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:iconblindedbeauty: Made amazing chibi art piece of him in the video (i did credit in the video description) 
Base used made by Silent-Umbra (i credited that too) 

Here's the video: 
This DTA event is ending on the 30th, and no one has entered yet.
Hurry and act now or you'll be missing out on the legendary baby.
Thinking of making or at least practicing some badges soon, they'll be digital of course.
I'll be starting with my own characters and maybe later on requests and so on.
But while i practice I might open up a request or two.
anyone play Furvilla? kinda lonely having no one to play or talk with :( 
Hey everyone im starting an event in my Flumples group 
Come check it out: [link]
Hey everyone i have a DTA event going on (time extended) I really want to get my species out there 
here's the link: [link]
Hi Christmas is around the corner and i need help achieving a very big goal, I wanna get my mom a Dwarf bunny, so I'm offering custom Monsters ponies anything for $10-$20 (all depends on difficulty)
or a ref sheet for $20 (i cant do high detailed characters yet sorry)
even just a donation would help out allot
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
i lost allot of characters and artwork on my laptop so yeh..
I will be working on changing and updating my species 
but you'll still see random adopts when i get bored or finally finish something i been working on
Idk if I'm still gonna get banned or not but I'll just continue on what I'm doing
Might be getting banned tomorrow due to an idiot not wanting to listen and actually try to do something to fix their problem 
I don't do refunds for a good reason 

Hey I finally have a working Paypal and im in need of help to pay an Electric bill (need about $100 or so :,( ) 
I'll do art/customs for money
Any adopt's you see you can buy with money now

Digital work (no bases)
Headshots: $5 
Busts: $10
Full body: $20

Traditional (full color)
Headshots: $10
Busts: $15
Fullbody: $25

Prismacolors are expensive 
Note me for Paypal

249 watchers :heart:
im thinking of getting back into drawing the things i see in my dreams 
for example the Celestial Crystal Dragon 
ill be doing some egg auctions for a bit just to kinda do something new 
they will have tradition art of the complete character so things will be pricy 
I wouldn't be surprised if i end up with a fractured skull soon.. 
im tired of this fucking job bullshit i cant get one in just a day i cant get one in a week i have no luck getting one specially when i dont have a phone of my own its like using your parents phone you dont get the notificatios they do