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Daily Deviation
February 24, 2011
Let's celebrate Comics & Cartoons Week by making life a little easier for Photoshop artists with Remove White- Photoshop Action by =aoi-hoshi. It's a super handy way to extract your line art from a white background with three simple actions.
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Remove White- Photoshop Action

---- v1.1
Created new preview image
Added a troubleshooting section to ReadMe
Fixed "Remove White and Darken" option
Made "Remove via masking" more efficient
---- v1.2
Fixed a bug involving canvas size
Added troubleshooting info
Added contact info

Known Bugs:
Selection fails to fill on small canvases. Please note me if you find a solution to this!
For now, either enlarge, apply, then reduce your image, or fill manually and resume the action from the next step.

Please comment if something doesn't work!
I can help. :)

Remove white photoshop action.
I thought of making this when somebody asked how to remove their white background on the forums, and it took me far too long to write a paragraph about it.

Anyway, here you go! It let's you take away any white background from, for example, lineart. It's geared toward lineart, but there are other uses.

Download and extract; a ReadMe instruction .txt is included.

Included are three separate actions:
The first deletes all white
The second deletes all white, then darkens the lineart
The third removes all white by masking

Have fun. ^_^

The sketch in the preview image is mine. :)


Wow, thanks so much for the DD. :heart:
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After I colored the lines, the resulting color was brighter than the background.

Did I do something wrong?

Thank you.

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