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The Day Will Come When You Won't Be by ertacaltinoz

Last night's episode was rough. Glenn and Abraham were killed last night by Negan's Lucille bat. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't stop thinking about it. I've been feeling bad about it. Luckily, Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yeun were able to bond over the shared experience between their characters, which you can read about [here]. Melissa McBride pays tribute to her two friends in a message [here].

Both Abraham and Glenn paid witness to the foreshadowing of their own deaths. Glenn has a scene were he sees victims of Negan's in photographs on a wall. A Savior implies that someone in the trailer might die in the episode "Last Day on Earth," and one of the last things we see in that scene is Abraham looking out at the Saviors and we see a reflection of Abraham's face (a very intended shot) in the rear view mirror as he drives away.

I still feel a bit like crap after watching that episode, but I'm going to pay tribute to Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz and the characters Glenn and Abraham. They died such a horrible death. I hope this cheers everyone up. Please feel free to voice your thoughts if you're having a hard time after the episode. Please leave a kind comment at the Group Glenn-x-Maggie to show our support for them. Thank you.

:bulletblue:A Farewell With Michael Cudlitz [here]
:bulletblue:And the Greene Family Lived Happy Ever After [here]
:bulletblue:Steven Yeun Getting Love (whether he likes it or not) [here]
:bulletblue:Michael and Steven together on The Talking Dead Special [here]

TRIBUTE TO THE CHARACTER GLENN, ACTOR STEVEN YEUN, THE CHARACTER ABRAHAM, & ACTOR MICHAEL CUDLITZ (please feel free to share links of artwork related to these two characters in the comments section

Manip Request by Yukari888 Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee by AriTeach Glenn and Maggie by AriTeach The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie by dlazaru :thumb566059449: Glenn and Maggie Collaboration by PsychoSlaughterman Glenn by Jover-Design Glenn and Maggie by runawaycar09 glenn/maggie by canniefish :thumb555076412: The Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie by martheus Glenn and Maggie) by drakonarinka Glenn and Maggie by pungang Walking Dead: Glenn and Maggie by SilverHyena Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene by Fandias Glenn and Maggie by Ryleh-Mason Portrait of Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford by JessKristen In the memory of Glenn and Abraham by monalisalover Abraham-Walking dead by ted1air Abraham Ford by AngelGanev The Walking Dead - Eugene, Abraham and Rosita by calslayton Abraham Commission by batmankm Abraham and Rosita Collaboration by PsychoSlaughterman Sgt. Abraham Ford Color by Fusciart Glenn and Maggie - Happy Valentine's Day - TWD by BonnyJohn Walking Dead - Glenn by ArchXAngel20 Happy V-Day from Maggie and Glenn by ProtoStrife Glenn and Maggie by cookiecutter60 Glenn by nick1213mc :thumb438254629: Glenn Rhee - Tribute by LittleRamona Glenn And Maggie| by AmnesiaShit The Walking Dead - Abraham by roderick25 Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead by AMIEL-kevin The Walking Dead - Abraham by roderick25 :thumb449216632: The walking dead cosplay group by SaryAngel Abraham Ford, the walking dead by mightyneely Live for Love/Fight for Live by xAteyox more to living by Super-Fan-Wallpapers I'll Find You by Yukari888 Get a Room, Glenn and Maggie by Jorell-Rivera
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stumpyxetta's avatar
This so sweet. I'm heartbroken for both Steven and Michael just because how much I enjoyed their characters presence on the show- they both made me laugh so much and were both phenomenal actors. Glenn has always been my first favorite since I watched Season 1 and I'll miss him greatly. Though two outcomes I'm dying to see from these deaths is Maggie taking control of Hilltop. I also hope they give Eugene a unique storyline. I really want him to man up and evenge Abraham more so then Sasha or Rosita. Really hope that happens.
Yukari888's avatar
I feel bad for Steven and Michael as well. I hope that they can continue to help each other get through it. I know they became good friends over the shared experience of their characters dying in the death scene.

Honestly, this is the only thing that helped me get through the fact that Glenn died. I felt so bad for Steven Yeun. Of course the way that Glenn died is so horrific that it didn't feel right not appreciating his character. Steven helped make The Walking Dead show great from the very start of the show.

I look forward to seeing how Maggie, Eugene, Sasha, and Rosita all react. Negan better watch out.
WolfBork's avatar
man... i agree. this new episode was really difficult to get through. there was lots of crying. its so kind of you to post this tribute, it makes me feel better that its not just me suffering through this alone. lots of my friends are grieving with me, haha. i know it isnt real, but its much more than just a tv show to me. i am so attached to each character. it takes my mind off real-life stress when i watch it, even though there's quite a lot of tense and sad moments like this, i'm in it until the end. ^^
Yukari888's avatar
Thank you! :) I was happy to make the tribute though. Steven Yeun is such a fine actor.

It was a hard episode. I felt emotionally drained after watching it. I kept feeling so bad for these two characters. It was such horrible deaths. Negan just treats them horrifically the whole way through it. Glenn's, "I'll find you," so sad.

That's good to hear that you keep watching it. I think The Walking Dead is very real and they live in a very honest world, because they have to be honest with each other in order to survive. You're seeing raw emotion and feelings and honesty, which is something that is hard for people in this day and age. It's hard to see any character go, especially Glenn. I feel for Steven Yeun, but I hope that he continues as an actor and that this will open up new acting paths for him. I'll be happy to support anything else he's a part of.