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Work progressed late into the night and the following morning. Ren was alternatively keeping an eye on Jahaal and quietly trying to plan and review information that she had thus far received, and scowled at the low quantity of such. Xadro meanwhile was making death-threats to various Hutts and trying to discover exactly where this Jemmbha character could be located, but was not making much progress despite vehemence, though he did make quite a few cognizant and powerful enemies over the course of his conversations.

Ren, frustrated, threw her papers down on the table, grinding her teeth at her inability to be useful. She normally excelled at garnering intel and sometimes did such for covert ops; getting so little was professionally as infuriating as personally. "All I've got is that he has a large spaceport near Hutt territory.  There's so many of those that that's less than useless! Do you know where Panaex went?"

Xadro glanced down at her with reddened eyes. "Control tower here, I think. He wanted their initial vector; he thinks we can reverse course it and triangulate their exit vector, then postulate the hyperspace routes utilized and codify their delivery point at the end of the route. I've told him it's silly and we might as well just go ahead and kill all of them instead- it'll be next to impossible with so much space to get an accurate guess, and the math will take several months."

He shrugged, then returned to his death threats with a shrug. Ren scowled harder at the bizzare berserker before calling Panaex via comlink. Silly man was determined to make himself look more like a bloodthirsty idiot than he actually was whenever possible.

Panaex answered the call but continued berating the current volunteer controllers instead  of properly answering. Ren bit her fingernails as she rearranged her papers and stared down at them, then offered, "It might work. If they did a straight jump to save time and there isn't too much interference. There's just not enough to go off of.  You're not having any luck, I take it?"

Xadro shook his head until one could fairly hear his teeth rattle. "Only good to the fat slugs as hired hands. You want something out of them, you're out of luck. I even tried paying at first, but their prices for loyalty are astronomical- look at what they pay us for jobs."

The man's joy and lust for life was significantly tempered at the moment with the lust to take life. He crinkled the radio, stared at the broken comlink and his own crush'gaunt-like hands in disgust, and retrieved another. "So now just going to visit, rip off a few heads and out a few tongues, until they get the message. Just need to get a steady list."

He re-resumed death threats. Ren sighed and returned to pouring over her information, trying to find hidden and subtle connections between the different pieces. She worried her fingernail enough that it began to bleed as she responded, "Well, let me know what you find. It'll probably be more than what I've got. Maybe Keiran will have something for us soon."

The self-same Keiran finished stockpiling on weapons in Lyssia's old ship, the Shatterglass, and debating whether to fly off recklessly or wait for information and help. Keiran returned to his buire's home looking like he had seen a ghost when the Force prompted an answer to his debate at last. He entered after a knock to ensure no frustrated weapons-fire or hurled axes and stammered. "L-Lyssia's awake..."

He wrenched his head. "Disturbed, memoryless, and anxious, but awake. She still doesn't know where she is, but I- I think they're heading to a spaceport on Vontor."

Keiran gave a loud mewl of admitting chagrin. "I'm too weak to feel for sure. I'm surprised I can even feel her- she's not transmitting through the Bond..."

Xadro slid across, nabbed Ren's computer, typed blindingly, and checked. "Si'Klaata Cluster, in Hutt Space. Finish line to 'the Kessel Run'. Old, old system."

Ren offered Keiran a mug of caf and frowned when she realized something odd about his words. She took her device back, growled, and pulled up her maps and hyperspace charts to inspect Vontor and the Si'Klaata Cluster. "Memoryless?  Did they drug her?"

Keiran explained further, amazed privately he was bad enough off that he hadn't yet. "She got clipped by a bull just before they took her- she was already suffering memory loss by the time they appeared. Otherwise, she could have fought them, but with her as a helpless hostage, I couldn't help..."

Ren glowered, her eyes promising pain for the slavers, and groaned. "A perfect storm. But now we know where to start. Are you going to be heading out, Xadro?"

Xadro nodded and left, this time eerily quiet and collected. Keiran shut his eyes, downed his caf, and shied from view. "I- I'm sorry, buir... I should have..."

Ren stood up from her desk, unforgiving but uncondemning. "'You should have's don't matter at this point.  You will next time.  The person you should be saying that to is the one we're going to be recovering. Or her father.  Are you going to be going with him?"

Keiran nodded, put his helmet on, and scurried. Ren sighed tiredly and picked up her comlink to talk to Panaex. An exhausted yawn emitted with the switchover of her 'top to communicate with other Clan members, in the case the Healer and Berserker failed. "Pan, Keiran managed to pin down where the slavers are heading. He and Xadro are getting ready to leave now. You can stop beating the controllers if you want."

Panaex gave a rogue's grin she could all but hear as he drawled, "IF I want, right...?"

Ren, long accustomed to the scoundrel, grinned despite herself. "If you want.  If it takes you a while to come home, well, I'm sure you'll not kill anyone."

Panaex gave a teasing tone. "You want a turn?"

Ren waved a hand. "I'll pass - I'll save my wrath for the people who did this.  Thank you for the offer, though. I should probably go see Keiran and Xadro off, make sure they've got everything they need. This'll probably be Keiran's first real track and recover mission, if you look at it that way. I don't know that either of them are very lucid at the moment. I love you, cyar'ika."

Panaex responded over resumed sounds of slamming. "Love you."

Xadro, still trying to be calm, emerged from his ship carrying and studying a broken control yoke somewhat sheepishly. "Your ship, then, Keiran."

Ren stared at the hatch, yoke, and viewports with raised eyebrows. "Xadro, did you really...?"

She eyed the slightly older man, grinned, and shook her head. "You never cease to amaze me. At least the Shatterglass appears to be in ready condition."

Keiran gave a dazed nod and led the other Mandalorians to the ship, then unsealed it. "But where is the planet on the charts?"

Ren pulled up a display on the navicomputer. "See that highlighted planet there in Hutt space? That's Vontor."

Keiran hugged her, dry-throated. "Thank you, Ren-Buir. Be back soon."

Ren hugged him back. "Be safe, Keir'ad. Happy hunting. If you need support, let those of us back home know."

Xadro and Keiran both swore to do so and waited until Ren wass off, then got underway. Keiran plotted a course and retired to quietly recover, and to send emotion at Lyssia. Lyssia was static-like and wavered in strength, with hardly a shade of the control she possessed before, which allowed for her feelings of claustrophobia and general despair to filter through- but very little else, and little even at that. Keiran locked himself in the medlab and tried to send happy feelings at her, largely failing, as she was a much stronger Empath with more powerful emotions, with distance and his Force capabilities playing a factor, and not because he was not feeling at all happy himself. He keened quietly.

Ren: *returns to her home, mentally fatigued*

Xadro engaged himself with tasks, trying to find some way to keep from exploding. The Shatterglass' Main Computer beeped at Xadro, burbling in droid tones at his pacing in a querying spirit. Xadro stilled, running translation software through his helmet. "That so?"

The SMC beeped sadly about the weapons systems and cache not being as pristine as Lyssia would have kept them while Keiran borrowed her during the war; 'she' was rather vain for a computer, identifying with 'her' own personality, personal concerns, even preferred gender title as opposed to 'it'.

Xadro raised the skin where his eyebrows would have been if they hadn't been burned off, though unseen due to his helmet. "Weapons, hmm? Mind if I try bringing them up to speed insofar as I can?"

He was amused enough at the vain and rather human computer to forget, or really rather forgo, the urge to smash-kill-burn. The SMC trilled gleefully, several lights randomly flickering on her console as she opened the access. Xadro set to typing and studying the systems in order to upgrade them. "Bet a pretty girl like you wouldn't mind a bit more Mando software, would you? Classic war tech...?"

The SMC burbled at the compliment and contemplated the offer thoughtfully as she followd along what Xadro was doing in the system; she offered a "doo-weep" noise and allowed him further programming access at finding improvement. Xadro was no tech geek or an engineer; however, he was also hardly mechanically inept, having maintained- between manually destroying it- a ship of his own, and having worked with Mandalorian technologies his entire life and career. The old man was able to exponentially expand and streamline Shatterglass' capacities for violence, not physically like Cyare and the artillery-work the young man had provided bygones back, but through programs and efficient auto-systems work.

The intellectual activity and coding gave him something besides violence to focus on throughout the next several hours. The SMC quieted down and examined these systems after the final upload, unlocking the door to the weapons cache that Lyssia had locked to prevent accidents on account of curious little ones. Xadro stretched, too tired to sleep, and promptly went off to check the weapons cache. "Gooood girl."

Clacking boots as he moved about replaced conversation for some time before the SMC gave a self-satisfied burble at the giving man's compliments. Xadro trailed a hand along the rifles, curious, and asked, "How do you keep the dust off, sweetling? I know they were in recently working on you, but it doesn't look like there was much to improve..."

The SMC, tracking and watching, answered with a rush of air from the vents that flushes the room of dust and continued her burbles over the loudspeakers. Xadro grinned in understanding. "Ahhh. Wish Axman was half as as good a ship."

The ship around him gave a questioning beep, somewhat familiar with that ID code, but not enough to know exactly what he was talking about. Xadro pondered the ship's sentience for some moments before answering. "Oh, my old Headhunter. If I left Axman on receive status you might be able to ping him with the long range transponder... or you can take the compliment, good ship."

The SMC stored this information for later contemplation when bored and inactive planetside. Xadro searched until his sensors found her camera hidden and saluted. "I'm going to need to go have a few words with my son in law, but he's locked the medlab. Probably moping. Could you please unlock it, Shatterglass, my pretty, shiny, and pretty shiny friend?"

Shatterglass reverberated and chirped a little, not quite sure, but acquiesced to his request and did so after deciding that such a nice man wouldn't do anything untoward, then went dormant for the moment to digest information and fly along the nav-computer routes more efficiently. Xadro in turn kept his tone level, words informative, and blows both quiet and painful, and finished a professional workover without breaking anything critical to makes certain to get the points across. Keiran, forced from moping, prepared medicine and mopped instead.

Both men joined the ship in sleep mode soon enough.

Panaex groused back on a couch in his home on Manda'yaim, setting down a cleaned pistol and conversing with his wife. "Does NO ONE respect the Mandalorians anymore...? We've even got pacifists rejecting our ways and taking our name on. Now kidnappings in broad daylight."

Ren sighed and rested against him, wrapping an arm around his waist. "You know how the galaxy gets after we've been quiet for a while.  Obviously we need to try to take over the galaxy again, like back during Revan's time."

She was only mostly joking. "And you know those two. Jetiise always have history that comes back to haunt them."

Panaex was only pretending humor and was in fact perfectly serious himself about the world conquest and that Jedi always had history that came back to haunt, or often hunt, them. "I know, right? We'll need Fett, a few million armored boys, and some drinks for the celebration party. And only need Fett as Mand'alor. If he offs it and we find a more active one, so much the better."

Ren tiredly nuzzled. "Well, I'll get the drinks, you find Fett, and we'll see about scaring up the few million armored boys."

Panaex snuggled into her and kissed her mole on the left cheek. "You should get some sleep first, dear. It's been a loooong proper first day back, hasn't it?"

Ren murred and snuggled back, giving a long sigh of exhaustion and emotion. "It has.  Suppose it's not unusual for me to get dumped back in the middle of things. But I'd be bored if I wasn't working. At least you're here."

Panaex nodded. "And our family's alive, at least? All things considered, I'd say the universe might be being nice..."

Ren bit back vehemently. "Except for the part where our daughter-in-law is heading back to slavery in a Hutt's grasp, yes, it's being very nice."

She resumed a sigh, hugged back, and rested her head on his shoulder. "Sorry. That wasn't fair."

Panaex offered back reflectively a "Neither is the universe,"  and swigged at a drink with the arm not rested on. It helped to dull the wait.

Ren yawned. "Still doesn't make snapping at you any better. Perhaps I should go get some sleep."

Panaex pulled a horrified voice and face. "Alone? I couldn't bear that."

He griiiiined at her. "Allow me to escort you?"

Ren returned the expression. "I doubt I could really dissuade you - or do so where the bruises wouldn't show."

The elder lady stood and offered Panaex a hand up. Panaex took the hand and walked her to bed. Ren stripped off her armor and curled up, asleep almost instantly.
Nope, still no Jemmbha.

The preview picture was :iconmnemonides: take on her character, Ren. Ren cleans up well for a grandma.

This, again (or not again. I don't think the author's note actually survived. ._.), is before most of the latter stories in the RP. Before Jakaan met Yillani or even Serue. Back before the twins were born. To re-emphasize, this be a history bit, not a new preggers.

Keiran, due to events of this segment of the RP which shall be uncompiled later, cannot actually make Lyssia have kids again

:iconmnemonides: co-played/wrote this with several of her characters and was also the one to archive, and donate, this set of stories. Should only be a few more now.

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