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Jelly Baby 3 by Darumemay Jelly Baby 3 by Darumemay
so far on what im thinking for the species 
This is a aquatic species and rarely on land as approximately 98% of them have a weak body structure. Some are able to grow an exoskeleton or even a bit of bone structure on the inside but as their bodies are very poisonous and acidic the inside growths would deteriorate after awhile, as the organs inside have a special coating that'll keep them from deteriorating as well. About 50% of the species have tails and 20% have horns, 30% have a possibility to grow exoskeletons and such, some don't even have the generic ears any other pony would have. 
Jelly Babies we're born in a science lab by combining the DNA of a Jelly Fish a lantern fish and a few other species one scientist accidentally cut himself and contaminated the batch. With curiosity he studied the contaminated batch and see what happens when inserting the DNA into a common chicken egg. Weeks later after many attempts a few eggs start hatching and out plops a squishy jelly like substance after a struggle for something to keep them alive he found out water was the best source. 
Jelly Babies are at most a foot tall depending on what DNA batch their born from determines their height, they have a mostly blue color to them but some have a darker tone or iridescent tone to them.
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May 20, 2017
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