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Cover Art by Sempaiko (please credit here).

Hi everyone!

We want to inform you all that the Club Comic Project-Event is still happening, but there have been a few changes made. Unfortunately, Kaye, the author of "Wanted" is unable to be the writer for the club comic, so we were given her blessing in finding a new writer. The new writer for the club comic will be ikkleosu. Her work we will be adapting into a comic is, "Stones In the Road."

If you're a new member and you haven't heard of the Club Comic Project-Event, we'll tell you what it is. It is a club comic collaboration only for club members, who want to volunteer their artistic talents as an artist, inker, colorist, or editor to help create a Caryl fan-comic. We have to state once again that ONLY club members are allowed to take part in the Club Comic Project-Event. This is all volunteer work. Please read below here for further details. Thank you! :)

Ren & Yukari (Sakura-Akira & MistressKurumi/Yukari888)

** NOTE: If you have not yet read "Stones In the Road," we suggest you do so before agreeing to participate in the project. Although, the fan-fiction itself does have an M rating on ff.net - therefore we must advise that if you are under the age of 18 or are sensitive to mature subject matter, wait for the script to be released - the club comic WILL BE RATED PG-13. Sakura-Akira can be noted for any questions or concerns.

The way we will be handling the Club Comic Project-Event is in the following manner:
1) The cover and chapter pages will be in color.
2) The comic pages will be in black and white similar to Robert Kirkman's comic, "The Walking Dead."
3) You may work individually or in a team.
4) The club comic's version of "Stones In the Road" will be rated PG-13.
5) You may volunteer for as many pages as you like, but the least you can volunteer for is two.
6) You have to sign-up for a slot (or slots) below in order to be apart of the Club Comic Project-Event.
7) Slots are around two to four pages.
8) You will be given a month or two months to finish your pages (that's two weeks for every page).
9) Any club member is free to sign-up for the Club Comic Project-Event, but since we would like to keep up the quality of the club comic. Sakura-Akira will be judging your artistic abilities to see if it's up to par or not. Please don't be offended if it isn't. There are always other ways to volunteer if it's not as an artist (and please, if you need help or ideas/input about your assigned pages, just note her and she will be happy to offer advice and help).
10) We mainly need artists to volunteer for the club comic.
11) Yukari888 or Sakura-Akira will be sending notes to each artist with the sections of the fan-fiction the artists will be adapting.
12) If you have any questions, please note Sakura-Akira or Yukari888.
13) If you'd like to sign-up for the club comic, please note Sakura-Akira and comment on this journal below.
14) Only members are allowed to be apart of the club comic.

Disclaimer: This club comic is purely VOLUNTARY in terms of art and participation. The club comic will only be available through the Group online. Daryl-x-Carol does not condone the illegal activity of the club comic being printed and or sold for profit. This is a NON-PROFIT, online web-comic and is only made for enjoyment. It will NOT be sold anywhere. We acknowledge that all rights for "The Walking Dead" are reserved to the creator, Robert Kirkman, and the AMC.  

1) AUTHOR: :iconikkleosu:
2) HEAD OF THE CLUB COMIC: :iconsakura-akira:
3) ASSISTANTS TO THE HEAD OF THE CLUB COMIC: :iconkiwibunny1: :iconyukari888:
4) HEAD FOUNDER OF THE CLUB: :iconyukari888:
5) EDITOR: :iconderppaws:

5) WORK BEING ADAPTED INTO A COMIC: "Stones in the Road"

How it works: This sign-up will create an order for the production of art. Essentially, once you are in a slot, that will be yours for the entire project. This order will be repeated through the chapters, so that for each chapter of the comic, the sequence of the art styles will remain the same.

SLOT 1: COVER ART: :iconsempaiko:

SLOT 2: PAGES 1-2: :iconaiyana-kopa:

SLOT 3: PAGES 3-5: :iconvixie-bee:

SLOT 4: PAGES 6-8: :iconsakura-akira:

SLOT 5: CHAPTER ART: :iconrisaki-chan:

SLOT 6: PAGES: :iconnayrouto:

SLOT 7: PAGES: :icongakirules:

SLOT 8: PAGES: :iconaiyana-kopa:

SLOT 9: CHAPTER ART: :iconyukari888:

SLOT 10: PAGES: :iconempressterra:

SLOT 11: PAGES: :iconlaceknee:

SLOT 12: PAGES: :iconkiwibunny1:

SLOT 13: PAGES: ...
© 2013 - 2021 Daryl-x-Carol
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LaceKnee's avatar
I can handle the last slot if you still need someone!
Sakura-Akira's avatar
I would really, really love for you to!  Why don't you send a note to the group and request that spot?
LaceKnee's avatar
I see that I have been added :) so, everything seems to be in order
Yukari888's avatar
We always welcome more artists! :) I'll add you. 
risaki-chan's avatar
I would like to try my best so i volunteer for slot 10. I have one question how much time we will have to make our share?

Yukari888's avatar
Well, we are giving people two weeks per page, so if you have three pages to do we would give you a month in a half. But, I'm sure if you need extra time we'd be willing to give you as much time as you need. 
risaki-chan's avatar
oh that's great i'm up for it :D
Yukari888's avatar
risaki-chan's avatar
I'm so sorry but i must revoke my decision after reading some chapters of the fic. The story is great, don't get me wrong, i like reading M stories, but i'm not good with drawing them. sorry once again. i will surely watch you progress on this work tho.
Yukari888's avatar
You're always free to draw chapter art too.
Yukari888's avatar
The fanfic might be rated M, but the comic is going to be PG-13.
risaki-chan's avatar
oh, in that case i'm in, sorry for turmoil ^^;
Yukari888's avatar
haha. No, it's fine. :) 
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KayelovinCaryl's avatar
I am so excited you guys!! I'm really hoping we can all have a great time doing this!! Just let me know what I need to change for you guys and I'll do it!! Thanks for letting me be part of this!! Kaye
Yukari888's avatar
We're excited to have you!
EmpressTerra's avatar
whoa okay good to know. I have been out for a few months...I'll be taking art classes son so hopefully I get to draw something for the comic!
Sakura-Akira's avatar
Make sure that, if you do want to contribute, to note me, okay?
ThatSoStephy's avatar
That's wonderful :)
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