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Paint Tool SAI Alternate Icon

I finally got SAI, though the crappy icon was really bothering me.

In my quest to make your desktops slightly less 2006, here's the SAI icon I made.


512x512px max size. I recommend placing the .ico in your SAI program folder.
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Thank you so much for this! Sai 2 doesn't have an icon yet so this is a good replacement! 
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i wish there was also a PS version and other Versions to match this so i had them all matching. i would do it myself but also i'm scared that i will get in trouble for doing it... so i'm just saying... would love to have other versions to match this icon as well
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Thank you! <3
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I really like the icon. Did you make this using Sai?
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When I did some cleaning on my computer, the program I used decided that it didn't like Sai at all and deleted it entirely. Then, when I downloaded a new copy, it didn't come with any .ico file attached so I had the broken icon - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Seriously.
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Thank you so much! Out of my peripheral vision the default icon has always kind of looked like Mr. Burns which for some reason bugged the heck out of me :P this icon is just the perfect replacement, so sharp and smart.
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Looks great!  Simple, but pleasing to the eye.  :)
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How to Download???= = = =
Thank you very like
Thank you very like
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definitely using this, the SAI icon is really annoying to me too. :+fav:'d coz you're idea is brilliant.
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...thanks!!! :ahoy:...
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Thank you! My desktop is one step closer to 2007! Sincerely grateful
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Thanks so much for making this! The original SAI icon was really bad quality and now with this icon it matches my adobe pack ^^ Well done.
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Glad you're enjoying it. :D
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