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Winged Hope

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Please Listen "Winged Hope" by Gustaf Grefberg from the videogame "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons"

Ahsoka & The Mysterious Convor (The Daughter). Maybe? xD
Force is not created nor destroyed, only transformed. :b

Hope you like it.
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this embodies every mysterie of Ashoka Tano just perfectly.
Hope where there's grief, light where there's darkness, wisdom where there's ignorance
Such a powerfull message
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veldspar2112Student Traditional Artist
I never forget this metamorphosis that the Sister did with Ahsoka.. it has such a deep, impactfully meaning. Ahsoka IS the sister. In fact, her soul is bound to hers through the force.

For the art, Ahsoka is a spiritual animal to me and also lives in a very special place to me. To see others using their talents to bring what we feel inside out for the world to see makes us feel, more or less, recognized.
Thank you <3
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Beautiful work this is.
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AhsokaTano1611Student General Artist
That is so magical in my opinion
ChaosRoid's avatar
ChaosRoidHobbyist General Artist
This is very powerful.
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that's exactly what I tought after seeing the owl. Besides, at the end of mistery of Choppes base there is the same owl and in the final shot you can see it very closely and my first tought was "it actually resembles the Daughter". then the next episode only cemented my idea. I have this crazy theory for which she actually died on Mortis but the life force of the Daughter inside her revived her in the end, thus explaining why Vader would leave her there alive. He thinks she is dead!!! That would be awesome!!! Nice drawning bro!!! 
PS I'm italian so forgive my mistakes if I have done some XD
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jasaliaHobbyist General Artist
Also, one of the convors (owl things) we see has a similar colour scheme to The Daughter
NinjaDragon3's avatar
NinjaDragon3Professional Digital Artist
I LOVE this painting! I entertain the idea that Ahsoka is forever connected to the Daughter in the same way Yue is connected to the Moon spirit in Avatar!
Bennitus's avatar
The idea of the Daughter taking care of Ahsoka is great! Wonderful shades of blue, well done :)
neirosoft's avatar
You will not beleive when I say this allegory is so close to the text I wrote April 1, 2016... But this is the fact. Thank you so much!
Ajax94's avatar
May the force be with her :c
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Wow... This is beautiful :D
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ChiharusMoonHobbyist Writer
this is phenomenally beautiful and gorgeous ~ :)
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Jora1616Student Artist
This is very beautiful. Good job!
Athena126's avatar
Holy frik Is that the light side force girl holding Ashoka. I thought the daughter was dead, and that she gave her life to save Ashoka.
anonomas11's avatar
I like! The blues in this are amazing and i like that Vaders in the background
justonfire's avatar
I didn't even notice that Vader's in the background!
anonomas11's avatar
I'm pretty sure its him anyway
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