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My Bio

I'm a Mexican artist on the autism spectrum.

My work covers mainly fantasy, fan art, animals and wildlife, and male figure drawings.

Favourite Movies
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Star Wars Saga, Harry Potter Saga, Nosferatu
Favourite TV Shows
Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Howard Shore, Ramin Djawadi
Favourite Books
The Lord of the Rings and all related works, A Song of Ice and Fire, Harry Potter, Dracula
Favourite Games
The Sims
Other Interests
Wildlife, Conservation, Nature, History, Mythology, Social Justice
Have a look at this shit. I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised that this happened to me. I know of a lot of artists, across many social media platforms, who've had their social justice content tagged, flagged, and censored. Nevertheless, I admit to my jaw hitting the floor when this showed up at my notifications. Needless to say, I did NOT add a mature content tag. The only people who find the idea that Black Lives Matter sensitive, offensive, or whatever, are racists. Sorry not sorry.
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Thanks a lot for helping me reach 100 followers! A small milestone it may be for some, but I never really thought I'd achieve such a following in this platform in a relatively short amount of time. You may not know this, but I'm actually not new to deviantArt. I was here under a different account for more or less 10 years, sometimes posting vigorously, sometimes not doing so for long periods of time. In all those years, I never got beyond 20-25 followers, which is why this current milestone pleases and excites me very much indeed. It tells me that: The deviantArt community is not as dead as I thought when I tentatively opened this page. My art must be lots better than it was all those years ago. I must also have gotten somewhat better in sharing my artwork. In any case, I'm excited to see where I can go with this page. I would also like to tentatively use it to write once in a while, but that'd depend on how posts like these do. You should also know that I have more art posted on my
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So! Trump's fall may be all but ascertained, but if events from yesterday are any indication of something, is that he intends to drag everyone and everything he can with him in his ruin. In my years alive, I don't think I've ever seen such a shameful display of white privilege and white wounded ego. I suppose the irony is that, in their rush to impose their will through violence, the MAGA morons ended up delegitimizing, categorically and unequivocally, everything they say they stand for. They proved, before the eyes of the whole world, that white privilege is real; they would never had been able to do what they did had they been people of color, and what's more, they know it: they knew the police would be lenient with them at best, and cooperative at worst. They proved that they only care about "law and order" in so long as it upholds their own power; all that whining about the BLM protests, laid bare for its insincerity: it's not the rioting and looting that bothers them, but the
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Thank you so much for faving! 😊

I send you a big hug because you took a look at my personal story represented in my work

Please just stop it. ( my story of the past )

this made me very happy

You have my sympathies. I was also abused as a kid. I wish you a lot of healing and peace.

Thank you I hope I can forgive myself in time.

It's really absurd how guilty he has made me over time, although the problem with therapy is that it has made me remember memories that I had removed, for now I will try to move forward slowly, even if I have nightmares even more than before, but a part of me feels free at last, I hope you have managed to overcome your trauma, it is absurd the evil that some adults do to you when you are still a child.

I hope you can remember that it wasn't your fault, and that only your abuser was to blame. Therapy can bring painful memories and feelings to the surface, but it will hopefully help in time.

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Thank you for the fave!

Thanks again for the fav!