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Caryl Halloween 2016 by MadHatters-Wife The Walking Dead - Halloween by maXKennedy Carol and Daryl Halloween by nymeriadire


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Caryl Halloween contest by MadHatters-Wife The Walking Dead - Halloween by maXKennedy Melissa and Norman by Melski83 Daryl and  Carol (Caryl) a history at midnight by zelldinchit Halloween Caryl Contest by lucife56 Halloween Daryl and Carol by DogDean A Caryl Halloween by Art-Gem Daryl-X-Carol Halloween by Melski83


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Caryl kiss by alealgethi Daryl and Carol's First Kiss by Yukari888 The walking dead - The First Kiss by maXKennedy Caryl first kiss by MadHatters-Wife Unexpected by Ayrania-chan CE- You're All I Have In The World by DragonHeartLuver


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Don't ever let me go by risaki-chan CE- So Glad You're Safe by DragonHeartLuver Never Letting You Go Again by Aiyana-Kopa Caryl reunion by MadHatters-Wife :thumb471650559: -DarylxCarol REUNION. Fan Fiction.
Fan Fiction Title: Surprise Attack.
Series: The Walking Dead.
Genre: Action, Horror, Romance.
Type:  One-Shot.
Summary: Things are looking grim for Rick and his group over at Terminus. Eventually thought; an unexpected person shows up, and it's not going to be babysitting time for her. Because her flames are to burn this time, not to caress....
The air was smoky, the coughing of the several Terminus members on guard was muffled. One of them trying to get up was pushed back down by the digging of a boot on the back of his neck. Sharp pain was felt as he cried out, hurt, and dirty from the dirt smeared on his face, as he further connected to the dirt.
"Who are you...?" The man managed to question.
"That is none of your concerns... What I'm here for is my group. The group led by Rick. I see you have them in your group trapped like rabbits, I've been watching. So how about you tell your leader to let them go, in exchange for your lives." Th
A much longed reunion (Caryl)Pain, pain was the only thing to be felt, the only thing to exist. As Daryl knew, he was alone, scared and emotionally dead. Nothing was saving him, nothing ever saved him. As now the prison was gone, everything was just gone. All he had left was his bow and arrow, his weapon. The only thing he’d been able to keep safe since the apocalypse began.
He was all alone, Beth had gone and left, him leaving him with worries and hurt. Leaving him all alone to feel the pain of being on the run, being unsafe, being able to die. He was sick of everything, nothing was helping him as now he was running, running fast away from a pack of walker. A pack of 20, running and growling, for him. Coming from all around to kill him and eat him.
It was pathetic as 5 years ago, he would have been with his brothers, and sisters fighting over the television. Fighting over little things, stupid things but kind of important things. The memories hurt him as now he was running with tears in his eyes.Tears that
Contest entry: FanFic Daryl x Carol reunionContest entry Daryl x Carol reunion
I trudge through the forest looking for something to eat, at this rate I'll eat just about anything I can get my hands on whether it be a deer or squirrel. I think about Beth and how I feel like I've let her down, where is she now? Who am I kidding where is anyone from the prison? Did any of them make it out alive? If they did are they still alive? Or are they walkers? I stop in my tracks at the thought Rick, Glenn, Maggie... Carol, Where is she? I sink to my knees with my head down, I can't shake these thoughts away from me they have been haunting me ever since the prison, its all I can think about and I can't concentrate. Beth distracted me from these thoughts she gave me something to keep alive to at least give me some hope that my friends are alive, but she's gone and its all my fault... All I do is screw things up I can't do anything right. I run my hands through my sweaty hair and take my crossbow off of my shoulder and stare at it looking at i
-By her side. by Leeleechanlee
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