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The Force Awakens - Stormtrooper

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Episode VII stormtrooper

Hope you like this piece :b
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Noooiiice! Love your work.
Hi - you should submit this to the official fan art competition at
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Amazing. I love their new look, lets just hope their aim has improved...
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That guy in Star Wars IV who stops the other guys from blasting C3PO and R2D2 when they are in the escape pod because "there are no lifeforms" is actually the man who caused the Empire's downfall. He killed the empire with his love of being cost-effective and saving money on laser beams.
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I have a theory they are some sort of Imperial Remnant who are trying to once again upset the balance
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Looks like someone's ready for a fight, they all look awesome ^_^
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stormtroopers looks more boss!!
TheRavensBastard39's avatar
I really like the new stormtrooper uniform designs…they look a lot more sleek and fresh….or those the same thing? 
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You are welcome to TheForceAwakens group. :shakemacewindu:
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Your work is amazing, how can anyone not like these Stormtroopers.
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So their look has been renewed, but has their accuracy?
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Excellent!!!! J'adore les stormtroopers! c'est mes préférés dans starwars! :)
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You don't want to mess with these guys.
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Yeah! Imagine a whole brigade of this bad-ass mofos heading your way...    Simple, Raw and Moody...  Perfect!
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Hmmmmmm wasn't crazy about the design but... maybe you have changed my mind!
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Freaken awesome!
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Fake or not, this feels menacing! just... Wow! :happybounce: 
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