bulletblue:The finale was anticlimatic last season
:bulletblue:Jus' give me a lil' somethin' somethin'!
:bulletblue:This is how I imagine every Caryl scene
:bulletblue:Santa heard there might be a Caryl kiss.
:bulletblue:Caryl slumber party with Tom Hiddleston.
:bulletblue:That awkward moment when you're on a date
:bulletblue:'Cause if I like it, then I shoulda put a ring on it!
:bulletblue:And that folks is how the Caryl fandom was made
:bulletblue:I want Carol to be like Tobey McGuire in Seabiscuit.
:bulletblue:When you're waiting for Sunday, because of The Walking Dead
:bulletblue:I don't always have jokes, but when I do, they are usually Caryl!
:bulletblue:That awkward moment when your crush is standing right behind you
:bulletblue:That awkward moment when you realize that Shane was a Caryl shipper
:bulletblue:That awkward moment when Norman thinks he's putting the moves on Melissa
:bulletblue:Carol is so unbelievably beautiful. Why isn't anyone fighting over who gets Carol?
:bulletblue:That awkward moment when you realize that Carol's room was right next to Daryl's room.

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