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used copic markers, color pencils and some photoshop!

reference [link]
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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Zatanna is very sexy
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This is a great picture of Zatanna. I bought a print at The Texas Comicon.
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This Zatanna is really beautiful and fantastic. Really good job, i love it
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Hey thanks! Zatanna is one of my fav characters. I plan on doing more drawings of her.
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I am very pleased to hear that, can not wait.
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OMG! I love this! Thanks for letting me know about it. You don't mind if I post it on my myspace do you?
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Very sharp. But I do need to point out you cheated a little and didn't do the fishnet detailing. I'd say that is the "fetish" that draws a lot of people to the character.
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I know, I just went with plain stockings.... On the original drawing I used a zipotone shading film... and that really doesnt reproduce well when scanned!
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Do you use Amber for a lot of your reference, cause for whatever reason I think most of what you draw looks like her.
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I actually didn't use her for reference. It seems that a lot of my faces look like her! coincidence?
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