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    "I love the scene where Daryl finds Carol, in the cell. It was funny we were joking about making sure that he would be able to pick me up, and I told him that I lost four pounds just so he could pick me up. He was like, 'What are you saying?' I was like, 'Nothing, Carol is supposed to be dehydrated and tired!'" -Melissa McBride, Portrays Carol Peletier on "The Walking Dead" :meow:

    “I adore Melissa. She’s one of my favorite actors on the show. She’s such a good actress and she has so much inside that she can just open her eyes and stare at you and listen and so much stuff comes out of her. I’ve been very fortunate in the fact that I’ve had a lot of scenes with Melissa – private scenes. It’s just the luck of the draw, I think. Both of our characters are very similar – they’re damaged people gravitating towards damaged people – but I love Melissa. She’s one of my dearest friends and she’s just awesome to watch. She’s really magnificent.” -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "Okay, when Daryl... look you guys, I'm gonna have a girl moment... wait a minute, I'm gonna have a girl moment... when Daryl said to Carol, 'Stay safe,' and she said, 'Nine lives,' that's equivalent to, 'I love you,' and no one can tell me anything different. THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO, 'I LOVE YOU. YOU STAY ALIVE FOR ME!' THAT'S WHAT THAT MEANT, YES. I love them together." -Yvette Nicole Brown, Portrays Shirley Bennett on "Community" :love:

    "I think Daryl and Carol should get together. Just go find a bed somewhere." -Mr. Brames, Someone's Biology Teacher :neom:

    "I love my scenes with Norman. He is such a fun guy to be around and he throws in some great stuff. He's always unpredictable and organic. It really is something that's evolved. We had a great sit down in Season 2, and we were talking about our own lives. He gets me and I get him and I feel like Carol and Daryl are sort of the same way." -Melissa McBride, Portrays Carol Peletier on "The Walking Dead" :meow:

    "I think it's gonna happen. I mean, Carol's not old enough to be Daryl's mom, but she does have a maternal thing. And you look at Daryl and Merle and you go, yeah, I mean, he talks about his mom and how she went up in a fire. I feel like all the psychological groundwork is there, they just gotta close the deal and make it happen!" -Chris Hardwick, Host of "The Talking Dead" :shakefist:

    "BRAIIIIIIINS!" -Zombie Extra, You know, That ONE Zombie... :zombie:

    "I'm trying to play him like he's a total virgin, like if someone were to try to kiss him he'd be like, 'Eeeeee.'" -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "I think all of the relationships between characters are stronger at this point. Daryl and Carol have a lot of similarities. Not just because they are more country than the other characters, but because of the abuse. They have more history than other characters and I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of scenes with Melissa. She’s such a good actress and one of the strongest actresses I’ve ever worked with. She says a lot with her face and I really like those subtleties. They say volumes and she’s really good at playing those little beats. I got lucky, because she makes you look so good when you work with her." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "Anything could happen. It is, 'The Walking Dead.'" -"The Walking Dead," Fan :relaxed:

    "Why is Carol such a unique female character? Because she doesn't look like the stereotypical bombshell babe with her boobs hanging out and her makeup and hair all done up right, she gets better and better as a character as the story progresses. She's imperfect all over and we love her for it." -"The Walking Dead," Fan :shifty:

    "I get why people hate the pairing. I did too at first, but the idea of two damaged characters being able to heal each other and be there for one another when the other ('The Walking Dead') characters are too caught up in their own personal drama to care about Carol or Daryl makes the Caryl pairing endearing." -"The Walking Dead," Fan :smoking:

    "HUBBY: 'He loves Carol!' ME: 'Well, yeah. Freaking flower on her empty grave!' HUBBY: 'No, but I think now he realizes it.'" -Tonya & Hubby, "The Walking Dead," Fans :smooch:

    "So, I went to tell my manager that a girl named Carly would be covering for me on Tuesday, I look back at the e-mail I sent and I wrote Caryl. Hahaha." -Emily, "The Walking Dead," Fan :lol:

    "When are they gonna do it? They totally are gonna do it!" -Chris Hardwick, Host of "The Talking Dead" :shakefist:

    "It’s not all about sex Chris." -Laurie Holden, Portrays Andrea on "The Walking Dead" :yum:

    "Noo, but sometimes it is. Please for me. Let it be about that sometimes." -Chris Hardwick, Host of "The Talking Dead" :shakefist:

    "Maybe they’ve already done it." -Robert Kirkman, Creator of "The Walking Dead" :plotting:

    “Daryl hasn’t ‘grown’ any at ALL... from what Carol tells me.” -Michael Rooker, Portrays Merle Dixon on "The Walking Dead" :sarcasm:

    "Fans want Daryl to hook up with Carol (Melissa McBride)!" -Interviewer :)

    "Well, that's tricky. It's not one of those relationships where you throw each other up against a tree in the moonlight. It has to play all the awkward moments and really mean something. When Daryl and Carol happens, it's going to be great." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "His character has every other character’s best interest at heart. He’s totally honest. Plus, there’s that other thing about what fans want for your character. I always get asked, 'When is Daryl gonna hook up? When is he gonna make out with Carol? When are they gonna bang?'  The way I’d like to play it is Daryl has no game at all. If he’s going to kiss someone he’s not the one that makes the first move. It’s going to be awkward, that to me is interesting. To throw somebody against a tree and rip their shirt off… that’s not Daryl at all. Girls always say, 'Oh, take your shirt off and let’s make out.' I wanna do the opposite, I want to premature ejaculate and cry in the morning (laughs). And I wanna turn bright red after, and then I wanna deny it all." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "Um, Carol loves Daryl. They bet'not! And that's all I have to say about that!" -Yvette Nicole Brown, Portrays Shirley Bennett on "Community" :love:

    "Welp, that took care of that!" -Yvette Nicole Brown, Portrays Shirley Bennett on "Community" :love:

    "Welcome to the Carol ship! You made my day! :D" -Wada :happycry:

    "Welcome to it? I STARTED IT! Lol!!!" -Yvette Nicole Brown, Portrays Shirley Bennett on "Community" :love:

    "The Carylers, I think they’re awesome! They’re so loyal, and it’s funny to see online the photomanipulations and all the incredible artwork. It’s fun! But you know that Daryl guy… he gets screen time with anybody and you - here we have a whole new… [reference to Dixon]. It’s great. I think it’s a relief for the characters to connect to anyone on a… to remember your humor, your heart, that you feel something beautiful in this really horrible world." -Melissa McBride, Portrays Carol Peletier on "The Walking Dead" :meow:

    "I've fought against having Carol and Daryl hook up because there's already too many of us doing it on this show. It's more interesting to see these two damaged people gravitating to each other, needing each other's friendship. But I gotta admit it would be hysterical seeing Daryl put on a bunch of deodorant before he goes in for his first kiss." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "I don't think he is emotionally stable enough to have sex, cuddle, talking... I don't think he can do it... He would do it like an animal and if we are gonna do it, I hope, you know... someone is biting the back of someone's neck, you know what I mean?" -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "I like Daryl and Carol. You can see they care about each other, but Daryl is still holding back. I'd like to see a hook-up." -IdaAnn Taylor, CNN.com Commentator :hmm:

    "If they do, I'm sure it would come from the heart. Melissa (McBride) is amazing and I'm sure Daryl sees Carol in the same light." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "Now, I imagine he constantly was put down by Merle and lots of insults were thrown. He kinda had to live up to his big brother's reputation. I think once he's outside of that shadow like he's been so far in this season he kinda can discover who he is, and his allegiances sort of live in different areas now." -Norman Reedus, Portrays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead" B-)

    "Daryl is so rough around the edges and you kinda on the surface think, this guy is nothing but trouble and yet he really, really has a good heart that you see. -Denise Huth, Producer of "The Walking Dead" :thanks:

    "Carol and Daryl relate to one another. I think they share some wounds. There is a subconscious familiarity between the two, a reflection of each other, I think. " -Melissa McBride, Portrays Carol Peletier on "The Walking Dead" :meow:

    "Carol was obviously in an abusive marriage and clearly Daryl has been abused in his life as well, so they know what that is and have both come out of it in different ways. There's an interesting bond there and he wants to be the one to bring Sophia back to Carol." -Denise Huth, Producer of "The Walking Dead" :thanks:

    "In the original draft of that script (The Killer Within), Melissa McBride’s character (Carol) was supposed to die. Iron-E (T-Dog) wasn’t going to die, it was going to be Carol. And there are times when one of the producers has to make that sad call and say, listen, I have some bad news for you. But it changes, you can’t get into situations where you call an actor and go hey dude in episode six I hate to say it but you’re going to be gone. Because, by the time they get to episode six, you know what, we changed that a little bit and Carol’s going to live now and T-Dog’s going to die." -Greg Nicotero, Director of "The Walking Dead" :giggle:

    "She isn’t loud. Everything feels so real with Melissa’s acting — which can be tricky when zombies are involved. But whether she’s calling Daryl ‘pookie’ or admitting to murder, she makes it authentic." -Scott Gimple, Writer of "The Walking Dead" :nod:

    "Carol, in the comic, was an attempt at showing someone who just crumbles and is not able to deal with everything that is happening to her because of the zombie apocalypse. For the show, we did a little bit of that, but from the get go, we were trying to do something different with television Carol. And Melissa was a huge part of that. She was too capable of an actress and had too much of a presence." -Robert Kirkman, Creator of "The Walking Dead" :plotting:

    "While fans are arguing about whether or not Carol and Daryl should become an item, McBride thinks they already are on some level, saying that they don’t have to become physical for them to be a couple." -Jolie Lash, Interviewer for "Accress Hollywood" :O_o:

    "Look at it this way, they already are, just by virtue of wanting something like the kiss or whatever… But I think people don’t see it that way ‘til there’s a physical confirmation, if you will." -Melissa McBride, Portrays Carol Peletier on "The Walking Dead" :meow:

    "About Daryl-x-Carol, we're bringing you information on TWD, bringing quality and attention to a fandom, while organizing fans' thoughts on Caryl." -Admin, Founder of Daryl-x-Carol :greetings:
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dkflpn's avatar
I love the relationship, the bonding over tragedy and getting to know each other has been so good. I don't think any relationship with tv characters has ever moved me so much. right night, I just need to see carol back and see whats done to her. hope we get some kind of caryl reunion this season but so little time.
Yukari888's avatar
I think we'll definitely get a good Caryl reunion. I'm not sure if it'll be this season, but I know it'll happen. :)
dkflpn's avatar
they are so good together. they are stronger as a team
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DerpPaws's avatar
Oooo, I love this. Read them all and like I want
to read them over and over and over......addiction.

Ship them hard core,who can't??
Yukari888's avatar
They are pretty great. :)
Yukari888's avatar
I added a few. 
DerpPaws's avatar
I keep reading them all over and over...it's like a addiction.
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This is boss. B-)

Thank you for all these wonderful Caryl quotes. I ship these two so hard.
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Ship as hard as you need. I ship this couple probably too hard lol!
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HAHAH michael rooker just deserve ALL AWARDS ;p
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I know right? xD
stuff-I-do's avatar
yeah i really laughed xD
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