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Carol Peletier
What Really Happened to Sophia by UnforgetableGiggle

:thumb340122089: Walking Dead Sketch Dump by BrushBell Melting Pot by Segomichoco :thumb299117315: Caryl (SPOILERS) by Nayrouto Carol Wants The Dixon D (SPOILERS) by Nayrouto The Dixon Family by WonderTroll *SPOILERS* How E04 of TWD Should Start by 13MorbidMouse13 Carol and Daryl - gift by stinkywigfiddle Caryl Cats by Tsuuseki Dinner With Daryl by WonderTroll The Walking Dead by silver-twili The Affection Burns by 13MorbidMouse13 Walking Dead Sketches. by 13MorbidMouse13

Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon chibi the hunter of squirrels by LowRankRaccoon969 Squirrel Hunter by Kotorikun :thumb342320570: Y U No Like Shirt Sleeves by eyeqandy The Walking Dead Parody by parapo Told ya he was amazing. by flame20 :thumb343277914: LOL. Everytime.. LOL by NemeanHydra Dixons United by WonderTroll Walking Dead Chibis by Threshie Daryl Dixon...Super badass! by ted1air The Walking Dead Parody by parapo Daryl Island by Spaulding--x Squirrel? by Lovesick-Dreamer :thumb298706411: TheWalkingDead : DARYL's SONG by LadyNorthstar :thumb336887948: Leave Daryl Alone! by Lovesick-Dreamer Bring on the Dead by Lovesick-Dreamer Panty Ruiner by Lovesick-Dreamer Ducklings by ShichininSlasher Happy Anniversary Vixens by GakiRules :thumb270939581: Walking Dead Withdrawals by Nayrouto Daryl the Squirrel (text) by JennHolton Full Recovery by Lovesick-Dreamer daryl dixon by JCgurl201 Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead by Squishy-Mew FEBRUARY?! by ThatSoStephy Freudian Slip by Lovesick-Dreamer Daryl's Feelings by Seraph5 FrUcKiNg SuCcEeD by XxWolfTalonxX :thumb295718191: Whatcha Thinkin' 'Bout? by Lovesick-Dreamer Zen Master Daryl Dixon by Squishy-Mew :thumb341991883: Daryl Vs. Gale by UnforgetableGiggle Arrow to the Side by Flip-Side-of-Sanity Squirrels by gabriella-peralta Daryl stretching by gagambo Walking dead by oxPhantomxo Daryl Dixon - KissKissKiss by Squishy-Mew This Cursed Hotness by Lovesick-Dreamer I'LL SAVE YOU DARYL :WIP: by Lelizadith :thumb324538353: Merle Dixon, Dream Brother by Chimera64 Merry Christmas! by Hellraiser-89 :thumb298558018: keep calm and eat a squirrel color by mrozna Walking Dead - Dialogue 5 by Lovesick-Dreamer You Shot Daryl! by Lovesick-Dreamer Berries and Poison Oak by Squishy-Mew

Mature Content

it looked at me funny by Ammotu
DarylDixonUrArguemnt Is InVald by XxWolfTalonxX Loki vs. Daryl Dixon gif by IceFloe-ArtSoul Read Us a Story by Lovesick-Dreamer valentine walker style  by eeee15
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XD LOOVE ALL OF THIS♥ -specially the one with Daryl and Merle and squirrel cake :p that art was really awesome!- and the one with Carol taking a shower on the lake and Daryl all freaking out ;p
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