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Darth Vader vs Ahsoka Tano

Watch Me:
Software: Photoshop Cs6 

Darth Vader vs Ahsoka Tano. Music for my inspiration on this: Epic Score - They Fought As Legends

Hope you like it. Wink/Razz 

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One of the best takes on a duel between Vader and Ahsoka. Vader looks truly menacing...

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Funfact: The reason why Palpatine and the Sith hate and want to destroy the Jedi is because the Jedi orchestrated the "Sith Holocaust" Where the Jedi attempted to exterminate the entire Sith race! Hence the title "Revenge of the Sith" because Palpatine wants to avenge the billions upon billions of unarmed innocent Sith that were slaughtered and butchered by the hypocritical Jedi Scum! The Sith Holocaust was the event that fueled Palpatine's hatred and vengeance towards the Jedi!!! Palpatine would request the creation of the Clone armies and the protocol Clone Order 66 to avenge the once proud race who became victims of genocide by the Jedi and the Republic!!! The Sith Holocaust resulted in billions upon billions of innocent unarmed Sith being slaughtered and exterminated to the brink of extinction! While the Jedi Purge or Clone order 66 resulted in only thousands dead!!! Tell me everyone who is more evil!? Palpatine and the Sith who were persecuted and forced by the Jedi and fought a war driven by hatred and revenge for the Holocaust or the Jedi who continue to ravage the lives of countless species across the Galaxy!? Let us never forget that the Jedi also commanded armies of clone slaves and sent them to die in the worst battles and wars losing blood, limb, and their souls!!! #SithLivesMatter #CloneLivesMatter #TheSithHolocaust #RevengeToTheFallen

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Cool art! Looks fantastic

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Yoooooo this is so dope!
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“Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.”
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"Then I will avenge his death."
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One of the few pieces that does her justice.
Still may favorite sw character, by far :)
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Great use of paint texture
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Darth Vader: is over... don't make me kill you!!!
Ashoka: only a Sith deals with the absolutes, I will do what I must..
Vader: you will try!!
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my heart just exploded.:(
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Darth Vader: You again?
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Master and Apprentice, fighting to the death. Only one, can make it out. Amazing job on this. The dark colouring, really helps to showcase the mood of this.
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:iconredgekkouga: :iconjdiamond3:

I loved this scene and battle! 
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Incredible! I :heart: both characters. Great art!!! :clap:
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Spectacular! :D Really captures that mythic feel of the best parts of the Star Wars saga :D
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Impressive, most impressive. Haha I couldn't resist using that Vader's quote, it's fits my view on this great piece of art you have made.
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Awesome work, really captures how epic their final confrontation was. Well done. I like how another in your comments wanted to blow it up giant size and put it on his wall. Fantastic image.
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Nice choice on score tho i'd have gone with this…
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Very beautiful artwork! Very well done!
This was an epic battle, captured beautifully.  Love the style and intensity.
Hi DarthTemoc, I would like to buy a high res digital file of this so I can have it printed and displayed in my home. Please contact me with costs and terms. 
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