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Synaptic Terminal



Synaptic Terminal

A collaboration between me and Kim laurila [link] . He created the organic (neuron) looking render and they reminded me immidiatlyto some illustrations in my biology book. The shapes really look like a structure of a vertebrate neuron.
For those who didnt pay attention in biology class here is some information wich should make the concept more clear.

The cell body of an structure of a vertebrate neuron has two types of processes, or extensions: Dendrites generally receive inputs and conduct signals toward the cell body, whereas axons conduct signals away from the cell body. At the end of the axon, terminal branches each have a synaptic terminal that makes connections with other neurons or target cells.

The working of the CNS (central nervous system) always facinated me. So i tried to make in this picture an visual intrepretation
of it. I hope you like it :)
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