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Dear Carylers/Bethylers,

This is a message from the Admins of both clubs Daryl-x-Carol and DaryllxBethFC. Both of our clubs Admins have been concerned with the amount of online bullying that has been going on, on Tumblr between the Caryl and Bethyl fandoms; our Admins have had a very pleasant experience with each other and have helped out with each other's clubs. It pains us to see the bullying that has been going on. We should all be kind and respectful towards one another. We would like all Carylers/Bethylers to know that our two clubs are united and firmly against any form of online bullying.

If you're having any problems with online bullying, we recommend that you visit

Best Wishes,
Admins of Daryl-x-Carol & DaryllxBethFC

No Bashing Other TWD Fandoms by Yukari888

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