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The Lesbros, Cosineau Clan from ZFRP by DarthVengeance0325 The Lesbros, Cosineau Clan from ZFRP by DarthVengeance0325
This artwork was done for me by :iconartbyedyn: , a very friendly and talented artist I was quite happy to work with. She certainly made the end product rather better than I'd at first envisioned. 

Most of this strange set's stories from Deviantart are on my alternate account, :iconlesieur: , alongside most of the old Terra stuff. Their real saga, however, is at… , alongside a very wide, wild, and strange set of worlds in which they are only minor players. Zoofites is still quite open to play in, too. 

Carol and Robbie, the pigtailed mechanic and her son, belong to SteelKomodo of the ZF forum, a partner in the endeavor. 
Sine and Hypotenuse, the delightfully mad scientist and the bushy haired redhead android, belong to LegendMaker/Cornwind Evil of the same, the original instigator and the coiner of the terms.
The half giant size shifting bodyguard is my own, white haired odd thing that she may be. 

As far as experiments in complex relationships go, I doubt I've ever had a harder one than the polygamous trio, particularly entering as a teen to engage with a woman over a thousand years old and another who was hunted and haunted by the Slenderman, both with children of their own (and yet not their own; adoption, built), but it's been quite worth the utterly bizarre ride too. (It doesn't help that said teen is a medieval knight thrust suddenly into a hyperadvanced future where the lover can slap a shrinking superpower into her genetics with bare cost, but it gets entirely stranger. :) )

At any rate, thank you again, friend! 

They all quite liked it. =D
ArtByEdyn Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the mention! Your characters were really fun to work on and I had a great time with this piece C:
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August 14, 2015
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