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Ahsoka Tano - 'Welcome to the Dark Side'

First render of the obligatory bad girl.

I think I need a better BG.

Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS3
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What's her sith title?
Gorgeous and powerfully sexy 
I have to say she's... pretty hot. Is that wrong of me to say? I don't think so, after all I'd choose Sith over Jedi any day and every day of the week. Jedi are all self righteous and believing they know what's best for everyone with their "objective" minds instead of allowing emotions to play a role in their judgement. Sith, however, thrive on emotion, especially darker emotions but aren't afraid to do things the way they must be done. What can I say? I think Ahsoka Tano would make a better Sith than Jedi, in the Rebels series, she was too Kenobi for my taste.
Great job! ...Is it wrong that I want to see where all of her stripes go?
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She kinda looks like a BDSM dominatrix, not that's a bad thing. It's kinda hot and sexy.
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Thank you, and good luck! :jedi:
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If I tell her I love her, will she love me back or kill me?
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wow she looks so.......evil...i like it :)
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great !
just a question :
it's "AHSOKA" or "ASHOKA" ?
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Yeah.....dyslexia strikes again.

Thanks for the heads up.

(DOH!@ ) :angered:
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