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"Yes yes yes, Polis, I understand that the waste tunnels below the city are crawling with monsters and hideous diseases. But you have chosen the wrong word for the quest we're posting for those adventurers."

"Suicide isn't the right word?!"

</i>"Correct. We're calling it sewercide now."

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My lord the King, I realize that the shepherds and the farmers wish you to destroy the Dragon over the livestock consumption, but consider the losses. Not only of personnel and property, and the international prestige of possessing one in the realm, but also the financial losses in resources. It is, as it were, my lord, a living carbon forge, with internal pressures, heat, and movement that could potentially beggar anything less than tectonic plate bases. And, not to be too crude in the presence of His Gracious and forgiving Majesty, that very strength and fire that is useful to it for warfare and survival is useful to us in what it exudes as waste.

Which is as much to say, and I again pray Your pardons a hundred fold, my esteemed and mighty master of the nation, it pisses oil, and it shits diamond.

Whereas, I press, the sheep actually endanger our hold on the nation's resources by decreasing forestland, plainsland, and the accompanying flora and fauna, the Dragon, for a few bleaters, enriches us immeasurably.

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Not that I expect most anyone will take notice or care, a few old dears aside. But this is the ugly mug. :U If you're petrified, I know it's working, and that's why those crickets are chirping. 

Also, Grey Wardens, because DA OBSESSION NEVER REALLY DIES

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Months on months ago now, it was requested that I try narrating "The Hollow Men". Microphone being broken and time being a matter of concern, as well as never having quite liked how the results turned out, I never delivered. Sorry, friend. This still probably isn't the quality you desired, but it is all I may offer you. Even as it is, it cut off the first three lines in each attempt made.

Hollow Men
-T.S. Elliot 

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
Remember us—if at all—not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.

Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
In death's dream kingdom
These do not appear:
There, the eyes are
Sunlight on a broken column
There, is a tree swinging
And voices are
In the wind's singing
More distant and more solemn
Than a fading star.

Let me be no nearer
In death's dream kingdom
Let me also wear
Such deliberate disguises
Rat's coat, crowskin, crossed staves
In a field
Behaving as the wind behaves
No nearer—

Not that final meeting
In the twilight kingdom

This is the dead land
This is cactus land
Here the stone images
Are raised, here they receive
The supplication of a dead man's hand
Under the twinkle of a fading star.

Is it like this
In death's other kingdom
Waking alone
At the hour when we are
Trembling with tenderness
Lips that would kiss
Form prayers to broken stone.

The eyes are not here
There are no eyes here
In this valley of dying stars
In this hollow valley
This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

In this last of meeting places
We grope together
And avoid speech
Gathered on this beach of the tumid river

Sightless, unless
The eyes reappear
As the perpetual star
Multifoliate rose
Of death's twilight kingdom
The hope only
Of empty men.

Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pear prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o'clock in the morning.

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow
Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.
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They belong instead to the brilliant artists of Miracle Of Sound and singer/lyricist Gavin Dunne.

This one, 'Light the Fires far' of Dark Souls 2, is merely one that catches the fancy enough to share momentarily. 

Fires far
Journeys not remembered, now,

Tired, scarred,
Kneel among the embers, now,

Breathe life into this hallowed vessel of rebirth
Over and over be denied the peaceful earth
To light the fires far

Ignite the fires far
Sisters of solace singing
Ignite the fires far
The mourning bells are ringing

And deep, in the crumbling halls,
The souls of the cursed will fall
Though kingdoms will fade, decay,
The ghosts of the past shall stay... locked away.


Ignite the fires far
Sisters of solace singing
Ignite the fires far
The mourning bells are ringing.

Breathe life into this hallowed vessel of rebirth
Over and over, be denied, the peaceful earth
To light the fires far!

To light the fires far!

Ignite the fires far!
Sisters of solace singing!
Ignite the fires far!
The mourning bells are ringing!
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Vocaroo appears to be an amusing internet trifle-bobbit. I think I rather like it, for now. I've certainly had harder (or at least more complicated) audio recording services that managed rather less well. It only goes in short snippits, so there won't be anything terribly long, but for matters like Invictus or mild RP, it is most amusing.
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It was a fun experiment while it lasted, but I found no way to repair certain technical issues after a point, and a fair amount of scripting appears to be necessary before an episode to perform it well instead of hanging out at random. Unfortunately, I still have the writer's block, else you would probably be hearing from me more often- in both the literal sense with these videos now, and in the old sense wherein I would tell you stories here on D.A. I don't regret trying; maybe a few word choices or dialogue blocks, mind, but it was entertaining to attempt.

Whether it continues, or will continue at some further point in the future, remains to be seen. Investing in better equipment for a free endeavor is a tad iffy with the current financial state; I did just get a job after quite some time unemployed, and even if catchup is going well, good tech costs. :e More importantly, the Muse needs to start slapping me again if any manner of prethought project gets done.

Here's hoping you didn't mind the Let's Plays too badly! Thank you for your time. How are you?
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Personal Critique on first video:
#1: Static on loudest volumes; need to clean this if we keep trying these things
#2: Stammers and pauses reveal lack of scripting or forethought. Amend this.
#3: Increase volume of game voice-overs. For once in my life, my voice is too loud as compared to others.
#4: Consider cutting down on backstory and world-bits. The ten minutes spent in the character generator screen are unnecessary if they get far enough into the game, use the wiki, or read the codex. Do not pause and linger over topics again.
#5: Decrease length of videos- or find a way to separate them.

Personal Critique on second video:
#1: White noise and static still a problem
#2: Unscripted stammer still a problem; illness more so
#3: Volume of voice overs successfully increased, at the cost of causing echo for some reason to be determined
#4: Disable Adult Content mods to prevent any further showing of genitals/

Wellll. Here's hoping this doesn't bore you too badly. It's very much a first timer's let's play, with perhaps too much time spent explaining the game and too little playing, buuuuuuut, I swear it's a little better when people are talking back at my inane insane ramblings. The gaming portion is less bad than the exposition-chargen. 

*criiiiiinges but leaves this here instead of hiding*
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I would like to do something to prove I am alive, well, and still myself. There are friends and acquaintances who come to believe partially otherwise if I am absent too long. Even if the literal bit for alive is a bit much in some cases (but not, apparently, in others), the 'well' has them worried- which is touching, mind, and sometimes they're right to be. :shrug:

At the same time, I actually have very few writing ideas for a change (most have flown off into roleplays and into bills) and I don't want to begin a return by overpopulating your inboxes.

A different thought came to mind, though.

Here and in other places, people have recommended trying narration or radio to me. As a commercial venture that hasn't worked out as of yet (still looking), but what if I could manage it as a sort of serial entertainment venue? And this time, I don't actually mean simply reading my own shoddy little gallery (though that's still somewhere in the journals if you've an interest).

So here is my question to -you-. :poke: :poke: Having thrown some of the more fun vocal options on the internet into a hat, I pulled 'video game talking'. If Darth started trying to do this whole "Let's Play" business of a walkthrough with commentary, would you be patient through his novice efforts? :juggle: Would there be any initial interest, at all?

Edit + Query:

Additionally, though there are those I know support them, would anyone else particularly -mind- viewing a playthrough with moderate to extensive modifications and alterations to a game? Or would you prefer, in more true-blue walkthrough manner, to see the vanilla game played out? I've always personally considered modding to be a labor of love, especially for broken or crippled aspects otherwise that could be just as easily discarded for a better game -without- such affection and attention, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is any more helpful to you (without links at least) or interesting to view.

Your thoughts are appreciated~! Please do give them.
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For the moment, I am employed. 

It is something of a bittersweet profession; on the one hand, ten fifty an hour is definitely many, many optional description-replacing expletives or expletive phrases better than zero, or even the seven twenty five minimum wage. Further, unlike poor Daniel at the Walmart, my own position is sans customers nor repetitious pop music, or even vague instructions. But perhaps I should elaborate.

At the moment, you see, we are both in the business of cleansing others' messes, he as a 'Maintenance Associate', I as a 'Custodian'. 

My own, however, is the night shift at the Randolph Air Force Base Commissary.

Being a janitor is not the bittersweet part. Actually as such things go it really is a fairly sweet deal. Less hours for more pay, on federal grounds no less, in what was one of my favorite stomping grounds growing up as a dependent and when I was an Army man (I had to face then that as nice as Fort Sam was, it was Lackland AFB and Randolph that had more class ;3), without the usual distractions and detractions. Goodness, my work was even complimented, and that's hardly a thing to feel bad about in a place with rigorous standards.

No; it's partly the whole business of being a civilian contractor now among those old familiar places and faces. (Not always faces. It's a night shift, with other civilian contractors. But the gate guards and MPs, they are often not unknown to me, eh?) I expect I shall get over it. I can always come back in the daytime and hobnob with the blue card or the civilian work pass they made me get, either is good. If I'm not asleep that is. |D

Soo, as soon as I'm done getting rid of $2,300 in rent and the bills I have no desire to mention, I may well start getting on and talking to you fine folks again. Possibly without even the desperation, despair, and mania of the past. Anything is possible.

It's a good stepping stool to even better careers on base, too, should I continue to meet or exceed expectations. I might not ever be able to enlist again, curse my eyes, but that doesn't actually necessarily mean the end of associating with the life I had. And that's as comforting as it is saddening, somehow. 

But how have you been?
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Guess whose roommate was just forcibly resigned as well, resulting in many tears and complete financial bankruptcy?


Guess who's going to pretend to open commissions and that people might buy them for the sake of pity while pestering potential employers about a job?


Guess who only knows how to use Paypal for payments and is going to just go cry in a ball next to the telephone now?
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Having been infected by one JoeyTheNeko , I am compelled to perform the following before once more fretting about evictions, employment, and entertainment in that order. 

But there is great news on that front! I now have until the end of April, not six days! Hooray! :D 

The rules are (apparently) as follows. 

1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share ten things about them.

3. Answer the ten questions asked to you and invent ten questions the people you tag have to answer.

4. Choose ten people and put their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and inform them they are tagged. (uhhh,DA can now do that for you,i.e. Mentions so i don't have to do that anymore)

6. Not something like "you're tagged if you read that".

7. You have to legitimately tag ten people.

8. No tag backs.

9. You can't say that you don't do tags.

As per point two, mine are the following:

1. I am primarily a writer, as most of the watchers know by now, and an avid enthusiast in other people's works and worlds. 

2. I usually commission my places, events, and characters in the art setting, and I'm very grateful to all of the numerous people who have contributed- with or without being paid- to my galleries. Thank you so much!

3. Compatriots keep trying to get me to do my own sketches and, with practice, I'm slowly getting better. I supposedly have a decent grasp of anatomy in a few of them, and I'm a fairly decent *beginner* level observational sketcher. Ah- rather, I do half decent sketches if there's something still to stare at, quarter decent if it's out of my head, and -surprisingly to me at least- one sixteenth decent if tracing something.

I can never get someone else's lines down when it's direct contact. >_> :shrug: I can get close enough to tell what it was supposed to be sometimes if I'm at a distance though! Supposedly! :D

4. I am an over-avid world builder, and the notes (now crammed together in the alternate gallery) top a hundred and seventy pages together, still in very incomplete basic form. If there are any truly mad, brave editors among you, I challenge thee. ;D

5. In my bleaker moments, I am very, very lucky to have people like you. I don't always appreciate you so much as I know I should, or express it as well as I should like, but it means something to me. Thank you.

6. I am... rediscovering!... a sense of humor I had once, alongside a sense of fun. Supposedly, it drew some readers, like one SithLordNergal , that specifically mentioned appreciating it. I quite enjoy when things are fun. :)

7. If you make me pasta I will die for you. ._.

8. I am insane, verified, but not to an extent worthy of incarceration. Hooooraay~

9. I am a lore enthusiast. Whether it is for the actual literature of our own world or the many, many places our imagination has created with their denizens, it's delightful to absorb the story. 

10. I very much hope to be employed, in part to continue these accounts and perhaps make some things you may enjoy. If for whatever reason you don't know yet and wish to have it, :iconlesieur: is where all the fantasy and medieval is now. :poke: :juggle: Kittens will someday destroy New York, too, but that has nothing to do with the price of condos in Nightvale.

As for the ones I was given:

1: If vore was real, how would you feel about it?

But it is real. Vorare and vore are just the Latin terms for 'consume' or 'eat', and there are matters everywhere attending to such. Omnivore, carnivore, herbivore, fungivore, to name a few.

If you refer to the popular internet fetish associated somewhat incoherently with the word, I would ask you, 'Which variant' and 'to what extent' and 'what might you define as reality'? Disturbing or not, lesser variants thereof- artificial vamprism, actual cannibalism, the popular 'woman swallows -insert small animal- whole'- these things are all well documented occurrences within your 'normal' world. 

If you mean to the extent of people consuming people in the 'soft' manner of swallowing them whole, buddyboy, I can pull the essay back out on what that entails and the mentality behind it.

2: If giant's were real, how would you feel about them?

Again, what definition of 'real', and what definition of 'giants'?

To some cultures, a woman of six four or a man of seven two would be considered a giant, and gigantism is a well studied medical disease.

If you mean in the sense of fantasy- a man of twenty feet, perhaps? A woman of fifty? A half snake, half human of a hundred? Perhaps even a colossus of two hundred feet?

Why, what culture are they from, how do they behave, what do they look like? As an individual? As a collective?

How do I feel?

Well what are they doing?

Are they the giants of Ireland and Scotland, master craftsmen and bridge builders? I've no quarrel with those lads. I admire their work, actually.

Are they the giants of Archenland? Even so, stone throwers? Man eaters? Immigrants from the more peaceful Narnian tribes?

Are they Felaryan maneaters, or Terran gentle farmers?

Are they Jotuns, Hebiis, Nephilim?

Are they Titans? Are they eating my mother as we speak? Do I still have the luxury of United States military drones capable of thousands of feet of altitude, unmanned flight, and pinpoint rocket fire, or am I in -their- reality?

What is real, in your question?

3: What's your thoughts on death?

Death is an end. How you get there is of no consequence to Death, nor where you go afterward, if you do. Death is the quiet in between. If anything, dying is the thing to dread- or rebirth. Life is painful.

4: how often do you look into yourself? as in turn introspective, not literally, of course.

There's only so often a man can look into an abyss or into a mirror before he goes mad, with either the love or hate of himself. There was a time I did it often. Now I'd rather leave myself alone.

5: if you had to choose any one person to live with forever, real or fictional, of my characters who would you choose?

Of your characters? I'm not certain I know any well enough to select. Besides which forever is a mighty long time indeed. 

I liked the tree.

6: name your first reaction to seeing a dead family members face. (if you haven't had this happen, imagine what your first reaction would be.)

My grandfather. I was six. I bawled like a child a third my age and I wound up ripping mother's dress when she tried to pull me away from the casket so they could bury poor old Grandpa Buddy.

7: if you had to die, what way would you want to go?

I'd rather not feel the dying, but I should like a blaze of glory. Honor may only be for the living, but it has more solace as a lie than anything else.

8: describe how your room looks.

Bags. Bags everywhere. Waiting.

9: whats your fondest high school memory?

Hugging my lady friends in the halls and chatting up stories, full of life, full of laughter. There was one time I particularly remember- my younger sister was a freshman and I managed to spin her three times from behind, boot her gently in the spine, and as she was still circling forward darted around and hugged her in a counter motion. It was glorious. All of five seconds.

10: who do you feel had the greatest beneficial influence on your life?

My cat, although various friends have tried. It is appreciated.

Being at the moment a cheerless joymuncher, I don't know that I want to follow your rules. However, I will take some excellent questions from ElwenAldalinde and her comic (hopefully she won't mind) as my own for the tagged. She too will be among the victims. 

These are for you, the tagged, if you choose to do this. 

Got any funny or frustrating pet stories of your own?

What makes you feel at home?

What's your go-to beverage? Does it have any personal significance to you?

4.  Have you ever ended up in a place you never expected to? Was it a fun experience, or not?

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to be alone most of the time, or with people? Why do you suppose that is?

What's your favorite unexplained mystery? Got any theories of your own? 

Have you ever encountered something that wasn't what it seemed?

Have you ever had something unexpected happen when doing something completely ordinary?

When do you find yourself rushing to get things done? Do you usually end up accomplishing your goal in time?

What inspires you to create? What halts your creativity or challenges you? What do you do to overcome those challenges?

:iconelwenaldalinde: , :iconconnya: , :iconfox-frost: , :iconkiahl: , :iconvariablenature: , :iconthebuggiest: , :iconrosemarri: , :iconfacadepapergirl: , :iconmorethanamemory04: , :iconjoeytheneko: , be thee tagged for good or ill.
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Meitō , rather, is a concept, not a specific type of weapon. It is the status of an individual weapon, one with a name and pedigree that set it apart from lesser killing tools. This concept is not at all exclusive to magic swords from Japan, or magic anything from Japan- indeed, Western Europe absolutely delighted in such things- but very few cultures manage to capture the respectful deference in a single word the same way.

Some people collect catgirls, others collect minifigures, and I collect named weapons and their origin legends. :shrug: ;3 

If you're willing to contribute a named weapon and where it's from, I'll take them from anywhere, anywhen, mates.


There was a time I might have cringed at putting 'Clarent' on the same list as 'Samehada', but those days are long since past, having been exposed to the internet. ;3


You got a metal axe with a blurb of backstory from a videogame like Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age? 


You got an oversized laser spewing monstrocity from a set destroying anime?

We'll talk if there's more to its history than "we're bonded and it was made for me".

You have a lovely melon baller from Spain that once took a Queen's eyes?

Done deal. 

You got a mythical weapon like Nothrung the Godbreaker, or a High Fantasy one like Ringil or Aeglos? 

Hurry up and take my lack of money, darn it! .____.

Even original canons, for goodness sake, if they're well done.

Not picky.


Distractions help with depression. :meow:
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Not even for my/our own junk this time, mind you. The playlist, artist, and music are all completely unassociated, save that I wish to show them to you because fun times. If the day comes I can't appreciate a bard, particularly a skilled and evidently happy one, I shall consecrate myself to the conflagration and be no more. |D

But don't take my word for it- see how you like these. :)

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Submitted for your approval/amusement by the combined efforts of my better personality and my younger sister,… exists. ;p 
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darthvengeance0325.deviantart.… <- is the last journal with all pertinent updates if you care for such things.

As for *this* one?

Oh, :icontopios: keeps telling me "have fun" when I go talk to her. :poke: :poke: :poke: Sooo, Topios. Sooo. This is the terror you have spawned by insisting this, and I blame you for a full twenty percent of it. >;3

But yes I had fun.

Vocal-Insanity! ----->…     *Headphones advised for sections if you indulge me and listen; that is up to you.

(Practice?_ ... only if given reason to seriously use the voices later. They're just entertaining me for now.)

Oh yes- no content is serious and I apologize for anything that may offend.
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Current Entry:

That is done!!

:iconlesieur: is now up and operational, if you care to peruse. The way this works is simply this- Darth, or :icondarthvengeance0325: , is no longer writing fantasy on this particular account. It is not being abandoned, nor destroyed; this account will do most of the crack, science fiction, and ambiguous rambles.

:iconlesieur: now has all the fantasy (and a surprising number of your old comments) and will be the one to offer you new things mythical, strange, monstrous, or generally Terran.

There have been pretty major changes. The better part of several hundred separate things have been reduced to less than one hundred and fifty. (Actually, one hundred eighteen, and one brand new (ish) upload, "A little romance".) Things also have titles with effort put into them now, and are to the best of my abilities organized. (Note: Help desired if offered).

There are three major projects I would care to direct your attention to if you do decide to watch there, which will be (somewhat) frequently updated with new data:

#1- The Creature Compendium, titled for better clarity on the actual document as "Terra Notes- Gods, Races, and Creatures Compendium". This massive and ever growing W.ork I.n P.rogress contains all prior information directly related to the original world's monsters, inhabitants, and spirits. In essence, it's as if that somewhat big new Bestiary that was here briefly ate the Dragon Notes, Djinn notes, and every other sundry, and mutated into a massive file with pictures included along the way.

And categories. 

And a find button.

By the way, if you're one of the artists who contributed to the gallery, thank you again ever so much. <3 :hug: If you want to be, so that there isn't so much word-text or if you just feel like illustrating a critter, do let me know. :3 

Where was I.

Oh yeah! 

#2- The Assorted Notes. This is where everything else of Worldbuilding is eventually destined to wind up- the tech of how they do things, the cultural norms, the laws, the magic and how magic works here, what locations are in the world, etc etc etc. It's not as illustrated (or, actually, at all- I'll have to fix that) but it too has a find button and categories.

(There is also a terribly long PDF called Random Notes that contains all the protoscraps before they even come this far, as well as memes, but this is not the one I wish to show you. Just mentioning. Also, it may be clear upon reading that I need help to smooth the transitions a bit- right now, they're simply the separate notes stapled together, but that's still better than scattered all over the desk. :) )

#3- The U Experiment.

As in the Masque of the same letter, being played by you, the participating individual.

RP Time, if you're willing to run with it!


You're a masque of your own design with your own decisions and a vague overplot to achieve. See above. |D


For added kicks, best variant story and character of "U"- designed by and played with you- will recieve the character's full artistic rights, and I will purchase an art commission of their character!


Remember, though, tis largely medieval/early industrial, so a why might be desired for anything high tech; also consider that as you are a Masque, you were likely somehow captured and punished for something yourself. A world nuking phoenix would be illogical therefore as a slave of state, no? Just things to think about.


Otherwise go crazy! If you'd like!


When we have three entries we will begin. I require no more than this, though such would be appreciated, and at the moment we are -1- shy.

Questions, comments, and entries are all welcomed! Quite a bit of worldbuilding has already come as a direct result of the experiment, and it still hasn't technically started!

The existing entries are:

There is no time restriction, though I would prefer to begin by summer. I know many of you are hideously busy. I'm unemployed myself and any day I could very well lose the internet. :shrug: Making time is nice.

Ah, one last thing. There are some sets of pictures that are compiled and as yet not posted separately. This may happen, this may not happen. We'll see.

Thank you for your time!

How is your day?

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Dear Anyone who has been alerted by a comment transfer:

I beg your pardon and hope you do not take offense, but I did not want to lose your generously granted thoughts just by moving it to a new account. They're still the main reason I do any of these things really, why would I intentionally destroy them? :e Oh yes, per the last journal, there is a separate account now for fantasy stories, images, and poems.

Before I give you the address- though I'm fairly sure many of you already figured it out- I intend to reupload as much as I can to avoid intake spamming your box with things you've seen before. (Or haven't seen before and skipped in some cases but bleh). There's also this fun new thing I've learned to do with PDF that make the Notes ever so much less...


Yeah, that's the word. Clutter. Even when the grand collection is still clutter and I have a separate PDF going just for scraps and rambles now, I can cover worldscapes in one deviation instead of fifty seven, and I think it's simply fabulous meself. Of course that's still in progress and one of them, the Creature Compendium, will be a continually updated deviation with each Race added to the gallery. 

And the best part for you TLDR readers?




The find bar!

You just want to read about Elfies and skip the other fifty three pages of blather? No problem boss! Just type Elf in the handy little bar and it skips straight down to the meaty mention you desired. Gnomes? Sure! Ogres? Why not!

Dwarves? Shush, I'm not done yet.

But still!

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When your desire is to be a Smetana, with flow and build and composition in a vast flowing grandeur, and instead you evaluate yourself and get Duran Duran on your best days, and often not of nearly so high a quality or caliber of mad thoughts- when choppy segments broken of a greater tale are all you can manage- how do you abide the Moldau any longer? How can a sad little spiffin even bear to talk then to a Mozart or a Bach, a Paganini and a Chopin? We all want to be Liszt in our sad little pennings, able to achieve perfection through hard work and hard training, and sometimes we all claim to be a little insular- if not entirely that isolated.

And sometimes I'm sure most of us feel we are instead simply the fictionalized Salieri of Amadeus, with enough paltry scrap and skill to recognize wonderful things, but not to come close to matching the greater paragons. And, of course, we're reassured that it is not our peers or better mocking us. No; "It was God!"- or fate, or talent, or other such quibbles.

When the books on the subjects fail, and knowing the masters' works and methods fail, and all the images you conceive can't translate or portray, to whom should one go to learn?

One might say one's peers. 

Whatever progress I have made has been due to partners and critique teaching. :/ May I ask you for more? I would rather not abandon all effort. Not after six years of trying and (painfully) slowly improving.

I am at a bit of a dead end I must admit. Tech problems, unemployed; it doesn't conduce well to high adventure, though I might get a good grunge tale or modern life from it. Hmm. Never mind that yet. I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell me where some of these things have gone wrong, though? 

Goodnight. Have a pretty Vltava.… And, for comparison, a very interesting but not entirely cohesive Wild Boys.…

:hug: :wave:

Extended thoughts:

I believe while I sort out that muddle, there's another one entirely.

This gallery will, in my current plans, soon be largely emptied. Only the science fiction artwork, writing, and debatably related crack will be retained in the DarthVengeance0325 gallery. Though increasingly rare, I have a few dozen of these still, and if that's what you're here for that's what you'll have to look forward to at Darth.

The rest will not (for the most part) be deleted.

Rather, it will be transferred to the alternative gallery which will then be reserved for fantasy art, writing, and crack. If you are here for that, then when that process is done *and upon your request* I will tell you what it is. Any future efforts in the way of fantasy story-or-worldbuilding will be entirely over there.

The non-disclosure as of this point is due to the number of uploads. Many of you are irked when there are ten or more in-box you haven't gotten to yet. :/ Five hundred would just be hideous wouldn't it.

Do any of you know a means to circumvent the DeviantArt limit on size of posting?


Specifically, in the category of literary uploads, and the size limit of 68 kilobytes per upload.


I have two uncomplete items of 88 and 105, respectively, that I should like to house without cutting it apart. :/