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Adopt My Horses (OPEN - 5 left)

By Darwem0
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Hello ^^ !

You can "Adopt" one or more about my old horse design if you want.
Only the design ! Feel free to redo it once you've got it ^^

:star: EACH ONE COST 5€ :star:

Wich can be paid on Paypal. NO, THEY'RE NOT "FREE" !
(if more than 4 people want the same, the price move to 8€)

First who ask a number and pay = owner
Ask the number on comment, i'll send you my paypal adress by note ;)

1. Choctaw Bayuks'King : [link] - Adopted by *Snow-drifts
2. L'Eveil : [link] - Adopted by ~Flowsik
3. Les portes de l'oubli : [link] - Adopted by *harlequinduck
4. St4lk3r : [link] - 5€
5. My Missing favourite : [link] - 5€
6. L'oeuf de Ben : [link] - Adopted by *Snow-drifts
7. Drifting : [link] - Adopted by ~Akuma-draw
8. Golden Fall : [link] - 5€
9. Niflheim : [link] - Adopted by *amberlini
10. Crash You : [link] - 5€
11. Rosa Maria : [link] - Adopted by ~Flowsik
12. Machiavel-Angelo : [link] - Adopted by ~EyesInObscurity
13. In The End : [link] - Adopted by ~EyesInObscurity
14. Encore loin : [link] - 5€

Please, don't hesite to draw it if you buy it ^^
(Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions !)

Hope you like them.
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Hi! I'm interested in crash you is he still available?
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But m mom would never let me buy....
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Hi, I want to adopt number 5....I made a quick sketch of it too (:
It looks better in person..but its just a quicky..
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May I please have St4lk3r (:
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hello ^^ yes you can :3
To use this one you need to pay 5€ (don't forget to add paypal fees or send it like personnal payment) to Ground-zer0@live.fr on paypal. Have a nice day !
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It says free next to him though (:
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"free" is about it doesn't have an actual owner ,)
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Righto c; no thanks then
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Hello ^^

Yes you can have the #5 ^^
If you want it, you can adopt and send [€ to Ground-zer0@live.fr (don't forget paypal fees) :)

Thank for interest =D
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Are some of them free?
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Each marked "free" is avalaible, but for 5€ each :)
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I am extremely interested in Mahiavel-Angelo and In The End, Darwem. Are they still open? And would you be very offended if I changed either of their names after adoption?
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Hello ^^

They are avalaible, yes ^^
If you want them, you can adopt and send the payment to Ground-zer0@live.fr (don't forget paypal fees) :)
And yes, you can change names, no problem ^^ !

Thank for interest =D
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Payment sent :D I hope I copied that address right
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Perfect =D ! I'll add your name on them ^^
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If #4 is still available I would like to adopt.
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Hi ^^ Yes it's avalaible =) You can send the payment to Ground-zer0@live.fr for adopt it ^^
Thank you for support <3
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Could I adopt St4lk3r?
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Ys you can =) !
You can send the payment to Ground-zer0@live.fr ^^ (don't forget paypal fees :3)
Thanks for support !
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oow ;__; J'aime tellement le 4e ! si je pouvais c'est lui que je prendrais. (: C'est une bonne idée de revendre les designs. Ils sont tous beaux !
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