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8 Tracks:

1. "Disappear" by Yukari888
2. "Found" by Clockworkhobbit
3. "Carol x Daryl" by Yukari888
4. "We'll Bloom" by Cherokeerose
5. "Denim Dreams" by Yukari888
6. "A Caryl Fanmix" by DarylDixons
7. "Caryl, Not Alone" by Yukari888
8. "Made It Out Alive" by Higanbana
9. "You Found Me" by Notofthisplanet
10. "The Caryl Reunion" by Yukari888
11. "You're A Part Of Me" by Yukari888
12. "Caryl, We Ain't Ashes" by Yukari888
13. "Caryl: Looking To You" by Yukari888
14. "xXx Carol Peletier xXx" by Yukari888
15. "It's Pretty Romantic" by Myliehogwarts
16. "Caryl: God Only Knows" by Yukari888
17. "Come A Little Closer" by Notofthisplanet
19. "A Merry Christmas Caryl" by Yukari888
20. "Pookie Dinner Date Music" by Yukari888
21. "You're Worth Fighting For" by Yukari888
22. "Waiting For the World To Call" by Samclatlin
23. "Comes And Be Alone With Me" by Agent Wash
24. "I Am A Master Hunter" by Hannahgulbrandson
25. "Stay - Because We've Got Love" by Sakura-Akira
26. "I'll wait; show me why you're strong" Hannahgulbrandson
27. "They said I was once lost, but now I'm truly found" by Michelettos
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