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    We're a group for fans (artists, writers, art appreciators) of The Walking Dead's unique pairing, Caryl (Carol x Daryl). This is not a McReedus (Melissa x Norman) Group, but we do accept McReedus works since they are related to Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus. We're an international Group with fans from all over the world. If you'd like to learn more about our Admins, please read our About Us for more information. Daryl-x-Carol was founded by Yukari888 and Before-I-Sleep. Special thanks to Yukari888 and nuttymcnut who have retired from the Group, but have supported and maintained it for so long.
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~*~Main Index~*~
:bulletred:About Us
:bulletred:Tumblr Jokes
:bulletred:Club Chatroom
:bulletred:OFFICIAL Club Comic
:bulletred:Tribute To Merle Dixon
:bulletred:Tribute To Mika Samuels
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The purpose of this club is for you, the Daryl x Carol fan to have a place to come and support the pairing.

1. Please submit to the correct folder.  
2. You can submit fan-fiction, stamps, fan-art, etc.
3. No bashing other fandoms of The Walking Dead.
4. You must be a fan of Daryl x Carol in order to join.
5. The Featured folder is for high quality or stylized work.
6. Please do not submit any anti-Daryl x Carol to the Gallery or Favorites.

To join click the "Join Our Group" icon.

~*~Contributing Art~*~
To submit art click the "Contribute Art" icon.

:bulletgreen:Lexie's Knoll
:bulletgreen:Lexie's Knoll
:bulletgreen:Lexie's Knoll
:bulletgreen:Lexie's Knoll
:bulletgreen:Nothing Much
:bulletgreen:Nothing Much
:bulletgreen:Keep You Safe
:bulletgreen:Morphine Pudding
:bulletgreen:Stones In the Road

~*~Notable Playlists~*~
:bulletred:We'll Bloom
:bulletred:Carol x Daryl
:bulletred:Caryl, Not Alone
:bulletred:Made It Out Alive
:bulletred:The Caryl Reunion
:bulletred:You're A Part Of Me
:bulletred:Caryl, We Ain't Ashes
:bulletred:Caryl: Looking To You
:bulletred:xXx Carol Peletier xXx
:bulletred:Caryl: God Only Knows
:bulletred:A Merry Christmas Caryl
:bulletred:Pookie Dinner Date Music
:bulletred:You're Worth Fighting For
:bulletred:Denim Dreams [Soundtrack]
:bulletred:Waiting For The World To Call
:bulletred:Stay - Because We've Got Love
:bulletred:Shoot Me Again, You Best Pray I'm Dead
:bulletred:You're The Broken One, But I'm The Only One Who Needed Saving (A Caryl Fanmix)

~*~Deleted Scenes~*~
:bulletgreen:Deleted Scene 1
:bulletgreen:Deleted Scene 2
:bulletgreen:Deleted Scene 3
:bulletgreen:Deleted Scene 4

:bulletgreen:Bonus Scene: Episode 414: Talking Dead
:bulletgreen:An Evening with the Walking Dead part 6
:bulletgreen:Danai Gurira Keeps Her Swords In Her Car Trunk
:bulletgreen:Inside Episode 205 The Walking Dead: Chupacabra
:bulletgreen:Norman Reedus Poses with His cat, and It's Adorable
:bulletgreen:Inside Episode 204 The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose
:bulletgreen:"The Walking Dead" Invades CONAN Atlanta - CONAN on TBS
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead - Norman Reedus & Michael Rooker Interview
:bulletgreen:Inside Episode 207 The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already
:bulletgreen:Norman Reedus of "Walking Dead" Reveals How He Became Daryl Dixon
:bulletgreen:Exclusive Interview with "Walking Dead"'s Norman Reedus at Savannah Film Fest

~*~Notable Fan Videos~*~
:bulletgreen:Carol and Daryl: Try
:bulletgreen:Daryl & Carol | maps
:bulletgreen:Carol + Daryl | Mirrors
:bulletgreen:Daryl and Carol - S a i l
:bulletgreen:Carol + Daryl | "Get up"
:bulletgreen:Tell Me It's Real - Seafret
:bulletgreen:Carol & Daryl -- Soulmates
:bulletgreen:Daryl Dixon - I stand alone
:bulletgreen:Daryl Dixon || Made of Stone
:bulletgreen:TWD || Trying Not to Love You
:bulletgreen:TWD: Carol/Daryl || Sing it out
:bulletgreen:Carol + Daryl | "Say something"
:bulletgreen:Daryl Dixon tribute - Black Betty
:bulletgreen:Carol and Daryl: Dark Side - You
:bulletgreen:Daryl Dixon - Seven Nation Army
:bulletgreen:Daryl and Carol | I Know You Care
:bulletgreen:Carol + Daryl | "I'll look after you"
:bulletgreen:Carol & Daryl || I Know You (5x10)
:bulletgreen:Daryl & Carol ⚓ Carry you - SELVES
:bulletgreen:TWD: Carol/Daryl+Sophia {So Cold}
:bulletgreen:Carol + Daryl | "What's a soulmate?"
:bulletgreen:Stay (The Walking Dead: Carol/Daryl)
:bulletgreen:Daryl and Carol ; Inside your bleeding heart.
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead - Daryl & Carol - Untouchable
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead - Daryl and Carol - Holding On
:bulletgreen:Carol's Journey: Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead)
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead-Carol and Daryl-"Baby, I Love You"
:bulletgreen:Carol & Daryl moments - Season 3 (The Walking Dead)
:bulletgreen:Explosions || Daryl & Carol [Caryl] || The Walking Dead
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead || RADIOACTIVE (liked by Glen Mazzara)
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead } Daryl and Carol (liked by Melissa McBride)
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Tribute - Legendaryl (liked by Norman Reedus)
:bulletgreen:The Walking Dead || Breath of Life (liked by Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman)
:bulletgreen:Into My Bloodstream - Daryl/Carol (The Walking Dead) (liked by Robert Kirkman)
:bulletgreen:Caryl - Something There (liked by Norman Reedus, Glen Mazzara, & Melissa McBride)

~*Notable Tumblrs~*
:bulletblue:LHN ART
:bulletblue:U.S.S. Caryl
:bulletblue:5% Spirulina
:bulletblue:Dixon's Vixens
:bulletblue:My Shiny Things
:bulletblue:Morphine Pudding
:bulletblue:The Walking Swen
:bulletblue:Burdge: The After Life
:bulletblue:AMC The Walking Dead
:bulletblue:Reedus Fan Expressions
:bulletblue:"Official" Norman Reedus
:bulletblue:Fuck Yeah Daryl And Carol
:bulletblue:Carol And Daryl Appreciation Blog

~*~Official Websites~*~
:bulletred:Big Bald Head
:bulletred:Bear McCreary
:bulletred:Talking Dead AMC
:bulletred:The Walking Dead AMC
:bulletred:Norman Reedus The Official Website

~*~Fan Websites~*~
:bulletblue:Daryl x Carol
:bulletblue:Melissa McBride Source

Scott Gimple
Glen Mazzara
Bear McCreary
Chris Hardwick
Michael Rooker
Frank Darabont
Robert Kirkman
Melissa McBride
Norman Reedus
The Walking Dead AMC

~*~Featured Artists~*~
Caryl In The Finale by Yukari888 The Walking Dead - Christmas by maXKennedy Caryl Christmas Contest Entry by Yukari888 The Walking Dead - Halloween by maXKennedy :thumb555114326: :thumb566059449: You don't have to kill people.. by AkiMao Don't ever let me go by risaki-chan The Walking Dead - Halloween by maXKennedy [TWD] Best Buds - Daryl and Carol by Biby-24k :thumb509068182: :thumb524921819: We Ain't Ashes by cmloweart :thumb598040209: Daryl and Carol's First Kiss by Yukari888 Daryl x Carol Reunion Comic by Yukari888 6:02 JSS by batmankm S6 Eps12 Not Tomorrow Yet by batmankm The Archer by VarshaVijayan Carol by lucife56 Page 11 by Yukari888 Carol The Walking Dead Sketch Card by Stungeon :thumb339971091:   Carol Peletier by AmandaTolleson Page 1 by Yukari888 DarylDixon by AkiMao FINALLY by stuff-I-do Daryl Dixon by MariaNovikova The Walking Dead Season 5: Daryl Poster by jevangood Daryl by WeaponMassCreation It's a cherokee rose by GakiRules Sleep Tight - animated sketches by cpn-blowfish Carol Peletier cosplay by JensenHenniger Daryl Dixon cosplay by JensenHenniger Daryl Dixon n Cheeroke Roses by Brilcrist Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead by markdraws Daryl Dixon...Super badass! by ted1air Daryl Dixon by VinRoc usagi and daryl -TWD the living dead by zelldinchit Daryl by ARTofANT The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon (2013) by scotty309 The Walking Dead  (2014) by scotty309 Caryl Reunited - Colored Version by Yukari888 Daryl and Carol by Yukari888 Last Man Standing by Deadrustedtree The Good, The Bad and The Walking Dead by McQuade Walking Dead: Dark Days (Daryl x Carol) by PunkyBlooze Daryl Dixon cosplay by Aoki-Lifestream :thumb348228718: Consumed by batmankm   Caryl romance by MadHatters-Wife The Executioner by Emorenji Daryl Dixon by LemonSherman sleeping smile by LaceKnee The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus by Weilard Daryl - Studies by Sempaiko TWD - Daryl Dixon ~Poncho by dwightyoakamfan A Cherokee-Rose for you, too by goldenrod1034 Don't hold back any longer by goldenrod1034 I'm so sorry Daryl by goldenrod1034 :thumb343544047: Carol Peletier by tomasoverbai cherokee rose crown by alealgethi cherokee rose crown II by alealgethi Daryl Dixon  TWD season2 - I will find you by zelldinchit [ Daryl Dixon ] by AkiMao Daryl and Carol TWD - Caryl by zelldinchit Caryl - I Look To You by Yukari888 Daryl wont surrender by ferpsf [ caryl ] by AkiMao :thumb354671686: :thumb354609710: A Caryl Universe by Yukari888 cherokee rose in the prison by alealgethi how about now by nuttymcnut :thumb367552557: Thanks for the Scarf, Pookie by Sempaiko Catch a Tiger.. by LittleRamona Animated Caryl by nuttymcnut We Can't Giggle, This Is The Apocalypse by Sempaiko Halloween Caryl Contest by lucife56 digital art | Carol Peletier #1 by beastfolk Pookie by goldenrod1034 Caryl Not Alone by Yukari888 Norman Reedus portrait by dmkozicka CherokeeRose by creepy9 Daryl Dixon  - The Walking Dead - S6 by zelldinchit :thumb584719700: :thumb568678781: Icarus Iscariot by Sempaiko

Mature Content

Submission ~Caryl~ forContest by Sempaiko
:thumb529868598: Guardian Angel by Yukari888 Carol's Feelings by Yukari888 Daryl Dixon by Lake90 Daryl Dixon #2 by mr-tiefenrausch :thumb513887712: The Walking Dead Sophia Barn Scene by Dr-Horrible Inside Carol's Mind by Yukari888
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