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Sabine Wren - Darksaber

Hi everyone

This is an updated version of my Sabine Wren Fan Art, now with the Darksaber!!! and few lighnting details :) Hope you like this new version.



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OMW!!! Love this!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to buy a ptint! It's just very expensive for my country. But I'ma see if I can get it anyway.

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The Last Sith sent me here from Youtube:

this is so dope that i created an account just so I could favorite it and tell you how dope it is

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Absolutely stunning!!! I need somebody to teach me how to draw like this someday.

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This Is The Way.

(Samuel Kim Music sent me here)
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I think it would be very cool if Sabine was brought into The Mandalorian.
Heck... maybe she's the armourer?

that's what I thought at first but I'm pretty sure she's still looking for Ezra in the first season.

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Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade! This is the way.

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When Sabine got that thing, I honestly thought that the Mandelorian arc in that season would end with her being declared the new Mandelore - the supreme leader of her culture.
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Sabine Wren, with the Darksaber. if this isn't the way, I don't know what is.
Is there away to purchase this?
My nephew sent the link on his Christmas list. Is there away to purchase?
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Hi, check your notes.
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Seen a bit of your art today, and I must say: 
Your pictures could practically have come from the Jedi Archives. They seem to have this ancient Jedi-temple touch to it, if that makes sense ;)
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You did such an brilliant job overall! Yeah so so stylish for reals! I'd love it if you did more but hey that's up to you really!
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This is utterly GORGEOUS!!
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I kinda wish she kept it :P
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This is amazing.
But I'm sure you already knew that.
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