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Dedicated to DragonDramer93

The past never changed. Only the interpretation of it; it is said that history is written by the victor, but this is not strictly true- the history is not changed, simply the record. And people seldom changed; merely how they appeared to be did. Arawn had died. Vengeance had lived. Vengeance had discovered lost secrets... and Arawn lived again. Until the incident of "Mentor", Vengeance had never even contemplated the power of returning to the physical, deeming it weak and insignificant. The Force was eternal, he was made of the Force, and he would be the Force if he worked his will. That had been enough.

For ages, that had been enough.

Reminded of the flesh, though, and deeming suddenly power in possession of a legacy- of faculty- of propagation, Vengeance undertook a task of contradictory proportions. He would remain a dead spirit of living energy. Simultaneously, he would be reborn a living being. The same mind. Separate forms. The one, ancient, the other, new. The one, enduring, the other, limited.

And so it was.

In a sick parody of the past "Mentor" became "Arawn" and was brought into being and sent to Dathomir. THIS time there were sentient inhabitants there. This time they had interstellar communications and ties to the New Jedi Order founded by Skywalker. This time things would be different.

Much that was once known was forgotten. Much identity that had once evolved was stripped away. Instead of a man, there was a monster; in turn, the monster's seed became a man.

And yet the man turned, and fell, as his identity and destiny forbore.

That is where we begin our tale.


"Thank you, Nalaa Sin'Dorei. I appreciated your companionship very much, my friend. If only you would join me..." Arawn sighed quietly, turning his back on the vibrant blonde woman behind him. And he meant it. Although he had chosen a different, higher path, he still remembered her and her laughter fondly, in spite of what she may have thought. He would still kill her without hesitation as he would any of the now hated Jedi, but he would at least regret it afterward.

She was angry, and understandably so, but she bit it down and allowed peace to flow through her once more. The arrogant monstrosity in the red robes before her was by no means the man she had cared about for all those years together on the battlefield, during intensive training, during peace talks. Arawn Atsuki had been a kind man, and a stern one, a Jedi through and through. Power had corrupted the man, though, and now his soul was as black as his raven locks. She shook her head and let her hand drift to the lightsaber pommel secured on her belt slowly.


The word was surprisingly loud in the empty chamber, unadorned and simple, and dyed as all things with the traitor in the black and red stains of his corrupted mind and habitations. There was a single ebony throne in the center on the jet inlaid floor, and a single thin window covering the entire street side wall. The other walls held a single Holocron each and were overlaid in Hsssis scales- dyed in deep garnet red. And that was all. It was spartan, lonely, and seemed to fit its dweller like a glove. To one side, almost hidden by the dim lighting, laid a shrine holding the lightsabers of all he had slain personally or for whom he had been responsible for their demise.

"I'm sorry, my old friend, but I must fight you. I cannot let the Sith prevail!" Naala Sin'Dorei declared, spreading her feet wider and squaring her shoulders as she continued to resolutely stare at the fallen man before her. She would not go down his path. She would not murder him in anger, or strike the first blow of the conflict both could sense was brewing in the very air between them. Justice would guide her blade, the Force her actions, and peace her heart. If the Force was with her, the murderer would meet with destiny this day. She could take him- she WOULD take him. He might be the Dark Lord of the Sith, but she was herself a formidable Jedi Master.

And despite himself he hesitated.

Despite himself he found his lips moving of their own accord and almost begging, pleading, "I will give you one chance, and one alone, for the sake of our history together. I know you will not join me, but take this opportunity to run. Run away! I will not kill you, I will not hunt you, but please, please..."

The tears slipped from his cyan eyes slowly as he continued, "... Do not make me destroy you. If you go now I will let you live! Nalaa..."

Nalaa sensed every bit of his sea of emotions. He had always been too strong in the Force to hide what he thought even when he desired to. It slipped out as visibly as the passing speeders in the Coruscant skyline outside the windows. She replied, "No. Today is the day you are stopped... Lord Vengeance. Arawn is the name of a dead man, and you have no permission to use my name or his, Darth. When you chose the name he died."

His bass voice rumbled as the tears stopped and he straightened. Menace and malice flowed through his pores where regret and misguided love of a sort had dwelled but moments earlier.

"You were like a sister to this Arawn, and he loved you dearly, but you do seem to be correct. I am no longer Master Atsuki, and he has not existed for some time now. I greatly regret this, my dear, but I have no time for possessions or people. Only... power."

He turned swiftly, long fingers glowing with lethal energies as crimson lightning erupted from their tips, instantly filling the air with a scorched smell as the burning oxygen between the two dissipated in its path. She was anticipating the assault, and knew his of strength- no painful but weak blue lightning for this freak. This was the power of Ragnos, of Pall, of the ancient Sith King. This lightning vaporized instead of shocking. Nalaa flipped out of the way with cat-like reflexes, flying at the shell of a man with her lightsaber activated and firmly grasped as she swung it up over her shoulder for a two handed killing arc.

Arawn flicked his right arm out, sending a single bladed black lightsaber hilt flying out of the sleeve of his robe into his hand in time to block Naala's blow, and brought his left arm up in a punch powered by the Force as her blade knocked his to the side. The blow actually drove her into the air as it slammed into her stomach, but she lashed out in a vicious kick despite the lack of air in her veins. She then collapsed to the ground and rose as quickly as she regained her breath, green blade held before her face.

Arawn had not faired as well as the limber, smaller figure, catching his blow to the face being sent flying by the kick back into the closest wall. He got up slowly, groaning, and then burst into blinding motion, feinting to the left and then striking several broad, rapid one handed slashes horizontally and diagonally across where her midriff was before, simultaneously reaching further into the Force to channel his strength into power, and unleashing a barrage of the devastating lightning with his left hand towards her. She blocked the lightning on her lightsaber but was driven back, the force of the energy actually thrusting her towards the single door for several feet as she tried to dig her feet in. Desperately she attempted to turn one of his own new tricks against him and began to Force choke him, lifting him into the air as the lightning ripped gaps in the durosteel ceiling above him. A few crumbling ashes fell to the bare tile below him, and that was all.

His eyes rolled back into his head as he gasped for air and strained to free himself from her grip, his body convulsing as his head finally lulled back and the energy stopped roiling from him. And yet he still lived. Suddenly his eyes returned to their original position with a mad glow as he ripped himself from her grasp and still in midair hurtled as he leaped from three feet in the empty air to the tile directly in front of her.

"Just messing with you, my dear," he snarled into her startled face, "I could have freed myself from your pathetic attempt at any time I wished. But perhaps you would have made an interesting apprentice after all."

A mouthful of glinting teeth grinned triumphantly as he thrust his red lightsaber blade through her thigh and grabbed Nalaa's neck physically with both hands, the dark side coursing through body as easily as the Kaminoan sea through its banks and valleys.

Nalaa cried out and thrashed, slashing at his arms and forcing him to retreat, then brought her lightsaber up before her face- just managing to escape the artillery caliber energy that sublimated the walls alongside her. She backed away, lightsaber still lodged in her leg, and threw up a barrier in time to barely avoid the next volley. She collapsed again, coughing, and pulled the 'saber from leg, screaming as the wound was seared shut. She then tried to stand and found that her leg could bear her weight, but only just. She could still defeat this abomination, she vowed, if she has survived everything he's thrown her way this far. Nalaa Sin'Dorei, Jedi Master, grimly took hold of both of the lightsabers and advanced as quickly as her leg allowed. Arawn laughed and laughed, not even bothering to dodge his 'helpless' prey's advance... until she lunged and sliced into his left arm, severing a tendon.

Arawn's bass voice howled with agony as he rushed away from her, glancing at his left arm as if it betrayed him. This was not how it was supposed to be! The Dark Side was stronger! And then he channeled the shock, rage, and pain into even more raw Force power. Primal laughter, insane and hacking, burst from his throat as without even thinking he grabbed Nalaa with the Force as she leapt and slashed at him a second time, then hurled her through the window over the high Coruscant skyline... and then leapt out after her, eyes glowing red in the darkness as the hovercars swerved to avoid the two robed figures.

Lightning spat from his bleeding hands like a fireworks show, practically melting the building faces and vehicles around him as he fell. Nalaa, on the other hand, fell quietly with plans rushing through her mind. She had no intention of dying here before she knew he had been stopped. Twisting herself carefully she landed lightly on a conveniently placed platform, favoring one foot, panting, and slammed the still howling Arawn with the Force before he could land. He heard a crunching as his nose broke and he spilled with a heavy thud into the metal platform. She held him as firmly as she could with the Force and advanced slowly.

Upon finding himself pinned, Vengeance released his power in a massive shock wave of raw, visible energy, striking the Jedi and sending both lightsabers flying from her hands over the edge of the platform. Nalaa teetered, off balance, and Vengeance roared with inhuman volume and timbre at the most fresh blow this insolent insect had inflicted, deep voice rocketing out into the night in a wordless howl of soulless rage, then flipped through the air with surprising speed and kicked Nalaa in the torso, knocking her legs out from under her with his other foot, and then lashed out viciously at her stomach as she lay there, sending her spinning along the metal as she  rolled involuntarily into some metal crates. She tried to stand, but he grabbed her neck and threw her several feet through the air- and out past the edge of the platform.

Coruscant being what it is, another platform loomed out a few meters below, this one filled with grounded ships. As the Master landed at the edge of the platform the Sith Lord flipped down before her and began to stalk toward her. She slipped and almost fell completely off, but grabbed the edge one handed and Force pushed him against a ship in response. Then she climbed back up. The two of them glared across the distance into each other's eyes, and then charged. No more peace or platitudes from either. Simply victory.

His pounding fist struck her solar plexus, knocking the wind out of Nalaa's lungs, while her high kick collided with his broken nose, cutting off his air supply in a gout of blood. Both of them tottered and rushed once more, abandoning any pretense at elegance as they hurled each other at ships, kicked and bruised and fought at the the opposite edges for long minutes hand to hand, and then fell, each landing on top of a speeder. Neither looked good, as they were bruised, had been cut by lightsabers, been burned, and had broken glass protruding from their robes and skin. Neither of the dedicated combatants so much as tried to flee, however, but simply kept going.

Nalaa stood unsteadily on the speeder, grasping a possibly broken arm. Her composure was long since shattered- how can he still have energy after all of those high level, draining powers?- but jumped after him and fell again, landing on yet another platform. Lo and behold, both lightsabers had fallen upon this one as well! She used the Force to grab her own saber and stood, waiting, feeling more than a little weak. She heard an all too familiar voice behind her as a deep voice laughed, a figure rising in the darkness from the heap where he had fallen previously. The red robed man tossed his lightsaber up and down in his one working hand.

Vengeance caught his own lightsaber and ignited it, then twirled it in an elegant salute that was countermanded by his brutal expression. His black beard flowed in the wind of the vehicles passing by, and his deep garnet irised eyes were slitted with loathing and animal cunning. Nalaa shuddered involuntarily at the change that had come over his formerly cyan eyes, and at the same time, Vengeance's body underwent wracking pain as the Dark Side struggled to break free of the confines of his mortal skin. So much was gathered within him, here, now, that it was in fact a little amazing he had not combusted from his own immense abilities.

He decided to oblige it, and crooked his fingers into a clawed shape- which he then thrust straight toward Nalaa, and a wave of visible darkness exploded from his palm. She dodged, and the containers behind her were immediately swept from existence. But performing such a power proved exhausting even for him, and so Vengeance was barely able to move when Nalaa rushed at him and slashed upward from a roll. He barely got his saber down in time, and her elbow jab struck him hard. He countered with five blows, four slashes from each cardinal direction, and one stab at her ample chest. She was able to easily evade the clumsy blows of the weary Sith, but now he began to take the offensive heavily once more.

Vengeance swung at Nalaa and she ducked, popping back up as he passed by, jumping in the air, and kneeing him in the stomach, drawing blood with her knee spikes as his saber whizzed by and left a gash in her cheek. She flung herself down and backwards as she pulled a giant crate towards both of them from behind her. Vengeance incinerated it with lightning before it could connect, but he was distracted, and that's all she needed. She charged forward and knocked Vengeance's saber from his hands and grabbed it so he couldn't kill her with it from behind or with the Force, and then pressed an arm against his windpipe, trying to cut off his air supply or break his neck.

Impossibly Vengeance flipped up, anchored only by his neck caught within the chokehold, and kicked her face, making his body more flexible to avoid snapping his neck with his own movement. Nalaa flinched with the sudden pain but his neck was strained further as he turned to glare at her face to face. He grabbed her hands, forcing both lightsabers to fall to the ground, and then wrapped his arms around her. He contemptuously hugged her closer even as she kill him, and Vengeance whispered, "Now, dearest friend... Kill me, or forever wish you had."

Now it was her turn to hesitate. To kill a Sith in battle is one thing. To kill a man, a former ally, a part of whom now seemed repentant, even as he bled and gasped in her arms- that is entirely different. Her hesitation was natural, ingrained by human and Jedi instinct. And in that one fleeting second, a gleaming black cylinder struck the base of her neck with paralyzing force.

She crumpled, but he was dragged down with her. Arawn grabbed Vengeance's blade, crouching on her prone shoulders, but...

"You spared my life. Now I will spare yours. This. One. Time," Arawn muttered, banishing Vengeance to the back of his mind, and then tucked his lightsaber hilt into his belt. His red eyes slowly bled clean to cyan, and the bleeding Sith backflipped off of the platform onto a guarded doorway. He spun and easily cut down both startled soldiers, then strode inside. Screams ensued that swiftly ended, for they were definitely not Jedi. Every man of the forty soldiers died.

Arawn Atsuki, had... fled? No. He will await the day she comes to find him calmly. And then there will be no mile high falls to save her, no windows, no metal walls and vehicles to take the blows for her. Simply the solid earth beneath them. Then he would show her the true power of the Dark Side, and of his blade. He had forseen it.

That day was closer than he thought, however, as the prone figure atop the platform was already stirring. And her Padawan was tending her wounds...


The thing about fragments is this- they never remain true to the grain. They may retain the same appearance. Name. A broken glass bowl is still a glass bowl.

But a broken glass bowl is no longer a container.

It is shards. Sharp, but empty- emptier even than the bowl, which whole, had volume.

Darth Vengeance is not Arawn. Arawn became Vengeance, and Arawn was made by Vengeance, but neither of the two Arawns are Vengeance. No matter the title claimed.
Break from "L". I have owed this to :icondragondreamer93: for some time now, and I have tried to write it in such a way as to make it interesting. It features her character Nalaa Sin'Dorei and my character Arawn Atsuki in conflict. But neither can seem to quite bring themselves to kill the other... is it a Force-Bond? Who knows? Many of Arawn's powers are featured only with the Ancient Sith, and never show up in the movies or many of the comic books. But they do exist in Star Wars already, albeit obsqurely.

[link] Works for this piece nicely

Edit: Working out the timing errors. :S Also working in Mentor. ;3 This was originally based on an RP. ;3 There are very few lightsaber uses in it; I'll fix that in whatever star wars I may write in the future.
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